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BT Content Slider Popular Module

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Helps to slide your articles from Joomla! categories or K2 Component with cool effects, rich backend configs covering layout, animation control, auto thumbnail creating, images resizing, numbering articles, sorting ect...

Extensions features

Support for responsive template
Content control display from any section, category or article ID's
Support for K2 component
Scalable size of the module
Horizontal and vertical news presentation (columns and rows configuration).
Show text, image, author, date, section/category name and button "read more" option, with order customization.
Image Cropping
Included French language.
On/Off front page articles display in modules
Compatibility with Joomla 1.5, Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0
Easy and friendly back-end administration
Fully compatible: Firefox, IE7+, Opera 9.5, Safari, Netscape, Google Chrome, Camino, Flock 0.7+.
Video tutorials and forum support provided


v1.2 @Bowthemes

- Fix bug: Disable the date also disables the author
- Fix bug: Notice thumbnailAlignment var
- Fix bug: Module Class Suffix error
- Fix bug: Force Css for li tag handle
- Fix bug: Crop image problem with space in image name ok
- Fix bug: readmore button style
- Fix bug: shows unpublished articles
- remove option add css, find & load from template
- New feature: Pause Slider OnMouseOver, Continue Slider OnMouseOut ok
- Fix bug: More Fade Effect ok
- New feature: Hover Image Effect ok
- Fix bug: Missing language

v1.3 @Bowthemes

- Fix bug: cannot turn off auto play
- Fix bug: duplicate images when turn off strip tags
- Fix bug: K2 not show properly in registered
- Fix bug: Items with a "Start Publishing" date (publish_up) in the future are currently displayed

v2.0 @BowThemes
- Fix stringtags undefined
- Fix language typing errors
- Remove profile tab
- Fix width auto
- Mouse hover effect works more Smoothly
- Added: looking for image thumbnail in article fulltext
- Added: featured articles Ordering
- Added: Content title link param
- Added: French language (Many thanks François ESPIE)
- Added: images & links paramaters were supported
- Removed: BT ContentSlider Router Helpers & Fixed 404 not found error
- Added: support for responsive template
- Fixed: htmlspecialchars for titles & alt images
- Added: filter by language
- Added: Auto-detect category
- Added: modalbox effect
- Changed: nextback style
- Supported Joomla 3.0

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Reviews: 15
1) Should support vertical scrolling as well.

2) It breaks if you set "strip html tags" to NO

3) "content link" doesnt work properly, so I have to hack it a bit to open a specific page

Other than that it's great. 4.5 stars from me!
Owner's reply

1) Should support vertical scrolling as well.
---> we will try to upgrade it

2) It breaks if you set "strip html tags" to NO
---> This is inevitable when cutting html source, you should increase the description length or Use caption of intro image instead of it

3) "content link" doesn't work properly, so I have to hack it a bit to open a specific page
---> Maybe you missed "http://" in url

Thank you for your review very much!

Reviews: 4
This module is easy to setup and yet powerful to use as it has many parameters and options - thanks for this extension!
Reviews: 5
At first I had some problems but the fast and free support solved my personal problem.
Excellent service and an excetlent tool for the (my) website.
Reviews: 1
The extension doesn't work with internet explorer 9 which on my site switch automatically on internet explorer 7 standard document mode. I contacted the assistence but they denied me help because i am a free user. furthermore the "support forum" was down to mantainance, hence i uninstalled the extension. The known conflicts between internet explorer and jquery affect this extension too
Owner's reply

Dear eimsteniano,
Sorry for the discontinued support due to server maintenance. The maintenance took a tiny time that’s why we don’t know that it might caused you such inconvenience. About the support, ticket support is only available for purchased product users or paid membership and we are thankful for your understanding. Now the forum is re-opened and you can create a topic and get our free forum support right now
For your information, we have solved the same problem on the forum, please read the discussion here If you still not satisfied with the support, please reply this topic and together we can find the best solution.
Sorry once again and we hope that you can give our extension a try.

Reviews: 9
registration is fair and easy, no problem installing.
various options to make your own layout, user friendly and rich graphics.
what was very amazing was that it generates first line and make READ MORE itself, as well generating an image thumbnail from the article, so makes it easy for the user! just write the article and you're done!
a must have!
Reviews: 7
This extension really does what it says. The support was very fast and helpful.

Nice Job!
Reviews: 5
I would not ask for more than this for a free extension. the developers at BT really understand what it is to use components and modules as an ordinary person. i always have confidence in their components.
Thank you guys
Reviews: 1
Awesome module for the articles, thank you very much!
Reviews: 1
This is what which one i looking.
It is full fill my all the requirement.
This is an intelligent module that automatically pull image from introtext of article and creating a thumbnail .They have a various smart option to manage it.
Thanks buddy great work .
Reviews: 14
Excellent job! Thanks for this great extension. With some tweaks you can create almost any visualization of articles.
I strongly suggest you to try.
Great job, Jfolks!

Lucas Selbach
Reviews: 2
This is simply a superb module I have used. It work like a charm. This component has a number of very useful functionality.
Support is excellent!
Thank you very much and a A+ from me!
Reviews: 2
if the navigation would have been CSS driven this extension would have been a perfect 5star one. it is a shame that with all the options this important one was left out.
Reviews: 4
Great job!
May you add a function for multilanguage sites: automatically showing only articles filtering on their language setting? Thank you!
Reviews: 12
It's amazing, for one recommend it to anyone, especially because it works without any problems. Thank you and hope you keep up to date.
Reviews: 3
Great module! Great customization option! The best!
Reviews: 12
More than great!
I had to find my way myself through the css to make it work with Arabic (Right-to-left).
I hope in the new version that the arrows look better or can be placed on the sides of the module.
But all in all, more than great, and free!
Reviews: 17
I work with K2, this module is perfect; easy to config, lots of options and beautiful! Great job.
Reviews: 7
After getting one response on their forums asking for more information, I e-mailed them screenshots and information about the problem.

It's been two weeks, and I've even replied to the forum posting further and received no more replies or help with the program I was having. Publicly it looks like they were interested, but in reality? They made no real effort to try and assist with the problem.

Be advised that you can't seem to limit the width of the module by percent, only a fixed amount which is terrible if you're trying to code your site to scale to different screen widths. When you put in a percent it just seems to ignore it and expand the module off the side of the page/screen
Reviews: 1
Such an outstanding and useful module.

Great job guys!
Reviews: 6
when I upgraded my joomla to 2.5 and my place here mod stopped working I wanted to find another mod to replace it with .. and this does the job perfectly.

just one suggestion I'd like to give the developer.

when you choose to display articles and type in the articles. I'd like to Order the articles as I have ordered in the list article IDs field not to sort it by assending dates or any other filter you have there.

but all in all a great module.
Thank you !!
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