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sp accordion Module

SP Accordion is the best free accordion module for Joomla 3 which allows you to display your contents/articles with jquery effect.

SP Accordion Module has four styles as Default, Button, Simple and FAQ.

Version (2.8)
* Completely removed mootools dependency from joomla 3+

Version (2.7)
* Joomla 3.0 support
* Fixed several bugs

Update :
1. Multiple module same page
2. Option to hide first item on start up.
3. Added accordions collapse at OnClick
4. Added title limit
5. Read More link added
6. Author info and date option added

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Reviews: 6
I found this extension very simple and easy to use.

But I want to ask developer to add "read more" support to this extension.
Reviews: 3
Doesn't have width parameter, I wanted to put it on the right column, but it doesn't fit. That is not so big problem, I could solve it by css. But it doesn't support the read more functionality I needed.
Owner's reply

1. It don't require width parameter because width is auto.
2. You can request readmore feature if you need. No one ask for readmore feature that's why readmore is absent. After initial release some peoples asked for title limit and onclick close option and we added. Hope you understand.

Reviews: 2
It is an excellent module, unfortunately it does not work with J 1.6.1 (which uses mootools-core.js).
Reviews: 4
Thank you for giving this for free. Very simple, easy and fast set up. Thank you again and keep up the good work.
Reviews: 7
It would be better if the author made it available that all articles collapsed as default from the start. Other than that it's a great extension.
Reviews: 9
Works on 1.6! Thanks so much for making a great product and having it 1.6 compatible. I'm building a live site in 1.6 and the extension selection has been very limited.

The above comments are a big bonus for this project. But the module installs and works extremely easy and the presentation on the front end is awesome. Looks like a designer had a hand in the coding, refreshing to see. Keep up the good work. I would pay for this extension, so being free is another big bonus. Thanks so much for the development time you put into it.
Reviews: 3
I love that it is free and the demos are very easy to access... one suggestion I would make is to have this available as a component as well.

Thanks again!
Reviews: 1
Working really smooth, simple and easy to modify/setup. Thank you!

But a few more settings would make it perfect. I would give it an EXCELLENT if you could:
- Make accordions collapse at OnClick.
- All articles is collapsed as default from the start.

Tested on Safari and Firefox on a Mac. In both cases first article is expanded from start + OnClick event didn't collapse the accordion.
Owner's reply

We'll try to fulfill those requirements in the next release. Thanks

Reviews: 2
Excellent Module. I just recomend to have an order by ID.
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