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Klixo Articles slider Module

With Klixo Articles Slider you can create beautiful sliders and ticker boxes from Joomla articles.

- For responsive layouts: a CSS matrix transform option to adjust the scale of the module according to its container size.

- You can select one or several categories of articles to use in the slider.
- Slides can be sorted with different order methods or played randomly.
- Content of the slides can be reformatted within the module; such as text size and color, background color, read more link etc.
- Klixo Articles slider module uses Jquery library to provide different transitions effects to choose from. It's possible to choose one or more transitions effects to play between each slide. Or even all the available transitions and play them in random order.
- Animations options let you adjust how long each slide is displayed, duration of transitions, autoplay, pause on mouse over and back and next arrows.
- You can create several instances of the Klixo articles slider module on the same page with different settings and content for each one.
- The admin interface is detailed and complete. Color settings can be adjusted using a real colorpicker, like in a Photoshop (no more color guessing by typing hexacodes). You can of course type the hexacode in the colorfields if you know which color you need to use!
- By editing the css you can customize the whole look of the module to best suit your needs and taste.
Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x

Latest update 1.3.6 fixes strict standards issue, on development servers set with error_reporting = E_ALL | E_STRICT

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Reviews: 2
A really simple and well put together article slider module. Thank you!
Reviews: 3
I must say. The support for this addon outscores all support teams I have seen in the years!

The addon does exactly what is meant to be! Slides articles (content).

It have extremely powerful backend with lots of tweaks and settings.

I recommend this addon to everyone.

I'm just waiting only to get K2 support and will overpower addons that are already out there and need to be payed for!

Thanks to Klixo!
Reviews: 1
this is good, but need some improvement such as enable intro image. i think it's good to have that. in my case i customized my self to use intro image
Reviews: 6
Wow. It slides both, image and article in a flawless and smooth manner.
Reviews: 5
Thanks a lot for this nice, simple to install but still powerful module. It was exactly what I was looking for. Thumbs up for your great work :)
Reviews: 8
Really lovely pieces of code. Not only great functions but they look good - which is not always easy to find. And the support is AMAZING. I submitted a bug on my site and i got a reply within 15 minutes, despite being only a "freebie" user, they still go the extra mile to keep you happy. Will be back for more of their paid products next time.
Reviews: 4
Very classy slider to display articles. Good options, good function and great design.

Another great Joomla! module.
Reviews: 2
WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! I have spend a total of 8 hours testing for what I wanted and paid for two Modules and not one of them is as easy and great as this one. I was about to jump off a bridge. Salute Jeff you are My hero of the month!!! Thanx for taking coding noobs like me into consideration. I will donate as soon as I get refunded for the paid ones.
Reviews: 3
i tried many article module, this is the best one and support transparency. Great support!
Reviews: 11
I've tried virtually every non-commercial article slider and I reckon this is the best!
I would highly recommend it.
Reviews: 2
If you are looking for a way to show your articles in a fashinating way, please do not go elsewhere. This extension is very easy to install and to configure.
I got a problem about image display and not only had a prompt support from the developers, but also a constant professional follow-up until the issue was fixed.
Great work and surprising support !
Reviews: 2
It seems a nice extension, but I have a problem with it.The extension works fine, but it doesn't show the images of the articles. It shows only the text and instead of the images, it says "no image".
Reviews: 1
Now I finally registered - just because this extension deserves a review. I am developing a magazine-style site and I use quite a number of plugins, among them form2content and bkthumbs. I tried out a dozen different slideshows to showcase the featured articles. Most of them just didn't work at all and messed everything up so badly, that I could not even begin to figure out what to do.
I must have tried out nearly every extension in this category, when I finally installed Klixo Article Slideshow. It worked right out of the box and has all the configuring options I wanted. It is very easy to make it fit the layout and colors of the site.

I love the option to keep the article text formatting - this is exactly what I needed, and the result looks great.

I had a small issue with image thumbs, posted it in the klixo forum, and not only got an answer overnight, but a full-fledged update which solved the issue :-D
Reviews: 2
I usually do not write review but this extension really impressed me. I highly recommend this extension. Thanks for developing of such a useful thing for free.
Reviews: 3
was looking for a content slider, I had some hard time customizing some things, but in the end the result was perfectly as I had wanted... thanks for great module
Reviews: 14
Worked right out of the box; highly configurable.

With a clean looking control panel, and a complete collection of sliding effects.

Tested over 700 Joomla extensions, and will certainly recommend this one.
Reviews: 9
Very nice extension, works right out of the box!
Whole lot of options, who all work very smooth and nice!

Thanks for this nice comonent !

Only had to change the position of the "read more" button, but if you know a little css, or know how to operate google, that should not be a problem.
Reviews: 4
Right out of the gate, this worked and performed better than expected. This is why I love Open Source. Thanks for your contribution.
Reviews: 2
Well: Great Work,this extension provide great help to link random articles to any place in your site. i do not need anything else. Gracias.
By the way the only issue is the title link did not work as i was expecting, when you click on the title link nothing happen open the same url, but if you link in the "Read More" button its work perfect. my mitigation action was dont use the title link, but should be great if you fix it.
Thank You, Great Work.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your positive review and support. I've fixed the issue with the title link that you have noted. Everything should be working fine now.