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HOT Newsflash Module

Do you need some articles of your website to stand out of the others? Here it comes our fully configurable, featured articles rotator, based on jQuery. In module parameters, you have control over module display. You can change module width, height, border, all colors. You can add internal or external link to each image in rotation. So, don't have to mention only articles from your site.

Report Extension



Reviews: 8
I use the extension for the home page. Good and eye-catching script.
Very simple to set up. Working flawlessly with Joomla 2.5
Support is fast and professional, as it should be since they are also a template developers.
Reviews: 3
Although it says it's 2.5 compatible, I installed it to give it a try. It seemed OK until I opened the module to edit. The parameters were not visible. So far it's useless to Joomla 2.5. Hope you guys fix this soon. Looks like a good extension.
Owner's reply

You obviously installed version for Joomla 1.5 into Joomla 2.5. Please download and install an appropriate version of the module.

Reviews: 3
What an excellent module this is. I wanted something to show selected articles from my archive and this is just the job.

Easy to install, easy to customise and great support via the forum. And free. Amazing.

Well done.
Reviews: 1
Extension works perfect and look nice.
After i changed my webhost i have problems with it. I posted this at the forum and recieved a fix very fast! Very good team with perfect support!
Reviews: 4
The HOT Newsflash makes an elegant addition to any website. I had a support question for customizing it and the response was just great!
Reviews: 13
Don't look so good when I refresh the page (overlapping images). May be next version...
Reviews: 1
thanks for sharing!
Reviews: 1
Really great and simple extension to use! Would be nice to have more options (for example for category/section selection), but in general it's pretty good. There's not any Flash, which is very important for me and and i guess that i'm not alone! I hope to see new release with the new functionality soon. Thank you for you job!
Reviews: 1
The plug is nice but you can have only one instance, if you put it bugs. :(
Reviews: 1
I got exactly what i am looking for. This is an excellent module. Works very well for me. Thanks
Reviews: 1
Yeah. This module suit into my site very well! Thanks!
Reviews: 4
It's a great module. It is easy to use and customize, but a major flaw is that it's not fluid. For website templates that are fluid, it's predefined width doesn't work well.
Reviews: 1
This seems like it has a lot of promise and I hope development continues. What seems to be missing is the ability to select a Section(s) / Category(s) / Article(s) to be used in the module to display.

It seems the only way to have something be a news article to to add it from the back end (Admin) and edit it inside the module fields. Using Section(s) / Category(s) / Article(s) selected inside the module, front end management would be possible.