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SJ Content Slideshow Module

SJ Content SlideShow is a professional module for the Content component in Joomla. With 4 themes and 25 effects, you will have a nice website when use our module. The module supports to choose articles in categories or sections which you want to highlight to customers. Download and install immediately to feel the difference.


1. Support responsive web design for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x package
2. Support Joomla 1.5, Joomla 1.7, Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x
3. Support all browsers (IE, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, ...).
4. Support 4 themes
5. 25 Effects: Fade, Fade Zoom, Zoom, Shuffle, Toss, Wipe, Cover, Uncover, Blind X, Blind Y, Blind Z, Grow Y, Curtain X, Curtain Y, Slide X, Slide Y, Turn Up, Turn Down, Turn Left, Turn Right, Scroll Right, Scroll Left, Scroll Up, Scroll Down, Random
5. Support Multi-Module in the same page
6. Support Multi-Language
7. Show articles in Categories
8. Choosing the start item when run this module at the first time
9. Allow to sort order of articles by: recently added, most views, recently modified, ordering, title or random type
10. Limit the number of articles to show to the module
11. Support SEO (Search engine optimization)
12. Support openning link in: Same Window, New Window
13. Support 4 modes for resizing image
14. Support Pause or Play Slide
15. Support to increase or decrease the speed of each slide
16. Can limit the characters of title and description
17. Support to add text at the top of module and the end of module
18. Support caching to make your website loads faster

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Reviews: 2
In first glance the smartaddons products look very nice. But technical it is a nightmare without good support and worse documentaiton. I gave it a try as I thought it would be safe with they 100% money back guaranteed on their homepage. I could only find out by buying it and try to get it implemented on my site, because there were almost no reviews. I have a lot of experience with Joomla, paid extensions and php but SmartAddons-products cost really to much effort to get it working probably. Support stopped as they couldn't get it fixed also with full admininstrator access to my site. Later on I discovered at the demo site on that they have also a lot of problems to keep they own extensions up and running. I asked within 2 days to get my 190,- back. But they didn't do that, because I had already downloaded 1 extension from them. They told me that you get only a 100% money refund as long as you don't have downloaded anything from them, so I think they money back guarantee is fake :-(
After I didn't get my money back, I have tried almost everything from smartaddons and almost all they extension are not running out of the box and are technical very bad and unsecure. I got they templates running but the modules are on very different places across different devices and screens so the website is really messing up for a lot of users depending the device of resolution they use. So it cost me 190,- and a few days, with nothing else in return than frustration
Owner's reply

Dear Nic@,

We're sorry when reading your review as in here. Please feel free to let us know your account on our system, we will check all your feedback to confirm them. And we will answer for you in your contact at ticket/forum. With our refund policy, please read again in here: If you are in there, we will refund for you.

Thanks and hope to see your response!

Reviews: 7
Decided to purchase this extension for a client site, and chose to go with a 1st level membership since the difference in price for so much more content was negligible. Also, this company offers a 7 day No Questions Asked Monday Back Guarantee if you`re not satisfied, so I figured if the extension didn`t do what the client wanted, I was safe.

I wasn`t.

The extension didn`t do what we needed and has conflict issues with necessary components the client absolutely needed (this is for v2.5). Having tried and not had it work, I immediately wrote a ticket asking to immediately cancel my subscription. And by immediate, I mean under 3 hours from placing the order.

No response. For days. I wrote another ticket and was informed that the people behind Smart-Addons were having a Statutory Government Holiday and wouldn`t respond to me for a couple of days. When I finally got a response it was an offer for tech support. I declined and requested my refund under the 7 days No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee that is promised on the website.

And then I heard nothing.

Three tickets later the extension still wouldn`t work with the rest of the site (javascript library conflicts that could not be resolved), which didn`t matter because I had already asked for a refund.


Funny enough though my membership hsd since been cancelled so I can no longer access all the extensions I had purchased access to, but the membership fee - two months later - still hasn`t been refunded to my credit card.

If you like what you see with Smart Addons, purchase at your own peril. The 7 Day No Questions Asked Moneyback Guarantee is there, from my experience, only to lull devs into a false sense of security and if they can give you an excuse or try and stall you so they can steal your money and don`t have to give a refund -- they will.

Extremely disappointed. Absolute nightmare.
Owner's reply

Dear lakeda

Very strange that i could not find any information from you. For anybody which want to refund, we refunded with full money as our promise

Also, we have live chat support, you can ask us any time. If you do not have an answer, you can request us from live chat.

Thanks for your help.

Reviews: 4
There is no documentation for this module. It did not work out of the box and I'm having issues with it... I'm using 1.6

I encourage the develop to make the documentation for this product available.
Owner's reply

Dear Sir
We have the userguide for all extensions. Please go to Joomla -> Extensions -> Userguide to find