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Flyout Tabs Module

JUST UPDATED to v1.0.9 for both J2.5 & 3.x

NOW 100% IE7, IE8 & IE9 friendly! Flyout Tabs © 2011 by GraphicAholic is a GPL Joomla! module. You can use Flyout Tabs to display a series of tabbed images on the left hand side of your browser that will fly open when you hover your mouse over them. This module will display up to FIFTEEN (15) tabs in a very pleasing 'eye-candy' way and it's potential is endless only to your imagination. Flyout Tabs uses the jQuery Library script that must be loaded through the module settings or from another jQuery application you currently have installed (Joomla 1.5 only). With the release of v1.0.9, I coded into the core Flyout Tabs code an 'auto-detect / auto-load' jQuery Library command (Joomla 2.5 only). Because Joomla 3.x pre-loads the jQuery Library, there is no need to worry about this! This module has been tested and tested and tested again and found to be bug free, feature rich and crazy fun to use! Download it and take it out for a test-drive. I'm sure you'll find a need for it within your Joomla website.

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Reviews: 1
I think it is a good extension but there's a big problem. Tabs are on the left side only. It means that if you reduce the browser window or use a mobile device the optimal position is on the right side. I was disappointed I can not control this option. In my experience it creates me a lot of trouble.
Reviews: 10
This module is definitely great but it would be perfect with the possibility to position it also on the right side of the screen non only on the left one.
The site where I have installed it has menu at the left side (as most sites actually) and, if you browse through tablet or smartphone tabs often do cover part of the menu making hard to select any manu voice.
With the possibility to move tabs on the right side of the screen the problem would be fixed.

5 Stars anyway!
Reviews: 10
First of all thank you to developers. I even read post and use transparency :) as advised in one of the posts.
Brilliant extension. I went to check how much I spend on this and then realised it is not commercial. Couldn't believe my eyes. I tested many extensions and some are paid for various purposes. And when I find some gem like this and realise it is not commercial it is mind blowing!

Reviews: 1
Not many of these type of modules for free on the JED and this works better than most of the paid ones. I have sent a request to the developer, lets hope his support is as good as his module... Got a funny feeling it will be :) 10/10
Reviews: 6
I am giving this Extension 5/5 as it does everything and is very easy to use. looks good and we can do a lot of changes to the styles. great work!!
Reviews: 2
One word.... NICE
Two words.... VERY SLICK
Three words.... EASY TO INSTALL

Thank you for an EXCELLENT
Owner's reply

pambesteder, two words... Thank You!

Reviews: 2
I am giving this module an excellent, because not only it works, but also if you have any problems at all - they will make sure to help you make it work. AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE! Thank you so much:)
Owner's reply

mivanova, Thank you for your very kind comments and rating. By all means, please continue to contact us if we can be of any assistance moving forward.

Reviews: 4
Works like a charm.

Brilliant. Let me use lost space for calling features.


Owner's reply

Tulio, thank you very mush for your kind review and comments. Both were most welcomed!

Reviews: 1
hi i install the module on 2 sites. first 1.5 version of joomla and second on 2.5 version of joomla.
i had the same problem on both sites.
the problem is that i saw the tabs complited not hide and of that i understand no script working. i dont know why. i try both on or off jquery, i try disable one by one my other modules. i didnt find something. the tabs is their without hide and back with mouse over.
Reviews: 1
This extension is fantastic!
I did need to tweak a couple of things though as I wanted the idle background and border to be transparent. If you could include this option in the plugin it would be great.
I edited the xml and php files to make the default tabColor & tabBorder to be empty and its perfect.

Thanks for a great extension.
Owner's reply

Dear fnzb, actually you did not need to tweak the XML file to do this. All you need to do is type the word transparent in the color box (replacing the HEX color) and that would have given you the effect you wanted. Thanks for your great review & rating!

Reviews: 46
Very easy to install and setup.
Added a new module to my site and it worked straight away.
Smooth movement on the animation.
Looks great
Nice job developer
Many thanks
Owner's reply

siddallj, thanks for your kind review and comments regarding Flyout Tabs... they are most welcomed!

Reviews: 2
This little module is easy to configure and works smoothly in all browsers, no jerky motion or strange hover effect.

I use this to publish basic social icon and contact links, elegantly and discretely.

3 minutes to publish in 'debug', play with 'Flyout Tabs Offset' and 'Left margin on mouseover' before tweaking this to perfection.

Thanks for a great little module.
Reviews: 4
I got this component to work without too much hassle and it looks very nice. However, I have two issues which I am unable to resolve at this moment:

1) On the frontpage the navigation at the bottom of the page is stretched out beyond the boundaries of the template. It only happens when jquery tools are enabled in the module.

2) On every pageload the tabs appear and then retract; this is quite annoying and I don't know how to resolve this.

Apparently the support website is not available, so I can not get any help. It is the reason it gets 4 stars. For the rest it is an excellent module.

Reviews: 20
Although i still didn't manage to ge this thing to work, i can see it's an excelent plugin and worths to be voted like this.

I use a module for loading different css according to menu items, and i guess this causes the conflict. Sometimes works, sometimes not. Still working on it..
Reviews: 2
I really really liked this module at first but then one of my client's helpers said the tabs were covering the website itself. Well it so happens that on a screen set to lower resolution the tabs do cover the site obviously but not so obvious at first. Of course ideally we all want our screens to be set to high resolution but there will be people out there with lower resolutions monitors. It is a very cool module and I would have loved to use this.
Owner's reply

marsgow, thanks for your review of Flyout Tabs and yes, the tabs can cover part of your website when viewed from low-res monitors. A work-around is to design your tabs in a column format and set the module's option to only show the least amount of each tab when not in mouseover mode. This is what I had to do for a client faced with the same issue.

Reviews: 1
It does want it says. Though I had a small problem to start with, due to my own fault! But had great support (and quick) support, and in detail. This guy really knows about helping. If needed. Trusted with my passwords etc.... I can't praise him and his idea strongly enough. Even though he has a day job, he does his very best to reply asap and help, so don't get on his back! :-))) This guy will help you get through it. It is easy to install and set-up, i rec' his website a visit as well.
Once again Ed, great job - and please keep up the excellent hobby :-) Cheers.
Owner's reply

Duncancfc, Thanks you for your very kind review and comments (blush). It was a pleasure working with you in getting Flyout Tabs functioning on your site. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you moving forward.

Reviews: 4
Thank so much for your cool module.
I hope next version will have right position also.
Owner's reply

Coldyfire, thank you for taking the time in submitting a review for Flyout Tabs. Your kind comments pushes me to continue to code and advance this module. Getting Flyout Tabs on the right side of your monitor is a 'work in progress'!

Reviews: 1
Overall great extension! Easy to set up and use! My only qualm is that every time a page loads the tabs have to "slide" back into place, and it gets kind of annoying for each page, so I think for the time being this will stick to the front page only. Other than that it is great!
Owner's reply

DigitalBella, thank you for your kind review and comments regarding Flyout tabs. The issue your having has been addressed with other users. By adjusting some of the settings, you can stop the sliding effect.

Reviews: 2
I hadn´t "debug" position in my template, so i create it, and now the module works perfectly


Sorry with my english :DDD
Owner's reply

usu84, Thanks for your kind comments and review. By the way, your English is perfect to my ears! Thanks again.

Reviews: 2
This is an excellent module! I've installed it and after some bugs were sorted out promptly by Ed, it works fine. I've also tested it for a while now and I love it! Thanks.
Owner's reply

2grow, Thanks for your kind comments and review. It sounds like you have everything under total control with Flyout Tabs. Let me know how else I can assist moving forward.

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