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DM Archive PRO Component

DM Archive PRO is a component that greatly enhance Joomla archives visualization. With DM Archive PRO, website users will be able to search through archived content, filtering by section, category, date, and searching by title and meta tag. You can decide which users permissions are needed to use each filter (for example, you can decide to let only registered users to search by title, while everyone is able to filter by category; in addition, you can decide to restrict the listing of a particular category or section. In the article list, you can choose to display articles' creation date.

* List archived content, filtered by category, section, date, title and meta tag
* Decide which permissions are needed to use each filter
* Show articles' creation date
* CSS to allow easy graphic customization!

Report Extension



Reviews: 5
I searched high and low for a component that could archive all my articles and worked with core sef joomla. This is a great product, i had a few queries after purchase but they were all solved within hours of contacting Anas. Highly recommended for people wishing to build a neat and well structured directory for their articles.
Reviews: 1
We have been looking for a component like this for a long time, easy to use and set up. We needed some initial support and were totally overwhelmed with the support, they went far further than we expecteded to get this working and changed to our specifications ! Get this you wont regret it ! Its so under priced