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qlarticle ModulePlugin

With tags like [qlarticle var=test] and ['/qlarticle] (of course use curly brackets instead) the text inbetween can be displayed in e. g. the right col or in header. So you can cut the article text into several pieces.

These pieces inbetween the tags are deleted from the display in content area.

A mod_qlarticle can "catch" this information if correctly set. So parts of articles can be displayed in right or left column or in header - a you wish.

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Reviews: 6
Very useful plugin if you want to give the end user access to the content of a module, but without giving the rights to manage the actual module.
The parts of the article which have been tagged are cut from the article and can be scattered where you want in your page, in the header, a column, you name it.
Everywhere you can put a module, you can display a part of the article.
I may add that Mareike, the developper, is very reactive and open to discussion.
Thanks for the good work.