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Smart Content Tabs ComponentModulePlugin

Have you ever imagine a perfect extension to your site, which you can use for show contents, images, maps and videos?

As we can see from the customers reviews and request there is a huge claim for a brand new extension, what can be use for showing contents in a better way, with fancy animations, live colors and reliable working on any devices. When we started to design this product, the main direction was that can't be limitations in the product, when the users use it, they never can feel that there are any constraints or never can be the using uncomfortable. Well there are many working hours, branstormings and research in the developing, so we can hope that the users will fully statisfied after the purchase.
Where can I use the Smart Content Tab?

We will quote some of your requests, where the Smart Content Tab can be use. Here is the list:

*Releated Articles
*User Guide for something
*List of Events
*List of Events' places by map
*Product scroller
*Product description
*Highlighted content
*Smart Banner
*Frequently asked questions(FAQ) box
*And much more! Your imagination is the only limit.

What features makes it the best?

*Multiple Content Tabs types
Let you to choose which Content Tabs shape fit to your site. Currently 2 different Content Tabs types included and each types has 3 themes.

*Improved Theme management system
Let you to customize the style of your Content Tabs without any CSS knowledge.

*Bulletproof slider manager on backend
The administrator page fully guide you through the editing of the Content Tabs and the related slides. It won't force you to use any HTML or CSS codes.

*Dashboard on the backend
To learn new tips and tricks, watch tutorials and to keep up with the new updates and themes.

*A lot of predefined Content Tabs templates
It makes the editing fast and easy and provides the best result, so your Tabs always look dazzling.

*Live preview while you editing the Content Tabs.
You don't have to be blindfolded anymore. You will continuously see how your Tabs going.

*Available automatic tab generation

*Touch screen support
The tab works fine on any smart phones and tablets. (Tested on Apple iPhone, iPad and Google Android devices)

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Reviews: 3
It's been one month and I have not been able to use the product as it was advertised. The arrows were messed up, and so on. I've decided to uninstall it.
Reviews: 2
A perfect extension... which did more than I was expecting! So easy to configure and style. So many ways to use to use it.
However, the one thing I wanted to do, was not have the tabs appearing and disappearing. So, I asked support if/how this could be done. Within hours they replied that it would have to be edited in the js. I was not sure, so they offered to do it for me!...excellent product and excellent support to equal it! Thank you.
Reviews: 4
I have purchased this extension from the offlajn guys, and I have to say it works like a charm. After 2 minutes from the installation my first tabber was ready, and appear on my frontend. Many settings, variable skins, and colors, I think everyone can find the suitable mode. The animations and the handle of the subtabs is also very great and easy, worth all of the money!
Reviews: 9
beautifull modules but bad integration with K2
Has potential but currently others modules do the work
Reviews: 6
To NativeRadio: Not that this particular extension is bug free, it has some problems but I have no idea how it can corrupt your Joomla or other extensions. I’m using it happily on several sites…

Also it’s great that 3 days ago you even got a reply from them because it’s a 4 day national holiday / long weekend in their country (Hungary where this company is based).

No I'm not affiliated in any way with them...
Reviews: 1
This is a really great tab module. Works like a charm. I had a minor problem with it, but the support was fast and professionally and solved it in hours. Thank you
Reviews: 7
It is a cool extension with a lot of different modern styles and professional admin interface. Easy to use and fully customizable (its important), just install and use.

Best support I´ve ever get: fast, friendly and competent!

This module, like all component/module from Offlajn, is top notch, If you want a stylish and modern solution I recommend it!