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Responsive eXtro jQuery TabSlider Module

Responsive eXtro jQuery TabSlider - responsive tabs, created from your Joomla articles -
modern and space-saving!

The Responsive eXtro jQuery Tab Slider is translated in these languages:

- English
- German
- Italian
- Greek
- Dutch
- Polish
- Chinese traditional
- Bosnian
- Russian
- Czech

The Responsive eXtro TabSlider module is a responsive module which displays Joomla articles as tabs in the frontend.

This allows you to create optically small sites, since the most part of the content is hidden and will be displayed as soon as the visitor clicks on another tab.

In the backend, you can define from which category the Joomla articles will be displayed as tabs, how many tabs you want to display, and much more.

The design has been separated from the output, so you can style the TabSlider output very easy with CSS and adapt it to your individual template.

The responsive design of this tabber / tab slider works best if your template is also responsive, but of course this tabslider module also works on non-responsive templates.

This module supports Joomla Content plugins, can be enabled or disabled in the backend!

New in TabSlider V1.1.0 - V1.3.7:
Content plugin support for the Tab Slider module. You can use eg the loadmodule plugin tag in your articles, or any other tag from a content plugin.
This version adds language support to the tabslider module - articles will only be displayed if they match the frontend users' language selection, or if the language of the article is set to 'all'
- switched to jQuery 1.8.3
- corrected an issue when using the Tab Slider in combination with the loadmodule plugin on Joomla 3.x
- added italian, bosnian, greek, dutch, chinese traditional, russian and polish language files

***** NEW in TabSlider V1.4.0:
This release improves compatibility with Joomla3.x, PHP 5.4 and mobile mode. It also adds the ability to create an override.

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Reviews: 5
I have tried many tab extensions, this is my absolute favorite! Would say a must have extension! Nice effects, stable and easy to setup. Also the support is great, very quick and friendly! FIRST CLASS EXTENSION, very recommendable!
Reviews: 2
This is an easy to use extension that was exactly what we needed and fulfilled our clients request. Very professional customer support.
Reviews: 7
I use this module on my website and works great. It is perfectly adjusted to my needs. It's worth its price.