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Articles Anywhere Popular Plugin

Articles Anywhere - place articles anywhere you can enter text.

Articles Anywhere is a plugin that allows you to insert articles anywhere on your site. So you can place articles inside modules or in other components or where ever.

You can place articles using the syntax:
    ★ Using the title of the article: {article Some article}...{/article}
    ★ Using the alias of the article: {article some-article}...{/article}
    ★ Using the id of the module: {article 123}...{/article}

Within those tags you can place different tags to place different article data/details:
    ★ {text} (the entire text: introtext+fulltext)
    ★ {readmore} (a read more link)
    ★ {url} (the url to the article)
    ★ {link}...{/link} (tags to add a link to the article to anything within the tags)
    ★ {introtext}
    ★ {fulltext}
    ★ {title}
    ★ {id}
    ★ Or any other data available (must match the column name in the database)

When showing text (all text, introtext or fulltext), you can also make the tag only show a certain amount of characters:
{text:100} (shows the first 100 characters of the entire text)

When showing read more link, you can also overrule the standard "Read more..." text:
{readmore:Please read on!}

Articles Anywhere also comes with an editor button to make inserting these tags easy.

More information:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
See for more requirements:

For support use the forum:
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Reviews: 3
works like a charm, just what i was looking for
Reviews: 4
Thanks for this great plugin!
It works perfectly !
Reviews: 6
A nice bit of kit, and Peter's support was excellent, even when the fault was an "operator error"!
Reviews: 2
This solved a huge problem for me! So easy to use too.
Reviews: 7
It just does what it's supposed to do! I highly recommend this extension to anyone who wants to embed articles, anywhere :)
Reviews: 3
No Number's plugins have always been the shining example of 'how it should be done', and this plugin, Articles-Anywhere is one I install on my Joomla sites without even thinking about it.

Does what it says on the tin, essential, simple to use.
Reviews: 5
Sometimes you place a ticket or a forum post with an extension developer and wonder:

... will I get a response?
... how long will it take to get a response?
... can my issue be resolved?

Well, all I can say is thanks Peter for the lightning fast response. Not only that, but my issue was resolved with a couple of clicks of things Peter had already thought of & had implemented in the extension by default... so no hacking required, brilliant.

If you want to place article bit's & pieces 'AnyWhere' - this is the extension to use.

Kudos my man!
Reviews: 2
I have an extension similar to ArticlesAnywhere but it was conflicting with my RSJoomla Form. I reported the problem to the developer but never got it resolved. When I found ArticlesAnywhere and tried it, it went well with no problems and not conflicting with my forms. Support is also excellent. I am strongly recommending this extension.
Reviews: 5
I used to embed an article that contains a modules_anywhere plugin within it and everything works perfectly.

Great job, congratulations
Reviews: 2
This review is specifically for Articles Anywhere, but it is true to say that all of the extensions have become a standard inclusion on all my sites and can claim to be the 'Swiss Army Knife' of Joomla tools. The difference between the free versions and paid versions is minimal and the chances are that the free/non-commercial version will do what you need.

The use of Articles Anywhere (n is really simple and well documented, but if you need support, you are sure to get it extremely quickly. In most cases I have received support in minutes rather than hours.

The team at NoNumber stand by their promise of excellent and quick support - that's for sure!

There are a lot of good extensions out there, but in many cases language can be an issue, but you can be assured that if your request is in English or Dutch ( may be other languages, but I am not certain), you WILL get an answer!

Reviews: 2
This extension bring K2 extrafields management and handling to the next level, getting K2 closer to a really complete CCK.

Suppor for PRO version is really great, accurate and fast!

Good job!
Reviews: 13
I'm posting cause the author ask for it in the nonumber forum area ;p.
If you are new to these extensions: there are all great, so many must have!
Articles anywhere is of my favorites: the one you can do the much the easiest, for your content presentation.
Some pro versions might be a bit expensive, this one is definitively a good investment. Will save time, headaches, solve lots of problems and make you creative.
Reviews: 2
This extension works perfectly as described. You can even specify which content in an article you want to display, including images loaded in the images/links tab!

I even received super quick response and assistance when posting on the forum and was only using (for now) the free version - Now that's support!

They've also got other interesting extension to check out.

Refreshing to see a great extension with support to match! My experience give me the sense that developer stands behind this creation!
Reviews: 5
I've used a few other similar extensions and found this one to be hands down the best one I've found so far! Easy to use, a lot of extra features I didn't notice before downloading that are super helpful, and it works like a charm! This is the 2nd extension from this developer I am thoroughly satisfied with, thanks for writing high quality great extensions! I am going to look into all the other extensions this developer makes and would be confident in purchasing from them.
Reviews: 10
Thank you for making life in Joomla a little more flexible.

Does exactly what it says
Easy to use.

None yet
Reviews: 71
I've used a few NoNumber extensions and they've always helped me to solve seemingly impossible Joomla issues.

This week, I needed to insert a quiz into a module position. I could only find one quiz extension that was perfect for the project, but it only came with a component and a plugin.

In the end I was able to insert the quiz into a Joomla article via the quiz plugin and then insert the whole thing into a module via Articles Anywhere. It sounds complex, but thanks to NoNumber it only took a few minutes :)
Reviews: 7
Again NoNumber to the rescue. It seems that just about every site I've developed I have used one of NoNumber’s extensions and as always it does exactly what it says with a minimal learning curve (yes he is teaching an old dog new tricks).

Although I was very surprised on today’s visit to the NoNumber website. The new site looks great! I am glad to see that the licensing/business model has changed. The extensions still have a free version, but now there is a pro version available with extended features and prioritized tech support.

At first finding out about the licensing model I was worried that NoNumber might have started using Zend or ionCube. I had issues before with developers that encrypted their extensions. Reading through the Pre-sales questions, specifically “Can I alter the code” Peter’s answer is “The extensions are fully open source and the code is NOT encrypted in any way. No use of Zend Optimizer or Ioncude.”. Awesome!!!

When I started building websites for fun the free extensions were nice, I was able to learn with a minimal out of pocket costs. Now that I also have changed my business model I am more comfortable with using the pro/paid versions. Not that I’ve needed support from NoNumber, but it’s a nice feeling to know the support is there. Not to mention if the developer is making money they will be around for a while. Nothing worse than getting comfortable with an extension and the developer falls of the face of the earth.

Good job Peter, keep up the outstanding work! Looking forward to using your extensions on future sites.
Reviews: 11
this tool is extremely versatile
no surprise if you have tried other extensions by NoNumber!
Reviews: 4
I've only worked with this extension for 5 minutes and it was enough to solve my problem. I needed something to insert "about the author" in lots of articles without having to change them all everytime the author added something to his CV. This solved my problem in no time. Thank you!
Reviews: 54
It does everything it say's and 100 times even better! I've used a few extensions from this developer. They never fail. Certainly one of the best developers for Joomla extensions in my book. Very happy with this extension and i will use it on all my websites.

You guys really do make some really great, amazingly useful extensions for Joomla.

Please keep up the great works!

Thank you very much.
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