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AJAX Scroller Module

NEW: Now compatible with Joomla 3.x!

AJAX Scroller is a Web 2.0 module for Joomla! that displays and scrolls your site's Articles, Banners, RSS feeds, Tweets, Virtuemart products, K2 items or other content, loaded dynamically using different animation effects.

It can be used to present newsflashes, testimonials, latest news, banners, remote RSS feeds, Twitter updates, web-shop products or any other content with autoplay or manual scrolling in a smart and smooth way.

AJAX Scroller module for Joomla is highly optimized, hundreds of articles can be displayed and scrolled without any additional load on your website. It uses AJAX technology to pre-load the next article in advance so it's ready for scroll without delay. Once all items are fetched the remote requests stop while scrolling can continue. The whole process is performed without page refresh, quickly, smoothly and user friendly.

You can even duplicate the module and show different slideshows on same page. It can be configured to display several articles at once and remember the last viewed item on page refresh. AJAX Scroller is simple to install and use but powerful in terms of configurations.

AJAX Scroller key features:

• AJAX technology, making the module very quick and user friendly
• Highly optimized, pre-loading articles in advance
• Stops remote requests when all elements are fetched
• Can display unlimited number of articles without affecting the page load
• Can display and scroll several articles at a time
• Remembers the last viewed article and starts there on page refresh
• In addition to Articles, it can display Banners, remote RSS feeds, Twitter updates, Virtuemart products and K2 items
• User and friends timeline, mentions, lists and keyword search support for Twitter
• Vertical, horizontal scroll and fade switch
• Appealing visual animation slide effects including linear, expo, bounce, back, elastic
• Select displayed articles by category, multiple categories or frontpage state
• Different ordering options including random order
• Can display article images, parsing image mambots
• Optional title and read more link to the article
• Can display only intro, full text or both, limit the text length
• Navigation next/prev buttons, play/pause button and loading image
• Auto play with customizable pause time
• Strong styling possibilities, uses CSS to customize the appearance
• Possibility to display module within article content using loadposition plugin/mambot
• Possibility to display multiple instances on the same page, with individual styling
• Compatible with 3rd party plugins to open links in a lightbox rather than in a new window
• Joomla! 3, 2.5, 1.5 native (no legacy mode required) and 1.0 compatible
• Uses Mootools only, framework already loaded in Joomla, no jQuery or any other additional frameworks required
• Supports Joomfish
• Works with all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome

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Reviews: 2
This was exactly what I was looking for: A scrolling twitter feed. Worth the money because it was soooooo easy to setup and just worked. Well done.
Reviews: 1
Exactly what I was looking for! Excellent javascript scroller! Very highly customizable with individual css styles for each scroller. Perfect
Reviews: 1
Doesn't work ... like they say, there is a bug : "Only the first article is loaded in my scroller" ... but they don't find a solution. So, for the price, are you ready to try to lose your money ? Ok, when you make a good job to pay a module, but in this case, no !!! Very poor
Owner's reply

It does work which hundreds of its users can witness about. I offered you support but you refused claiming it just doesn't work. If you have any issue on your site I am more than willing to have a look and fix it.

Reviews: 2
This was very easy to use. It installed without a problem. Using the two pages of example configurations that the developers provided, it was easy for me to make decisions about my own parameter selections. I looked around for an extension that would show the headline and a bit of text from all of the articles from one section of my Joomla site, and AJAX Scroller has done this perfectly. I checked out a lot of free options, and couldn't find one that did what AJAX Scroller can do. (I wanted a vertical display, vertical scroll, and this was perfect.)
Reviews: 3
The module is perfect if you have little area on your pages.
You can customize many parameters even if you are NOT a programmer.
VERY GOOD support from the Author: just ask and the answer will arrive very fast,
I hope that there will be new versions with more features in the future.

Reviews: 3
Installed in few minutes and did exactly what I expected! Had a small problem with a Yootheme and Eric setttled it in few minutes, on saturday!
Reviews: 17
AJAX Scroller is a perfect example of well-coded extension from a Joomla team member.

It works very good (stable, fast, clean) and Emir give a great support. I'm very satisfied and I'm going to suggest it to my "Joomla friends" :-)
Reviews: 2
I liked this extension enough to register and leave a comment. For $12.99 (USD) you can't go wrong.

It installed and worked out of the box.

The default styles are easily editable in the style.css and I love how you can simple have a module specific CSS file by naming your file style.css. Great feature!

I was able to install, configure and style this to exactly meet my needs in a couple of hours.

I love the ajax loading, which is clean and fast and doesn't stack articles on initial display like some other modules I've tried (YooTheme Carousel for one).

Help page is adequate. Would be nice to have some height & width attributes configurable via the admin, but they're easy enough to find and edit in the css file.

Looking forward to playing around with this module some more.

Nice job!
Reviews: 1
Really easy to install and set up (I'm not au fait with web development and I managed it). Had an error problem but emailed Emir Sakic and got a response mega fast with a fix straight away. Great module, great support
Reviews: 1
Worked straight away, unlike others I tried. Still learning some of the finer tweeks.Excellent support. Thanks for a good extension.
Reviews: 1
This extension works exactly as advertised. Plus, when using it for Twitter feeds, it overcomes the Twitter hit limit (where you can only hit Twitter's servers a limited amount per hour).
Well done and easy to implement!
Reviews: 1
What a great module. Easy to use and very flexible. Well worth the small price. And support from Emir Sakic was so fast and helpful. And the problem was not with his module at all. Super helpful... I can't say enough good things...
Reviews: 1
Emir went above and beyond normal tech support to get the module running on the site I was working on. Highly rated.
Reviews: 1
If you want a good verticle scroller then this is the one to use! The only niggle is there is no option to scroll down aswell as up but i still give this 5 stars.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. But not sure what you mean. If you visit the demo at you can see that you can scroll both up and down, left and right and fade transition.

Reviews: 1
It works as advertised, it does what it says it does. Many ways to configure the component.
The documentation is the only concern, it would be great if the developer goes into more detail about the css options when it comes to styling the component. Sometimes you have to guess about what you have to tweak on the css file to make it look like you want it to look.
Reviews: 1
A very nice and good working module. Easy to handle and install. But special the excellent support has to mention.
Maybe in the future module backend paramaters for module id and module size in stead of using css. Thanks for the help!!
Reviews: 2
A very good module and the response Emir gives to questions is excellent!
Exceptionally good value.
Reviews: 2
A nice module. Highly recommended for items within a limited space on your website.
Reviews: 5
A nice simple module with good options and easy to use. Had CSS woes but apparently this has been ironed out in the latest update release.

Would recommend. It does exactly what it says it will.
Reviews: 7
The variables with this module were already great, but the support from this developer is nothing short of awesome. I asked for a feature I needed and he made time to add the feature right away. I can't say enough about what that means when you have clients and deadlines to get that kind of support.
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