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News Calendar Module

A month view calendar module which shows a list of the articles created on each day when you mouseover them.
It features:
• Ajax pagination through the months
• Setting a default month and year to launch the calendar
• Choosing certain content categories
• Easy language translation

For Joomla 3.2+ only:
• 1.2.3: Organizing the articles by "Finish Publishing" day option. (Usefull for showing upcomming events)
• 1.2.2: Using com_ajax for the calendar navigation

For Joomla 2.5 and 3.+:
• 1.2.3: Organizing the articles by "Finish Publishing" day option.
• 1.2.1: Fixing issue with the date to organize the articles by.
• 1.1.0: New option for the module to remember the month after picking up an article form the calendar.
• 1.0.2: Possibility to limit how many articles per day.
• 1.0.1: Possibility to choose created, modified or publishing date to organize your articles.

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Reviews: 1
There was only language issue (front-end of course), but i've already send full additional language ru files for module. Great module.
Reviews: 6
This module does what it says, it's easy to use and configure.
I use this module to display a chronicle / timeline on a historical website.
Had a minor bug which was corrected by the developer extremely fast. Well done!
Reviews: 11
This is a really nice little news calendar, however, the links to the articles don't quite work right on iPad & iPhone yet (you have to open the link in new tab in order for the link to work at all) ... but the module does seem to be responsive on smaller screens and still looks good! I like all the options and features too.
Reviews: 2
Cool! very easy to use. just install with little configuration. it work perfect. It integrated well with my template CSS
Reviews: 7
Very nice, very easy to use & certainly a must. good job guys.
Reviews: 5
this is the best articles calendar

i think adding more features like jalali date and others , make this even better than what it is

thank you so much for this grate module
Reviews: 8
Thank you for the idea to handle the calendar with joomla categories and to provide it for free! - Calendars were a hairpulling thing the most time with CMPs, but this solution is so simple as so effectful as so easy to handling.
Thank you!
Reviews: 23
I was looking for this for quite some time now; not able to develop it myself, I have to rely on others. Well, Vargas is one of the best with this extension; easy to setup, to adjust; I had an issue with the popup screen but after changing the margin of the popup (in the css) I could flawlessly move to the popup without losing its appearance. Minor thing with the popup border, sometimes the border is out of sight. When it really bothers me I might ask for some support. Way to go Vargas, keep up the good work. Thanks
Reviews: 14
I've just started to use this module... It is wonderful. 1. It is for 2.5, 2. It is clear looks, 3. It does what it should, 4. It is very easy to configure (5 second and ready to go:) , 5. 3 preselected css, 6. It works and looks very good!!! and.. it is free. Thank you for very good module.
Reviews: 106
I've used almost every calendar extension for joomla and this was by far the best one. It is light weight, speedy, good looking, and easy to configure. The support was great as well which they helped me with a customization.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants a mini calendar for joomla content. Thanks for your good efforts.
Reviews: 4
If isntalls very well on my site, and works like a charm. The use of a popup list is an advantage for my site, since I have customized it a lot with alternative layouts, and if I use a component based calendar instead, I should also modify its layout.

With this extension I just need to tweak the CSS a little bit to fit it perfectly to my site.

If someone has a site with a very high of publications per day, then this extension is not useful since the popup may even exceed the parent div boundaries, but for sites with less than twenty articles per day, it's just perfect.
Reviews: 3
News calendar is just what I was looking for. I spent few weeks trying to adjust some other extensions to do what this calendar do. It was very easy to translate and to change the look of module by switching images. Installation, translation and upgrading images took me just 20 minutes! I like this extension so much that I registered just to write review. Thanks Jesus.
Reviews: 6
It is really beautiful module! Extremely easy to use, configure and useful!
Many thanks and congratulations to the authors for the excellent work!

I have one proposal, though: if its possible, authors to think about for compatibility with K2 component. It would broaden enormously the usage of this beautiful module=

Thanks again,