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Qlue Accordion Module

This light weight Joomla module will display a collection of articles in accordion. Qlue accordion is capable of loading all html articles such as text, images and even other modules inside a vertical slider with a smooth sliding transition. This module is quick and easy to install and compatible with any website using Joomla! 1.5 & Joomla! 1.6.

Feature Summary:

- Have more than one accordion loaded on a single page!
- Show articles using Hover or Click mouse events!
- Complete control over article ordering & which is shown first!
- Module Class Suffix support for custom styling!

and much much more!!

Visit for more information about this great Joomla! module.

Check out the images below to see some examples of Qlue Accordion in use....

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Reviews: 1
We have been using this more a long time and it's work as expected. A lot of customization available and we get a lot of good feedback from users.

Highly recommend if this is what you're looking for.
Reviews: 3
Great job done!!!

Very flexible and easy to configure and use.

Keep it up buddy.

Reviews: 3
First of all, thanks for a very slick and effective Accordion module. this works great and can be set up in minutes.

I am trying to use multiple instances of the accordion and would like to style each of the accordions slightly differently. To do this I am adding a Class Suffix in the back end.

I am finding that the Class Suffix is not being pulled from the backend so I cannot style each instance individually. Could you let me know how this can be fixed?
Many thanks :)
Reviews: 1
Slick, simple and well documented.
Very easy to adapt.

Eyecandy and some non-critical features will cost you a few bucks.
No ads, nags, limited documentation, clubs and other annoying business schemes.
Earned my money with attitude. Exemplary.
Reviews: 18
its useful and you can use it in many ways; the design is excellent, and it worked properly in many different installations.
Reviews: 7
Well Its an excellent product, I use for some clients, does what it says, but unfortunate I couldn't use for K2. These days K2 is so powerful for article management, wish I could use it to K2.
Otherwise a great product.
Reviews: 5
Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Reviews: 5
Easy and beautiful. Congratulations.
Reviews: 7
Great Module! It does what is supposed to do, with a clean and easy istallation.
Nice one, keep up the great work!
Reviews: 1
after a lot of searching finally an extension who allows you the accordeon multi article appear...thank you for this job
Reviews: 6
if you have changed the parameter "On Hover" to On, there will be allways this parameter been used (however what you choose - On or Off) it is still On!! So don't try it out if you don't want to use "On Hover = On". Sorry, no Support from the developer, except you pay for it.

Beside that it is easy to install and workes like a charm.
Owner's reply

Hi There,

This was an issue with an older version of my accordion and has now been fixed in the latest version. Please update to the latest version.

Best Regards,

Reviews: 5
The extension is superb, so simple to use, lightweight and elegant. It is exactly what i needed. You can edit the articles in the Qlue Accordion on front end too.
I have never seen such fantastic support.
I suggested a small feature to be added and the guy made it in a couple of hours.
Thanks a million times.
Reviews: 1
6 star, maybe. I cannot see why developers cannot keep this as simple and straightforward as this is.
Thank you for this lovely module. Its perfect for handling many articles in my sections and categories. Easy to install and module parameters are straightforward. kudos. Good job.
Reviews: 1
Lightweight, clean, perfect. Excellent support! Submitted a ticket and rec'd response in minutes with resolution. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
Easy to activate, very cool effects! The support is awesome! Thank you very much for this extension, Aaron!
Reviews: 1
Not only is this module lightweight, easy to use, and elegant, but it also works smoothly in IE6.

I had a small issue deploying the accordion due to an oversight in my CSS. Aaron at Qlue went out of his way to help me figure out the problem, saving me a ton of time. Amazing.

What a great company, well worth a donation.
Reviews: 3
This lets you put a selected category list of articles into a module (as opposed to into an article); the module expands and contracts with mootools effects. The module can be places where you would like according to normal Joomla module placment.

Installed easily, did what it said so no complaints in this. There is however no backend control of fonts, font sizing for the administrator so I thought this could be an area of improvement.

But after reviewing several modules and options this is the one that was the best for placing an "ARTICLE CATEGORY LIST INTO A MODULE POSITION WITH MOOTOOL EFFECTS"
Owner's reply

Hi webservant,

I aim to keep my extensions as simple and efficent as possible. Using css to style the font and font sizes is the most efficent way to do this.

For this reason alone i have not added this option into the extension.


Reviews: 3
This is a really simple but great Module.

Do the developers intend to make it K2 CCK compatible? That would be an excellent new feature.
Reviews: 1
Qlue accordion is very nice and easy to use, so I'm very happy with it. It uses Joomla-built-in Mootools, so page load times remain low.

The autor provided me with various fixes and a multiple-instance-version in almost no time. Thank you for your work and your swiftness!

I highly recommend this module to everyone!
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