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Article Lister Module

This module is a very very basic Joomla 1.5 module to list the article titles with the anchor link. It also supports SEF. Just give the category id and get the list of articles under the given category. You can also restrict the no of article titles to display and even the length of article title. It also flexible to decide the sorting order by "id, title, created, modified or native ordering" by ascending of decending.

If you have any problems. Please contact

1. SEF fixes (tested in 1.5.14)
2. Enabled Joomla Cache System for performance

Updates (1.0.1)
1. Added Random Functionality
2. Added Joomla Core SEO Features
3. Added Titile for the anchors
4. Removed ItemId (handled by core joomla itself)

Updates (1.0.2):
1. Proper Content Route class added (bug fix)

Updates (1.0.3):
1. Added publish_in and publish_down conditions

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Reviews: 1
It was very easy to use, and did almost exactly what I needed it to do (need to display intro text for articles, but haven't found an extension that does this anywhere). I highly recommend this.
Pros: Easy to use, simple, customizable.
Cons: Doesn't list articles in subcategories - need to create a module for each subcategory. Maybe as a future update?
Great extension, thank you!
Reviews: 7
Thank you for this module. I had searched for two days for something simple I could order the way I wanted. This solved it well. I did have to edit the default file to pull in a different J-site class, as all I could get it to display was menu styled bullets and I wanted formatting like all my other latest and most read mods that were showing. But still 5 stars as you saved me and my hair!!! Cheers mate.!!
Reviews: 9
Very simple to use and does exactly what it says. Lists articles from specific sections or categories and has a few configurable options (sorting, etc.) that work. Very useful.
Reviews: 14
A simple module that does what it says: Listas the articles within a category, section and or category/section.

Nothing much to say, I've installed, configured and it worked without any erros in about 2 minutes, with Joomla 1.5 and using the ModulesAnywhere plugin to show the module inside my article.

Just perfect!
Reviews: 2
Good simple module, very usefull!
Reviews: 1
Usage can't be much easier.

There is a problem however. If the title contains a " character, the tooltip on the links will corrupt the HTML, since the title attribute on the links is not escaped. At the same time, the href attribute is not enclosed in "-s, so this is not HTML compliant also.

Easy to fix, in the "tmpl" directory of the module (mod_articlelist), you can find a
"default.php" file. The problem is on line 7, this is the correct version (not sure if it eill come through correctly, but I hope):

" href="">title; ?>

Other than this, it is a perfectly good plugin - and it is completely free...
Reviews: 1
This a very simple module and does exactly what it advertises. It's easy to install and to use. My only small niggles with it are that a) the menu assignment and section/category id settings disappear on the admin screen when you re-enter (but everything still works) and b) the module class suffix does not seem to be applied anywhere. Otherwise, really great.
Reviews: 30
I've tried all kinds of extensions and cluttered up my Joomla admin with stuff that just doesn't do what I wanted.

All I wanted was a LIST of articles in the sidebar so my Joomla blog would actually LOOK like a typical blog. This module does that.

And, the installation is SO easy. Install the module, fill in the parameters... Kindergarten-level stuff.

I love this module.
Reviews: 1
Very easy to install and use. This module is perfect. It supports the selection of multiple sections and/or multiple categories. This makes it extremely usefull.

Altough i understand that most people will want to use this as a module, i would also like to list articles in content directly (without first making a module). Would be great if it would also be available as a plugin.
Reviews: 29
I wanted a module to show "More articles" in the sidebar rather than at the bottom of the main article. I took a while to wade through many modules that let me list sections and categories, but then I found this one. It fitted the need perfectly!

Display articles in a particular Section/Category as a bulleted list. Excellent! And straight out of the box.
Reviews: 15
Very nice module! v1.0.3 is only not html valid because of a little bug (missing "" around href).
Reviews: 5
This is an excellent module. Please consider have an option to make the open article close when you select a new one. Many thanks for providing it :)
Reviews: 2
This module solved a real problem for me. I needed to display one article a day on our site. We had 15 (+/-) articles in a category, all published, but only one active, the rest were either pending or expired. This module selects only the published and active articles from that one category, and displays them under a menu heading in a column on the front page. I spent three days, off and on, trying to figure out how to accomplish this, and this module did it.
Simple install and setup. Parameter definitions are intuitive. Can't say "thank you" enough for this one!
Reviews: 6
First of all, thank you for great extension. It work as promised, and it's very easy to configure. But I'm missing one feature that would improve flexibility and IMHO it's not hard to implement. I would like to filter articles by title or keyword somehow. It would be great to be able to filter article by word that appear in article title, or to specify particular keyword. I think this would really circumvent joomla section/category limitation because we are sometime forced to put articles together in same category even it would be better that some articles have their own category, but for simplicity we cannot do that (mainly because it would confuse non-technical person who maintain site content).
Anyhow, great extension, and that you for your work!
Owner's reply

Hey, thanks for your review. Thanks for your enhancement. We have it in mind to do this in our next release.

Reviews: 16
I'm so pleased with this module!
It's the easiest and quickest ever to install and configure.
It serves as the perfect "Table of contents" for the articles in a section or category. Just use the ID for the category or section in the settings.
In fact, I think it could be part of Joomla! core :-)
Reviews: 2
Very easy to install and use. I wish it had the option to show the "Title" above the list, though.

Thank you for sharing!
Owner's reply

Please post the bugs and enhancements in my forum The "Title" which you mean to say is the module title right?. Module title will be displayed by your template index.php, not controlled by module.

Reviews: 1
From the download till the first use it took 60 seconds.
Reviews: 1
Good, but no Joomla SEF.
Owner's reply

I added the joomla SEF concept as well in this.

Tested in 1.5.14 and it works fine.

Reviews: 1
Article Lister is one of those KISS (for Keep it simple stupid) you like right when you got it installed and published :)
I use it to show the 5 latest modified articles in 2 categories and it took me 2' to get it running and designed (with a simple CSS suffix).
Simple often means good :)

My wishes:
A columns approch would be handy, as well as the option to show article from more than a category.
Owner's reply

Hi, Thanks for your review. I updated my module to cater for multiple categories. Will do the column approach in my next release.

Reviews: 3
Works ok, cannot see how to sort my articles alphabetically by title
Owner's reply

Added the title sorting as well.

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