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MioArchive ComponentModule

Version: 2.0.2

1. Fixed some bugs when add more zones in same column from layout.

Version: 2.0.1

1. Changed color selector in style page.
2. Added Google Fonts
3. Multilanguage for layouts and zones.
4. Edit author image on list of articles from front-end.
5. New dashboard style.

Version: 2.0.0

1. Fixed: Vulnerability in upload images process.
2. Grab images not only from articles content but from extra image added for article intro text.
3. Add alignment option in settings for "Read More" button.
4. Now you can create user friendly style for zones.
5. For zones "By Year" type, we added an option to edit or not the months for each year in front-end.
6. Now you can chose articles category for all zones type, not only for "By Category" zone type.
7. In back-end you can see now a diagram with articles statistics.
8. New design and useful dashboard.

MioArchive is a Joomla extension designed to structure articles from Joomla!, K2 and EasyBlog on your website. This extension offers you the simple way to drag and drop zones on a selected layout and assign your personalized style on it. You have life support for all your domains.

If you want to add a structured zone articles in another position from your website, you can use our module which is installed automatically with the extension. Just select a zone from a grey-box in MioArchive Zone module.

MioArchive Zones

The articles from zones can be structured by:


You can add zone description and chose to show it or not, add image (Border Image, Rounded Corners and Circle Image), add personalized style, set the number of columns for the Category/Years/Month/Days or Authors from this zone, can publish or not this zone in your layout, or choose publish up/publish down date and you can also add meta data (meta title, meta keywords and meta description) for this zone. The articles from the zone can be:

Last Hits
Most Hits

MioArchive Layouts

You can choose a layout type from a list of 10 layouts already designed, or you can design your own layout and drag and drop zones on it. You have the possibility to upload an image (Border Image, Rounded Corners and Circle Image) for this layout, add description, publish this layout or not on front-end and you can also add meta data (meta title, meta keywords and meta description) for it.

MioArchive Styles and Settings

There are already 4 styles created (blue, red, yellow and green) but you can create your own style.

You can choose from a lot of options for articles, layouts and zones to optimize your content pages. Options for titles, images, thumbnails, descriptions, introtext, read more and others.

Sef Support: Core Joomla.

For more information, you can use our Demo Site and Documentation.

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