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DPSlider Module

This is a simple lightweight slider module which is fully responsive and handles touch events on all devices properly.
You can add up to 10 slides with HTML content or specify a directory where the slider will get the images from automatically.

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Reviews: 10
It's the best I've tested and the lightest.

But I'd like to have an auto slide feature..
Reviews: 3
This slider is based on the Swiper code (as noted by the author). The feature possibilities for this slider are numerous. I could not implement Swiper into a Joomla template without breaking the templates features. However, with JP Slider, you can easily add it to a Joomla template and it works perfectly. I expect that this author will continue to add features into the module, so I would suggest that this be the slider of your choice and you will be ready for the future.

Also of note. The touch feature works on PC's (with the mouse) Windows Phone and everything else I have tested it on. This is something most sliders do not offer.