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Insert Article by ID Module

Insert article like a module. Very easy and simple.

- Hide contained article in article view. Contributor: Oussama Chammam ( Thanks a lot.
- Select layout
- Select heading number
- Read more link
- Edit button
- ACL permission

Report Extension




Reviews: 13
Self-explanatory configuration. Easy to use. Like it.
Reviews: 1
This was exactly what I was looking an article as a module. The addition of the "edit button" is great for my clients to easily edit their text from the front-end.

Great module, thanks for creating!
Reviews: 8
Your module is the only one in this category that gives the option to have a read more link in the article that is placed in a module. For me, this is the best module available!
Reviews: 8
This module has read more option, display title e.t.c.
perfect module i was looking for.
Reviews: 5
Brilliant little module which allows me to keep all my "content" as articles rather than a mix of articles and custom html modules.

The only thing that could make it better for me is a link through to the article itself, from the module configuration page...allowing quick navigation in the backend.
Reviews: 1
I love extensions like this! Easy to install and use. Does exactly what it says it does. No problems encountered at all. Totally recommended.
Reviews: 4
The module was easy to use, simple but straightforward.

support was super fast.
Reviews: 5
Not only is this module super easy to use and configure, but the developer is, hands-down, one of the most helpful I've ever contacted.

I had some issues on my site so I e-mailed the developer and got a response and a solution within a few hours!!!

This module makes a great front-end editor solution for clients who aren't comfortable with the Joomla Administrator interface.

Keep up the great work!
Reviews: 2
Thanks for the extension.

I can't edit the article from its module position in the Front end for Joomla!2.5

(Still looking for an extension to do this after Ankit's Enhanced Frontend Editor lost support at 1.5)
Owner's reply

I'm proud to announce the new version with this feature.



Reviews: 6
Easy to install, Easy to use!
Solved my problem of allowing a publisher to edit a module in a flash!
Reviews: 52
We had a simple need with displaying a welcome text depending on your access level, this solved it for us, without any hassle at all. IT SIMPLY WORKS!
Reviews: 1
Simplicity and elegance of this modul is great and for every reccomendation.Thank you developer.
Reviews: 1
I had a little problem translating on my site htt:// I mailed to the developer and in 30 minutes I got support and the module is running great.


Reviews: 3
If you want to place articles to somewhere on your site this module will be really useful!
Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 1
I just wanted to say thanks for the good work, especially that the module is 1.7 compatible.

Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 15
pretty good tool, just quite irritating that I have to go guessing what options are selected on the options panel due to a smiley face and paypal logo asking for donation blocking what I need to see....

I am sure I will have to spend half an hour trying to find where it comes from and how to get rid of it :)

Other than that seems to work without problems...
Owner's reply

The smile does not bother now!!! :-)))

Download the new version!!!

thanks for your notice!!!

Reviews: 12
Based on its designed functionality, this module does the job. Unfortunately, the biggest letdown is that you cannot insert K2 Articles, only standard Joomla articles. Given that K2 is already widespread these days, this module is not for you if you are on K2.

Another thing, at the backend, a huge smiley face icon and Paypal donation image blocks a portion of the parameter settings.
Reviews: 6
I do not understand why this module has less then 5 star rating...
Anywhay, this is exactly what I was looking for! Compare to ArticlesAnywhere - very simple, no "coding" necessary, and I got it running within seconds after installation!
Thank you :-)
Reviews: 1
i have installed this module and m very happy with this. it is very simple to use. thanx developer
Reviews: 28
I previously used the similar extension "Articles Anywhere" for these tasks, but when migrating to J2.5.x I found that AA for J2.5 required PHP 5.3+.

As my hosting company still is on 5.2.9, I was left hanging there until I found this extension.

It works great and also validates properly. What more can you ask for?
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