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Lof ArticlesSlideShow Popular Module

Lof ArticlesSlideShow Module
The module is the most eye-catching way to display featured articles in the slide show, The module usually put in the top of the main content. With many animations supported and have an easy to control the module displaying via simple parameters, you can do everything as you like and let your client see Your Site In a impression way.

* Support both Joomla! 1.5 Native and Joomla 1.6 , Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3.0 Native.
* Play slideshow with many directions such as horizontal, vertical direction (and more) mootools 1.1 and 1.2 framework.
* Allow display the list of articles from one or many categories.
* Customize User CSS formatting, allow override css in default template.
* Lightweight, modern and fast-loading design.
* Supports scrolling for the navigator as buttons to next or previous item in the list
* Fully compatible IE6+, Firefox 2+, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5
* Support cropping, resizing thumbnail
* Support multiple themes on the Navigator .
* PHP version > 5.0
* Joomla version > 1.5.x

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Reviews: 1
Fantastic!! You saved my life! Where other comercial extensions stop running by script conflicts, Lof ArticlesSlideShow runs like a charm!! Nice effects, super-customizable!! CSS3, a lot of options that make my morning incredible!!
Nice extension guys!! Five stars extension!
Reviews: 2
it is just wonderfull and works wonderful, many thanks
Reviews: 1

i just registered to say thank you for this excellent extension! Everything works well and it is set up in seconds!

Greetings from Germany. Keep up the great work!
Reviews: 2
I installed this on a forum site today to display blog entries. Very easy to set up and use! Since I have only been using joomla for almost a year I really appreciate how easy it was to get this installed and running. The only enhancement I would add would be the ability to select sections instead of individual categories.
Reviews: 1
It worked with minimal set-up and looks clean and beautiful on the site. Thank so much for this wonderful extension.
Reviews: 16
I can't give a higher compliment then that. It works just as it should within the existing joomla envirornment. No .css tricks needed.. Just plug-n-play.
Reviews: 12
It does exactly what it says
A huge thanks to the developer
Excellent module that will change the frontpage of your site into a professional webpage
Best regards
Reviews: 3
This extension is the best! Have been looking for something simple and classy to add to the top of my homepage, the kind that most professional websites have.

This extension is a simple plug-in and install, no hassles for the newbie me!

Thanks a bunch!
Reviews: 7
Thank you for this beatiful module. Works out of box.
Reviews: 1
I realy like this. Its fast, sweet and simple to use. And it looks realy cool.
Reviews: 2
This is just what I needed. Great for displaying showcases for a site I'm building. :-)

I noticed it isn't compatible with jSeblod CCK, coz the CCKs hooks are visible, but then again, I won't need jSeblod for the showcased articles.

If it would be possible to render out all the hooks for CCKs, that would be great for those in need of it.

Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
this module really working...Thank you so much
Reviews: 12
This is a nice article showcase module.

One thing though: If your images are residing somewhere else, like Photobucket for example, the thumbnail capability doesn't work. You have to upload the images on your own hosted server where your domain is located for resizing to function.
Reviews: 3
Well, their demo is superb, but when you install it on your site, everything is completely out of place, images are pixelated and there doesn't seem to be any documentation on how to set this module up. I'd like to use it, but it just doesn't seem to work out of the box. =(
Owner's reply

thanks for using the module, did you try to find some solutions to answers a question: why the module does not work with your site while it works others and mine? did you install the module on the clean joomla, does it work?

Reviews: 5
Hey Thank you very much to make this extension as a Non-commercial version...

It work very charm for me...Demo also very nice.

Thanks again...
Reviews: 1
Really good extension and doing most of the things I want it to do - relatively easy to customize.

A couple of things that would make it excellent would be compatibility with K2 and to use the actual article styles (fonts, colours, etc) using the editor. If the above can already be done I would love to know.

Thanks for this great extension.
Reviews: 1
Free and easy customizable module. It saved me a lot of time
Reviews: 9
Very works like a charm! And also it is the one that has the best look..

Thank you very much for sharing this for free!
Reviews: 5
If you looking for a fancy looking way to present you´re news and Artikle, take a closer look to this module.

Easy Installing
good code
fast loading
Reviews: 6
This is a really awesome module, it really takes the fuss and stress out of featuring articles in an eye catching way. 2 minutes from clicking download to having it running on the site. Thanks for this one.
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