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Sot Article Simple Slider Module

Features of Module Sot Article Simple Slider - support for content component ( :
Sot-Article-Simple-Slider is a mudule to show articles of content component. This is a exciting module use images slide effect. Module support to edit style easy. You can change module's background color, module's border color. This module support three themes and two type to display(Horizontal & Vertical).

Support all browsers (IE, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, ...)
Source items: Two options (from categories, specific items).
Support turn on, turn off title.
Support turn on, turn off description.
Support turn on, turn off readmore link.
Support opening link in: Current Window or New Window.
Support Resizing or Cropping images (thumb images and small thumd images).
Limit the characters of title.
Support three themes and two display type.
Could set module's background.
Support caching to make website loads faster.
Support Multi-Module on a page.
Support Multi-Language.
Support SEO (Search engine optimization).

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Reviews: 1
The extension works very well but needs to have a way to adjust delay or the speed of the article slide
Reviews: 1
The module works perfectly. It already supports RTL. Not too many options but I modified the css and the code easily to change the features I needed.
Reviews: 15
Like another reviewer said,

1) on page load it shows only 1 article, even though it is set to show 3 on page load. After I scroll thru it shows all, but that's just ridiculous.

2) It wouldn't load articles from some categories at all.

Looks great and would be very useful, but I have to give it 1 star since it simply doesn't work right.

Fix it and give us a superb extension.
Reviews: 8
Hi everyone, this module is really nice and it does display articles from a category with image included and 3 themes to select with.

In my case, I encountered problems with IE. the article boxes were gone after i click the next arrow. Im not sure what causes the problem.
Reviews: 13
Works just as advertised (J2.5). Many others claim to do more but do not deliver even half. After looking for a content scroller that will bring up chosen content on same page, this was the only contender.
Reviews: 2
Thanks for great extension. I installed the extension on localhost it fails to show all images only first image is visible when page loaded first. Then if you click next arrow the other images come. Is there any solution?