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Mod LCA Module

- Shows articles listed by year and month, such as wordpress or blogspot.
- Works in Joomla 1.6 and 3.2
- Languages: english, spanish, russian, german, dutch and french
- Custom options

04 May 2014 - v1.2

^ Parts of code rewrited
+ Allow to list by years without months
# Fix bug ordering articles (thanks chrisjclay)

17 Nov 2013 - v1.0.8

# Fix bug when collapse a year (thanks carole)

05 May 2013 - v1.0.7

+ Added hu-HU language file (thanks jtherczeg)

03 May 2013 - v1.0.6

+ Added language filter option (thanks blrt)

17 Apr 2013 - v1.0.5

+ Added new option: do not show months (pro version)
+ Added fr-FR language (thanks Laurent Rathle)

05 Apr 2013 - v1.0.4

# Load xml cache file manually when it's malformed (thanks andka)
# Fixed order by (thanks andka)

25 Mar 2013 - v1.0.3

^ Make arrow no selectable
^ Improved JS and cache
# Fixed PHP Strict Standars problem (thanks andka)

10 Mar 2013 - v1.0.2

# Added de-DE (thanks @adalbrosios)
! de-DE added in v1.0.1 should be nl-NL (thanks @adalbrosios)

11 Feb 2013 - v1.0.1

+ Supports multiple instances (Pro version)
+ Supports Joomla 3.0
+ New option: sort by published date
^ Added de-DE language (thanks Jefta Waldema)
^ Added ru-RU language (SvM)

Report Extension



Reviews: 2
As I installed this module, I wasn't expecting to have it exactly as I wanted it, out of the box. Just specified the Sections and Categories I wanted and, that was it! Great One. Recommend it.
Reviews: 1
This is a simple archives type module that you can install & use immediately. This type of thing should come standard in joomla. Been sifting through the extensions for a while and glad I found this. 5 stars.
Reviews: 20
Can just agree! Very elegant and great Joomla addon!

Try it.
Reviews: 1
Simple pero efectiva, cómoda de instalar y fácil de configurar.
Gracias por vuestro trabajo. Saludos.
Reviews: 3
Fantastic module. Simple = elegant.

I do have one minor suggestion. My posts were appearing in the incorrect order within their month. This was because I did some hand importing of blog posts from another site. When I did this, they didn't all go into Joomla in the same order that they were posted. So my content.IDs were sort of in random order, then I went back and modified the content.Created date so it matched the original blog posting date.

The query in helper.php is "ORDER BY id" and I just changed it to "ORDER BY created" and now everything shows up the way I want it. The Order By option on the module itself only appears to affect the filtering for building the tree for display, and not the order of the queried items. The query should probably use that option as well.
Reviews: 5
works just as described.. very easy.. not problems.
Reviews: 1
It's a very good module with fast email response from the developer! Rocks.
Reviews: 1
Great module and fast response from support
Reviews: 1
Great mod!

With all respect to the code, I do have a problem with presentation of the "advertisement" - "By" It's a bit confusing. It may be confused with another article on the list or article author.

I hope that the advertising message is changed to something like "powered by Mod LCA" where "Mod LCA" is a link to the mod's page. Also hope that not just "by" but the whole advertising message is gray or dark.

for a good example of mod advertising see jComment. (gray, small font, in lower right corner)

I am honored to use your mod and would like to display its advertising, but the present advertising presentation is (1) potentially confusing and (2) stylistically incorrect. I am tempted to turn the advertising off just because of these reasons.
Owner's reply

Changed in the v0.6 :)

Reviews: 1
I have this installed and running pretty quickly and easily.
Some things that could be tweaked would be the option to put the css and js in the head instead of the body of the html.

Also this was missing menuclass_sfx in the default file so added

to the mod_lca.xml

that made it so I can add a custom class for this module in the administrator.

Thanks for the great module.
Owner's reply

Added in the v0.6 :)

Reviews: 1
Install and use was a snap! It makes use of language settings and Joomla routing, making customization really simple (I'm using it with Flexicontent).

The only thing that might be nicer is if it allowed category selection from a picklist.
Reviews: 1
Great module, installs in one minute, 30 secs to set it up and tadam! It looks really good. THANKS !

If I may, it would be a good idea to have the ability to hide the number of items per month / year (the one which appears between parentheses).
Reviews: 1
Module is great!

You could add a function that articles could be sorted only by year(Without monts)with the same options to select category and sections.
Reviews: 3
This module is a very good idea. However it is a pitty that there is a limitation on the max number of articles (or else a blank page will appear!).
Furthermore the month sorting is not ok.
Also it should be possible to select if the first mont is collapsed or not.
Succes with further development!
Owner's reply

Fixed month sorting (you can download it and reinstall).

Try to show now all articles.

Reviews: 1
Love this module! Not sure what the article limit is but it would be even better if I could show over 800 articles :-(
Reviews: 1
Very nice module. Do exactly what it says. My only complain is that it misses its previous state. Let's say that you select an article under the "February 2008". After loading the article, the module does not keep Feb08 open but initializes again to the most recent date...

The lack of the above feature kept me from an excellent rating.

Hope you find this useful.
Reviews: 1
Great mod! Does everything it says it does.
-Easy to install using the standard Joomla installer
-Easy to configure.
-Allows you to select category and section.
-Can independently sort ascending or descending by year, month, and article
-Can select how many years to show

Overall well done. It's exactly what I was looking for.
Reviews: 1
Am redesigning my website using joomla which included moving my blog from blogger onto joomla. This was just what I needed to show my blog archive similar to how it shows on blogger.

Two small things you might want to add in a future version are:
1. Add a count of the blogs for that particular year/month in brackets after the year/month (I actually customized your to add it for the month, havn't done it for year yet though)
2. Allow the indent for the years, months and article titles to be configurable. I was put this in position right which only has about 30% of screen on my template and because it was using standard list indents it didn't fit very well with very little room for the article titles. I adjusted the list indentation directly in the module code to get around this but would be better if you could configure with a parameter in admin.
Reviews: 3
Installed, puted wanted sections/categories, published. perfect!
Reviews: 1
Pretty good for the version 0.3. Just works right there after you install it.

- Option to open current month in collapsed/expanded mode.
- Optionally show number of articles for each month in parenthesis. And for the year as well.
- Value field for indentation of the months from the years.
- Option for ordering of months asc/des.
- Create separate CSS file for modifications
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