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Dropdown Articles Module

This very basic module shows articles as a drop down list. Upon selection, the article is retrieved.

- Output can be restricted to one or more categories/sections.
- Title Alias can be displayed instead of Title.
- Basic styling is possible from module configuration.
- Available for Joomla 1.0 and Joomla 1.5
- Joomafish compatible
- core SEF and sh404SEF compatible

- latest version (1.5.2) improved SEF and added a parameter to handle Itemid in different ways.

Sometimes less is more ;)

BTW: we are taking note of the really fine suggestions from our reviewers.

Report Extension



Reviews: 1
Nice simple module, very easy to install and when I required a modification to display the articles from "alpha" to "id" the creator, Andrea Forghieri sent me the code changes very quickly.

I would recommend this module to anyone looking for a simple way to display a list of articles and save space on their page.

Thank You!
Reviews: 1
As with other Andrea's extensions (Custom Properties - also a great one), this does exactly what it says it does!

Installation was flawless, configuration of the module too...very simple, and very useful!

I'm developing a web portal for a magazine, and this module's quick jumps to articles works like a charm!

As for the support, even though i needed no help for this module, when i worked with custom properties i needed some tips from Andrea, and she replied instantly (in less than an hour), telling me where i was mistaking, so, if there would be six stars in rating i would give it six!

Great work!
Reviews: 1
Just installed this on 1.5.8 and really impressed - good module but even better excellent service - I had a wee problem with the menu targetting and superb response from Andrea... all sorted!!
Definately deserves the full five stars.
Reviews: 1
This extension really helped me a lot! I actually have 55 articles on my website but the dropdown menu only displays 50 article titles, I checked on the parameters for the modules, but I found no setting for that, can somebody please help me what to do? thanks!
Reviews: 1
Very nicely done! Its fantastic to let users choose articles that they really WANT to read.

The thing is ... Is there any way to solve the issue if there are more than 100 articles to drop down? Won't it be too long? .. hmmm
Reviews: 1
I download this module and it was excellent. It displayed all my articles in the homepage so that a user can easily navigate to it with one click. The only thing is that I don't know if it is fully sef compatible at the moment. The developer andrea, gave excellent support when I needed it and she said the sef compatible version will be out in a few days. I am certainly looking forward to the new version!
Reviews: 41
A great little module that does exactly what it says it does! A few more styling options would be nice in the module parameters, but as it is, it works a treat.

Thanks very much! :)
Reviews: 3
Almost exellent. I installed this module, and configured it. It's work fantastic. I hav only was wish.....I want to change the background of the box. When i can change that in another colour, than you made an exellent module.
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