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HOT Joomla Carousel Pro Module

Hot Joomla Carousel Pro is an advanced version of our popular module. Led by the popularity of this module, we created an advanced version with many new features. In addition to the image rotation mode (now improved), we've added an option for the rotation of articles that module can take over from sections or categories of your Joomla site. Or you can pick articles of your choice.

This module has a number of options which allow you to use it in different ways. You can use it as a big articles or image rotator on the main page. You can also use a small version that displays only the titles of your articles (News Ticker). Almost every small thing you can imagine is a variable in the module parameters. There are unlimited number of variations that you can make with module.

A detailed explanation of each option is in the parameters of the module (Modules > Hot Joomla Carousel Pro) after you move the cursor over the names of options. Choosing a color is performed through easy color picker.

# Version 2.5.9: Two parameters added suitable for responsive websites. Hot Joomla Carousel PRO has responsive features now.

# Version 1.1 - Fixed several errors that were visible with Error display: Maximum setting.

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Reviews: 6
Very easy to setup, I didn't even need to look into documentation as it is quite self explanatory. It takes a bit of fiddling to get the relationship between module- and carousel object dimensions right, but this tool is very flexible and it is really easy to change css, so you can shape it more or less as you like. If you have images in your articles, you may want to control how they show up in the carousel by limiting their size with css.

Perhaps this could be a good feature to add, having a field for the template position and the max width/height dimensions for the image in an article. In any case, I'm quite happy with this tool, it's much better then all the other stuff I have seen on this subject.

I was afraid I would have to write my own extension. The carousel certainly works like a carousel, but you have to set the amount of items to 1 and adapt the dimensions of the module according to your site design. As promised, there are many ways to display rotating articles in this module.
Reviews: 5
I must say I am impressed with the ease of use & set up

excellent module all around, as well as very configurable.

You can make this module do way more than it originally appears.

Also I encountered a few bugs, but the moderator staff helped me solve it quickly.

the only criticism I would give the 'hot' folks is that they should rename the product as it is not a 'true' carousel, as the module scrolls from left-to-right-and back again, as opposed to continuous looping as the name would imply