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Captify Content Module

CaptifyContent is now K2 compatible.

The captifyContent module is a slick new way to display sections ,categories or content on your site visually. The module resizes the image that you have assigned to the section, category or content, lays it out in a simple flat layout and then the captify script generates the sliding or fading effect that displays the title of the section, category or title.

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Reviews: 1
Thank you for this module!
It helped me a lot.
Easy to configure and customize.
I just wanted to show a k2 category image in a module and I didnt know how, and with this module I can!

Reviews: 8
this is really awesome extension. Thanks for sharing this for free! God Bless you all!
Reviews: 3

I have been using this awesome module for a while but after upgrade to new k2 2.6.0 released on 6th Oct, I getting an error message s below.
K2 is not installed!
Error! Unable to retrieve any Images!

Could you please update your module to work on new k2?
Reviews: 7
Wow! searched for days for an extension like this - stumbled upon it by typing in every search word possible. Lovely, perfect, genius, so happy. Makes my recipe website look stunning. Thank you!!
Reviews: 5
Stumbled upon this module quite by chance and am so very happy i did!
As the title says.. WOW what a fantastic module. Works right out of the box and very, very easy to set up.
Made my site look 100 times better.
Thank you for producing this!
Reviews: 2
Excellent component, really usefull to show in a beutiful way your aticles
Reviews: 23
After several difficulties getting this to work, I eventually found it really cool.

The documentation is very good, but I think it could have been made a bit more prominent that it needs a helper plugin.

Not as polished or easy to use as other modules that do the same but I was very impressed by the demo and also like that it is already J!1.7 ready.

Photos need to be inside the default Joomla location for Images for thumbs to render and they make this clear, but a lot of other extensions omit to mention this point.

All in all very pleased and looking forward to further developments
Reviews: 15
This is a very handy extension, one I have used on several sites.

It's an easy way to create an elegant grid of images with rollover effects.

K2 compatible, so even allows drawing those images from K2 item images, creating a navigational system, too.

The team renders excellent suport as well.
Reviews: 1
Incredible, how simply beautiful can one extension be! This free extension has excellent and fast support, has mostly covered almost all of the common issues that occur.

The result is astonishing, logical and simple!
Reviews: 1
Very pleased with this plugin- I had a few problems getting it to work, but after contacting the team at their foru, the developers were very patient with me and helped me fix the problem within a day. After their help, it has been very smooth, and I am extremely happy with the result.
Reviews: 1
The look of this extension is good but sadly its documentation is not.
I've been trying to figure out how to enable the "show categories" option where each image links to an article. I am bound to 404 all the time 'cos the images link to articles that don't exist. I don't know where to set up the correct article id.

Owner's reply

Feel free to drop onto our forum and we can help you out with this issue.

Reviews: 2
This module is actually pretty easy to configure. Not much possibilities, but it does it's job. Not so clear where to put the module, but after a good search on the demo site I discovered in which module position(banner).

I managed to publish it just as on the demo site, except for 2 things:
1: the size of the 'caption' is too large, it comes to the half of the images.
2: only the title of the content is 'clickable', instead of the whole image(only in IE8, FF works fine).

As mentioned, easy to configure, but only a few bugs that doesn't make it a top module!
Reviews: 1
I decided against using this module after more than an hour of testing. My #1 complaint is by far my top reason for not using this module.

#1 - It was very difficult to make the module fit into my template, which is a lightweight variety of the default JA_Purity, so it should not be prone to conflicts.

I would have loved to see more alignment settings, the likes of
- vertically/horizontally aligned
- # of rows
- free/strict row (makes pictures continue beyond the width of the template, or start a new row whenever it gets too long)

There also didn't seem to be a good table/grid system in place, the likes of which their demo gives an idea of. My pictures were just cramped together in many odd positions depending on their size. How about:

- Separating border (between pictures)
- Separating border color
- Border (border around the complete series)
- Border color
- Fixed grid (regardless of size, all images are surrounded by a fixed grid, for better alignment.)

#2 - The resizing of images did not seem to work for me. I have GD library (and others) installed, and the module reported no error, so I can't see why this didn't work.

I sincerely hope you will take this feedback and use it to make a better module. Cheers!
Reviews: 1
using Joomla 1.5, and simply trying to scroll through content in one category and
could not get this module to work. Would not scroll or fade, ... it did showed clipped images, but then it showed one line of content text, that was not even from the currently displayed images. I would get some missing variable errors too when turning off IE6 warnings, and trying other settings. Got tired of debugging their code, and decided to move on. I can see why they got so few reviews now.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review. Sounds like you didnt have JB Library installed or enabled - this is a dependancy for the module and without it you wont get any of the captify effects.

Reviews: 2
5 stars. quick support and with new version a feature to link to content as well. simple yet affective.