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Qlue Accordion Module

This light weight Joomla module will display a collection of articles in accordion. Qlue accordion is capable of loading all html articles such as text, images and even other modules inside a vertical slider with a smooth sliding transition. This module is quick and easy to install and compatible with any website using Joomla! 1.5 & Joomla! 1.6.

Feature Summary:

- Have more than one accordion loaded on a single page!
- Show articles using Hover or Click mouse events!
- Complete control over article ordering & which is shown first!
- Module Class Suffix support for custom styling!

and much much more!!

Visit for more information about this great Joomla! module.

Check out the images below to see some examples of Qlue Accordion in use....

Report Extension




Reviews: 1
After an small initial problem, support was almost instantanious and had my problem sorted out in seconds.

Plugin is great and super simple to use.
Reviews: 1
Great extension, had some trouble at first, but amazing support helped me out. Good Job!
Reviews: 24
This is what you want in a module... Simple, clean & efficient, I look everywhere for something like this.

You can setup what you want in the intro text, images, links no stripping, just what you want.

Easy to customize and look great....

Thanks !
Reviews: 3
Easy to setup, good looking, fastest support I've ever seen.
There are some possible future requests for it to become a classic.
Big thanks to developer!!
Reviews: 1
Very useful extension!!! The developer is ready for problem solving!

Thanks for this great extension!
Reviews: 1
Had this installed, working AND styled in less than 1/2 hour. Styles are simple and easy to edit (I migrated them to my main style sheet).

I had tried another similar module, but it was stripping the formatting from my articles and placing text in a single . This module leaves article formatting alone so everything works as it should. Good job!
Reviews: 3
I needed something to show articles in limited space , vertically and within an article. This tool did the three better than and nearly anything else I tried.

What it does it does very well. Got it running in 2 minutes. Very clean tool - which means it fit into my sit with great ease.

Who says you need to over do it to make a great module.

Excellent Work!
Reviews: 1
Exactly what I was looking for! I was actually browsing for an FAQ module but while struggling there I rewrote my search and found this little gem! Well done!

The principle:

Make a section "FAQ"
Make categories in this section ("This FAQ", "That FAQ", "Other FAQ")
Make articles in category "This FAQ"
Make articles in category "That FAQ"
Make articles in category "Other FAQ"
For every occurance of such an FAQ make an instance of this module and pick the FAQ category for it and the order it should have (preferrably article order).

Your article titles will be listed underneath and open in accordion style on click.

Thanks for this great extension!
Reviews: 2
Very useful module and developer is ready for problem solving, thanks!
Reviews: 2
Very good extension working exactly as seen in demo.
Reviews: 2
Good grief. Recently spent a lot of time searching for, installing and testing every possible free accordion type gizmo I could find. I don't know how I missed this gem. Maybe I missed it in the list of searches or possibly I avoided it because it's so new and didn't have many reviews.

I tend to be nervous using "brand new" extensions but this one is worth the "risk".

It works great! It's wonderful. So here I am trying to get the word out on this one so more people can find it.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for an accordion module to display FAQs. Qlue Accordion was easy to install; and, easy to configure. Best of all, it looks good and works great. Previous to choosing Qlue Accordion, I tried several other accordion extensions to display FAQs. Qlue provided the best solution.
Reviews: 4
Very good!! Thanks
Reviews: 6
After trying several accordions. This one worked in all browsers just like the description and documentation stated. Good Job!
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