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YJ Module Engine Module

Everyone has heard of Joomla Template Frameworks but Joomla Module framework is something that most of Joomla developers should have. This is first in series of our YJ Module Engines and it is dedicated to Joomla News Items. YJME gives you the option to pick news source from Joomla or K2. Beside that, you can make multiple module copies and combine the news source from Joomla to K2.

Report Extension



Reviews: 1
this extension very well for me though I'm still struggling to add images. I was looking for such extension for quite a while now. Thank you for this great extension
Reviews: 7
I am testing a 2.5 site and was using code module with which had had success in 1.5, but it was funky on 2.5. I found the newly issued YJ, and it does all I want -- and more.

Bob Sprague
Reviews: 8
This is one hell of a Module! In some ways it acts more like a component, because of all the options it gives you. But if you are looking for the Pinterest Image Load Effect this is the module for you.

And its so simple to install and setup. Works with Joomla Articles and K2. And if you want to give your online users the option to post images to your site all you have to do is get the K2 Story Component and as your members post their articles to your site this module will automatically pull it and post.

But be prepared to have some fun with this module! Because you will find yourself using it on everything...