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Code 7 Responsive Accordion Module

Code7 Responsive Accordion Module is a Joomla 2.5+ accordion module that uses jQuery to display articles in a responsive and, frankly, good looking module.


* Ability to load in jQuery with noconflict so that your lovely mootools modules/components keep on truckin'.
* Displays articles from a selected category.
* Choose to limit the amount of articles.
* Order by recent first, ascending/descending by Joomla order, ascending/descending by publishing order or randomly.

It's a simple module and we're not hiding that, it's lovely, it's to the point and it's simple to use.

Based on the awesome work at

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Reviews: 6
This module did exactly what I needed it to do without a moment of fiddling or worry. Top notch. Simple is so elegant.
Reviews: 2
I tried different accordeons for one of the sites I am working on, but they all had flaws it was frustrating! So I gave this one a try and Voila! it is simple and easy to use, just what i needed!
Reviews: 1
Just what I was looking for and when at first I had a small issue the developers responded with an answer, which was my fault! Appreciate the product and Im sure I will use again and I would highly recommend !
Reviews: 1
Really easy to install and nice looking as well. As an newbie to Joomla, I had some issues with a drop down menu not showing but the developers were extremely helpful in getting it sorted.

Well done and thanks so much.
Reviews: 2
Great little extension, easy to install and configure. I had a few questions for the team which they answered promptly and thoroughly.

Many thanks guys
Reviews: 4
This is a very easy to use extensions, and works out of the box. I love the fact that it doesn't strip my article tags, and my content plugins work without a hassle. The only thing that could possibly improve it would be the option to set it to pull only featured items.
Owner's reply

Hi there, thanks for the nice review!

Since it's Friday and I'm feeling nice I've added in the functionality to pull in only featured items for you!

Have a good weekend!

Reviews: 1
Great Module! Great and fast support! It is much better then some commercial analogs.
Reviews: 2
I was using other plugins to get the same effect but Mootools conflicted something rotten with them. Using this module along with {loadpoistion} works fantastic!
Reviews: 1
A simple module that lets you create an accordion from a category of articles. It worked fine for me right off and was easy to install.

Support from the developer also had a quick turn around.
Reviews: 1
Great module, struggled for a while to find something like this, a few css tweaks and all done!
Was stuck with issue of overflow, sent an email and got a very rapid response which sorted it out.
Thanks guys, great job
Reviews: 15
I tried several extensions to display articles this way.
Installation and setup in 5 minutes"! No Errors! Fast and Simple. Great Extension.

Reviews: 35
It works perfectly in a real module position.

With {laodposition position20} it wont do anything

And yes, I have the plugin to laod a module in an article enabled :)
Owner's reply

Just tested this and works fine -

We can help you fix it though if you pop us an email through with url etc.

One thing we did note was you have put
{laodposition position20}

it should be

{loadposition position20}

If that typo is on your site it wont work :)

Reviews: 1
I had one feature request, it was done in no time at all. The support is fantastic, i wish more people would care about their customers like this.
Reviews: 1
I gave this mod an excellent rating for two reasons. The first is because it is a clean implementation of an accordion module, which is simple to implement. The second, and for me more importantly, is the support. The response was immediate and excellent. During the fault analysis we uncovered a day one issue (not to do with this mod) and they helped me debug it also.
In short, great module, great support, great team. Thanks
Reviews: 3
Thank you. This module worked straight away. No hassles, easy set up, looks great. What more could you ask for. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 6
Really a good, small and easy accordion module.
Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
I have tried quite a few other non-commercial extensions in this area, though none of them worked for me. They all interfered with other jQuery stuff on my pages(even though I enabled the noConflict options). Finally there's an extension that doesn't give me script conflicts! A little tweaking of the css and it fits in great on my website. Thanks!
Reviews: 26
I had some issues with this - twice this morning.
Each time I e-mail Daniel and he reworked the module to meet my suggestions. And he did it very fast. Within three hours two main characteristics had been made customisable.
It is a simple accordion but clean, easy to set up, and works very well and fast.
I like this and know it will become a must use on my lowerteme community site.
And Daniel says he is still listening if there are any other things need resolving. Well done Daniel!!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the great review and glad you like it, credit must go to Tristan for coding and making the changes to the Module though :)

Reviews: 6
I really appreciate your effort of bringing this into a joomla module.

Keep these modern responsive jQuery plugins coming, there are so many of them, and we need them so bad!=)

Owner's reply

Thanks for positive review, we will indeed be releasing more in the future, anything in particular you would like to see?