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*****Version for joomla 1.5 is only in "securtiy updates" mode******

Blog Calendar is component + module for Joomla. The module let you choose a date to get all post published on that date and the component give the layout to show the posts.

-Choose articles from all categories or choose the categories to work with.
-Show author name or username.
-You can select if you want to show fulltext, introtext or cut the text in a specified number of words followed by "read more" (when cut the text you can also choose if you want to clean xhtml tags or not).
-The rest of options are all you can find for a joomla's article and you can choose your own settings for the component or use global configuration from your joomla site.

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Reviews: 4
It is a good module to show article related with datetime. But I got a wrong week name matched with day.
Like today is 10 August 2013(GMT-6),your module show Friday, but other daytime module show Saturaday.
By the way, could you give the module an option to select timezone according with webmaster or severe time
Reviews: 5
Easy to install and use, customisable, and above all, it can do the job. I would give it 5 stars if the "read more" did not appear on every article (there is no way to remove it yet). If that was fixed, then definitely recommended extension.
Reviews: 1
no hassle to istall & easy to use. Excellent support - I posted a message on the support board and received a reply within the hour! Definitely recommended this calendar
Reviews: 18
Great extension! Works as expected and has lots of functions for being non-commercial! Keep working like that!
Reviews: 4
The module gets stuck on December 2011 for me. The link for going a month back is correct, having the parameter "month=11", but when I click on it the page reloads on December 2011 again. If I clock on the link to forward one month, which GET parameters are month=1 and year=2012, it goes to December, 2012 instead.

It is clearly buggy, but this is not the worst problem. The worse is that the website linked for this extension is an spanish cooking blog or something similar, that has nothing to see with the extension, and there is no support forum or any manner to contact the author to report the bug through it.
Reviews: 2
I have a problem, guys. I am building a new website, and I want to move the articles to a category and put them in a arhive. The articles where published with a date..Lets say for example 20.02.2009. How to do to make the year 2009 to apear in the archive for example? Because all I publish here in the cattegory with the archive apear with the current year. Please help. I want to make a custon year to archive my articles..
Reviews: 5
Very nice extension for a blog page.
THe only issue that i have is when try to translate the months name.
The component have the language file but do not have translated the months, and when is put the name of the month in the language file, no translation on site
Reviews: 1
This great extension.
The only thing i want to solve is how to hide read more ? I want to show only the title of each article, i canot find the option to hide readmore in the list

Best regard
Reviews: 106
I used this a long time ago and had some glitches but saw that it had been updated. Now it works pretty good, I am pleased with this extension. Thanks for the hard work!
Reviews: 7
I like this so far... it definitely fills a void, that WordPress does well: Blog Posts and a link to them by month.

I used jSeblod CCK to create a blog content type + Jcomments (or other).

My only complaint so far is the CSS built by the component, but I don't think it's the author's fault.

e.g. I want to edit the date displayed in the H3 tag within td.contentheading -- as I don't want the date above each article in the component area.

Additionally, it seems redundant as the module has a parameter for 'Show Created Date'.
Reviews: 4
Iam lucky to see this extension. But:
1) I can't change the month.
2) I tried to enter two category-IDs, but it takes only one. I tried in different ways (no blank after comma, blank after comma).
For me it seems, there are mistakes in the code.
Owner's reply

You would try the new version. Categories selection in module is working now as expected.
About changing the month....I'm not sure what you mean. If you want to change the month name/format you have to look in joomla default language file of your language pack, Blog Calendar uses it to take month names and date format.

Reviews: 11
Joomla has a bug wherein the stock archive module returns a 404 when used with all SEO setting set to "yes". But then I found this component/module and it works like a charm. Simple to use, works out of the box and also allows for just a list of archives (no calender). Thank you very much for this.
Reviews: 7
Plugins in articles are not working! The component only displays the code like this: {plugin's code here}
Owner's reply

Contents plugins are for com_content, so if you are in com_blog_calendar page the don't work. I've been trying to load content plugins in com_blog_calendar but not success right now. I will continue trying.

Reviews: 2
Smart complement!
I would have a question: how can be solved, that let the calendar not display it based on the time of the making articles (created), but according to the end of the publication (publish_down)?
Thank You!
Owner's reply

Currently the articles are displayed based on created_date only if publish_upnow.
Do you want to display articles by publish_up date?? I think is good, maybe in next version I can check if created_date!=publish_up and if so....display based on publish_up date. Thanks for the suggestion.

Reviews: 3
Great module that works very well, but I installed it on a rockettheme template (refraction) with joomlaworks superblogger and couldn't work out why google refused to index my site.

After running it through xenu I found the module was producing thousands of useless urls (the server slowed to a snails pace whilst xenu ran the link request) nearly 3000!

I'm not sure if it was a problem mixing with superblogger as the result was the same with superblogger turned off, but there's something on my site it disagrees with.
Reviews: 5
Great job. Thanx.
Reviews: 6
I have been waiting for a good blog calendar for Joomla. This one allows me to display by date (for active blogs) or by year/month with counts (for less active blogs). It also gives me a EDIT CSS link on the module so don't have to go hunt this down.
Reviews: 4
Finally there is a good blog calendar for Joomla. The module is good and stylish, and I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it shows both a calendar view and a list of years and months! The module links to the component which provides clear pages listing articles by date. Some css styles are Joomla standard styles and others can be modified easily. The only two things that I think could be better are a couple of tag ids for non-standard css styling of the component output, and a support forum or email in English.