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Lof ArticlesSlideShow Popular Module

Lof ArticlesSlideShow Module
The module is the most eye-catching way to display featured articles in the slide show, The module usually put in the top of the main content. With many animations supported and have an easy to control the module displaying via simple parameters, you can do everything as you like and let your client see Your Site In a impression way.

* Support both Joomla! 1.5 Native and Joomla 1.6 , Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3.0 Native.
* Play slideshow with many directions such as horizontal, vertical direction (and more) mootools 1.1 and 1.2 framework.
* Allow display the list of articles from one or many categories.
* Customize User CSS formatting, allow override css in default template.
* Lightweight, modern and fast-loading design.
* Supports scrolling for the navigator as buttons to next or previous item in the list
* Fully compatible IE6+, Firefox 2+, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5
* Support cropping, resizing thumbnail
* Support multiple themes on the Navigator .
* PHP version > 5.0
* Joomla version > 1.5.x

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Reviews: 1
Overall Documentation is pretty bad, but the good news is most of it works out of the box.

One thing to know once installed: To display Pictures WITHOUT having it view able in the article - use this HTML comment:

In order for This to work you probably need to turn off filters: Article Manager -> Options -> Filters -> No filter
Otherwise the WYSIWYG editor will blow up the
Reviews: 4
I loved the module. Did pretty much what I wanted, is configurable to a degree, I could offer a couple of suggestions, but otherwise worked right and out of the box. I upgraded both Community Builder and Joomla to current versions (current 5.XX versions), and it continued to work ok. Then it didn't. Nothing was moved or changes - it just gives the rotating "loading" symbol eternally. Uninstalled and reinstalled, re-linked stories, made sure all graphics were same format - nothing works. Sent email to support site with no answer as yet, been almost 24 hours since problem started, and that's a lot of time for part of a website to not work right. From other reviews, I can only hope to get this resolved somehow, meanwhile I'm looking for alternatives.
Reviews: 29
One of the best articles slide shows for Joomla. It has great look and is easy to customize. Useful for main page at website.
Reviews: 1
Nice Module.. Just Install and ready to go... Thanks
Reviews: 1
This module works out of the box. Adaptation is, in a few minutes, done. CSS easy. That's a good job, fine. Thanks
Reviews: 1
Just had to come back and leave a review for this spectacular module. I've been kicking around with Joomla since the beginning and this module is easily in my top 3 - EVER. Excellent work!
Reviews: 6
Excellent! I would give this extension 10 stars if it was possible :-) Works on 1.6 out of the box, works well with IE 9, Firefox 4, Safari 5.

And THANKS for sharing this for free!
Reviews: 1
I downloaded this plug-in and loved how it displayed the information in the way I needed. However, after spending sometime setting up Lof Articles Slide Show I discovered that it didn't display correctly when my site was being viewed in Internet Explorer.

It works fine using Firefox (PC/Mac), Safari, and my Android phone. If you have no need for someone to view your site using Internet Explorer then I recommend this plug-in.
Reviews: 8
The module is nice, very powerfull.

Demo is great.

But it does not worked for me on Joomla! 1.6. ;(

No content is been displaying, no matter what category did I use.

Some times the following error appear: "this.fxItems[index] is undefined".

I hope all this is Joomla! 1.6 issue.
Reviews: 1
Nice module, easy to configure, and powerful but... JavaScript for mootools 1.2 on Joomla 1.5 with Mootools Upgrade plugin doesn't work in Opera 11.01, loading div doesn't fade out. Please fix it.
Except that... just what I was looking for
Reviews: 16
This is an excellent article slideshow. It's beautiful and works well with my installation of Joomla! 1.6.1.

Also, it doesn't conflict with the dropdown menus of my template like some other slideshows did.

A tip:
If you don't want the Title link to lead to the article you're using for slideshow purpose only, you can solve it by 301 redirect in you .htaccess. I have an Article Category that is only for slideshow purpose and not displayed elsewhere. However, each article in the slideshow category is promoting another category so I solved it by using the 301. Hope this is useful for some of you :-)

I find it incredible that this one was for free + they have excellent demos and instructions!
Reviews: 2
A great Extension. Very Easy to use, enough Parameters.
THX !!!
Reviews: 2
Great module, works like a charm! Has a nice look and feel and can be configured anyway you like!

Good job!
Reviews: 1
Very good extension, works wonderful, easy to set-up. One of the best free extensions by far.
Reviews: 1
This is one of the Best Slideshow extensions . I liked it and it works perfectly
Reviews: 3
It´s very easy module to configure, but one thing, what could be there ;-) - custom color for border, arrows, ... I know that I can change it in code, but not everbody can do it. However, it´s great module.
Reviews: 3
This module is fantastic. Perfect to highlight certain items on the homepage of the website. Easy to customize via CSS without great knowledge. It works perfectly and also is free.
Reviews: 2
I've upgraded from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 1.6 and found out after hours and hours of troubleshooting that the mod don't work well on Joomla 1.6!!!
I reallty like the extention (the way it worked on 1.5 Exelent.. really!)
The thing I experienced is that trying to add the mod to a position results in a crash of the entire J1.6 site. I've tried an other mod (mod_homepageslideshow1.6) and this one works fine!
Although I like the LOF Article Slideshow better.
I'll keep on trying to get the job done. When iI find a solution I'll share it a.s.a.p.
In the mean time I really hope you people from Land Of Coders find the code to the solution.
I think I speak on behalf of many users.

Thanks in advance.
Keep up the good work.
Stay in touch!
Greetings from Amsterdam
Reviews: 2
After trying several "News Sliders" and pulling my hair out trying to figure them out and make them work, this is the first one to work exactly as I was hoping.

Between downloading, installing, answer a few of the parameters (which were straight forward as easy to figure out) and then viewing the results, if it took me 4 minutes, I think I would be estimating a little long.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ! ! !
Reviews: 1
Thanks for this great, professional extension. Keep up the good work!
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