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Article Lister Module

This module is a very very basic Joomla 1.5 module to list the article titles with the anchor link. It also supports SEF. Just give the category id and get the list of articles under the given category. You can also restrict the no of article titles to display and even the length of article title. It also flexible to decide the sorting order by "id, title, created, modified or native ordering" by ascending of decending.

If you have any problems. Please contact

1. SEF fixes (tested in 1.5.14)
2. Enabled Joomla Cache System for performance

Updates (1.0.1)
1. Added Random Functionality
2. Added Joomla Core SEO Features
3. Added Titile for the anchors
4. Removed ItemId (handled by core joomla itself)

Updates (1.0.2):
1. Proper Content Route class added (bug fix)

Updates (1.0.3):
1. Added publish_in and publish_down conditions

Report Extension



Reviews: 1
Simple to use but I had to comment out the $sef test to actually have SEF URLs with sh404SEF:
//if ($sef == 1) {
$link = JRoute::_($link);
Reviews: 2
Echoing to what everybody else have said, it works, it lists the articles I want to be listed in one page. My personal 'complaint' is that it can't break the articles into two (or more) columns - I've an ongoing project that will increase the number of articles after a while, and a mighty long vertical list looks rather unattractive on my page. And knowing the type of visitors I would end up with, continuing the list to another page will result with the page 2 not being viewed out of (their) laziness.

So yes, allow it to break into columns, please?

Thanks and keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
I tried several different modules for a simple task: list all articles in a category. This is the only one to list them all; others would only list a few, no matter what the "item count" was set to.

Why not a perfect score? First, you can't order articles by the default category order - a basic option, in my mind. Second, I disagree with using "menu" as the style. I had to edit default.php a lot to get a simple, visually appealing list of articles.
Owner's reply

Now you can order the list by the default article order.

Reviews: 1
This is a simple and efficent module. I installed it without the need of instructions and it worked.

Now i have a list of items from a specific category on a module: this feature is not included in joomla.

Thank you very much for your work.

Giovanni - Roma
Reviews: 1
This is what I have been looking for, for quite a while now, but... there's just two things missing from this in order to make it perfect:

1: the option to choose sections or categories in the setup. (managed to modify this myself though)

2: section / categories references included in the generated links. (because they're not there, the module disappears from view when a link is clicked)

If these things were there - I'd give this one an Excellent-rating with flying banners and stripes! :)

Unfortunately they're not, so I can only hope for further development of this module, as I'm unable to do it myself.

Other than that: This is a good solid piece of work and highly recommended for those who wish to be able to customize things themselves.

The best thing is: You can truncate your title-text to the desired length! That is something no other module offers (as far as I know) and why I so hope to see this module developed further!

Thumbs up from here! :o)

Lt. Columbo
Reviews: 1
It took me a while to get this extension work for my site and it always shows an empty list. Turn on joomla debug message and found out the problem related to the SQL statement is point to JOS_ccategory and JOS_content. If your Joomla DB have a different prefix other than JOS_ it will show blank list.

Here is the update that I have done to get the module working, it is very simple!
locate this file :: modules/mod_articlelist/helper.php
Within the $query statement, Replace the following::
JOS_content with #__content
JOS_categories with #__categories

Save the file and you should see your articles list now :)

Hope this will help someone who want to use this module and experience problems.

Owner's reply

Gary, thanks for pointing this. I have done the necessary changes.

Reviews: 1
Very happy - this was exactly what I was looking for and went through all the other highly rated extensions to find this gem. It does the job very simply and 1 min after installing I was reviewing the results on my site.
Reviews: 1
I can't get this to work, though I like the simplicity of it. Any page that is assigned this module fails to display, but the admin interface seems fine.

I'm going to keep checking back in hopes of seeing a fix for this; it's exactly what I need.
Owner's reply

OOPS!!!. I forgot to update the latest helper.php. Now problem fixed...

Reviews: 2
Does exactly what it says it does; no more, no less. Need to enter the category ID and choose the number of items to display; that's it. Uses the existing site CSS. Direct download link is not working...need to go to the author's site and poke around. First extension I found that actually works...tried Artcats and another one, both appeared blank no matter how I configured them. The only suggestion I have for this one is to add SEF url support.
Owner's reply

Here is the download link. It works !!!,com_docman/task,doc_download/gid,101/Itemid,4/
I added the SEF url support as well.

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