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Articles Anywhere Popular Plugin

Articles Anywhere - place articles anywhere you can enter text.

Articles Anywhere is a plugin that allows you to insert articles anywhere on your site. So you can place articles inside modules or in other components or where ever.

You can place articles using the syntax:
    ★ Using the title of the article: {article Some article}...{/article}
    ★ Using the alias of the article: {article some-article}...{/article}
    ★ Using the id of the module: {article 123}...{/article}

Within those tags you can place different tags to place different article data/details:
    ★ {text} (the entire text: introtext+fulltext)
    ★ {readmore} (a read more link)
    ★ {url} (the url to the article)
    ★ {link}...{/link} (tags to add a link to the article to anything within the tags)
    ★ {introtext}
    ★ {fulltext}
    ★ {title}
    ★ {id}
    ★ Or any other data available (must match the column name in the database)

When showing text (all text, introtext or fulltext), you can also make the tag only show a certain amount of characters:
{text:100} (shows the first 100 characters of the entire text)

When showing read more link, you can also overrule the standard "Read more..." text:
{readmore:Please read on!}

Articles Anywhere also comes with an editor button to make inserting these tags easy.

More information:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
See for more requirements:

For support use the forum:
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Reviews: 4
It's FREE, easy, versatile, well documented. Combined with Modules Anywhere (another FREE extension they have) you have lots of control over where your want to place your content.
Reviews: 1
I have used this extension on my site. It makes it possible that the text I placed within articles anywhere can be found by the Google bots. That is a feature!
Reviews: 41
What more can be said? This plugin works exactly as the developer describes. I have used it in countless ways, and every time it performs flawlessly. It cannot be easier to insert articles throughout your site, truly harnessing the content resuability of a CMS platform like Joomla.

I have never once had to ask for support from NoNumber from ANY extension of theirs that I have used. They use clean, efficient, well-documented and easy-to-follow code. If every developer on the JED produced extensions like this, building sites in Joomla would be a piece of cake! Great job by NoNumber on this extension!!!
Reviews: 1
My name says it all. I don't have programming knowledge and I'm pretty new to Joomla. I was able to install Articles Anywhere easily (unlike some of the other things that I tried to use). It can actually be used easily (also unlike a lot of the other extensions that I've tried). And the best part is that it worked perfectly! Thank you very much.
Reviews: 2
It resolved my issue which troubles me for 3 days.

i placed the syntax where we can only able to place text. Ultimately it render my entire article in that place.

More system plugins are welcome from yours.

it will be useful to solve very critical issues.
Reviews: 5
I'm using this plug-in to display articles in tabs mod. It's very easy and fast to use.
Congratulations and thank you for share.
Reviews: 1
I can't say enough about Articles Anywhere. My site had specific requirements that could never be met without adding articles to specific places on each page.

Thank you for making something I can use to truly make a site my own.
Reviews: 5
I don't often bother to put reviews on the JED, but Articles Anywhere is too wonderful to not deserve an excellent recommendation to EVERYONE! Joomla! 1.5's lack of multiple categorization for articles often puts users in the position of feeling that content must be duplicated in order to provide the necessary information in the most easily accessible areas of the website - Articles Anywhere gets around this limitation beautifully.

I find myself coming up with all kinds of creative ways of using it to integrate categorically disparate articles, and by doing so, greatly enhance the user experience of the website. It's become one of a handful of extensions that I install on all my Joomla! websites by default.

Even better than it's usefulness is its ease of use! Install, enable, and use. It's that simple - there's no configuration necessary; no stylesheets to play with to get it to look good on your website - nothing. It simply works.
Reviews: 1
Very good extension. Easy to set up and with lots of possibilities !
Reviews: 1
For a short while I thought I was stupid because unable to get a plain article in a given module position.
Then it must have taken 3 minutes to download and install Article Anywhere and get my article published in the position I wanted.
Add custom module, click on Insert Article button below.
Reviews: 12
Whoever created this plugin, is a genius! It worked perfect in my website. Now, i can make my many Articles modularized and easily insert them into the main article in the frontpage using just tags! I am no longer a hostage of my template's limited available positions to place my articles.

The best part of this plugin, is it's free. I hope you will be repaid with good karma. Karma is better than cash.
Reviews: 4
The reviews were all fantastic-- probably a little too fantastic in actuality. So I thought I'd download the software and see if all the raves were really deserved-- in my humble opinion, of course. As noted, the software installed without a hitch and within three minutes' time I had a module displaying an article complete with linked title, introtext and readme link. It can't possibly be any faster, easier or more efficient than this. Loved it so much I made a donation within minutes after using it for the first time. I've done several more article embeds and I'll be purchasing a license next-- just to support this excellent Joomla coder. We MUST keep him coding!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much :)

Reviews: 24
To tell the truth, i must write reviews for all extentions developed by Peter. This guy has incomparable deeply knowledge about giblets of Joomla - if you use any extention by nonumber, you can blindly trust, that the developer thought about all odds and ends of coding. And if you use any 3rd part extention, what must work together with extentions by nonumber, be sure, Peter forces it to work.
Reviews: 4
This extension is now in every Joomla installation I do!

With the last update, Articles Anywhere got a VERY important addition: You can use it to create sidebars in your articles in just a few seconds!

I love small extensions like this that makes the flexibility of Joomla even greater. Looking forward to create more and better articles!

This extensions installs without problems, is easy to understand - and a little tip:

Go to the Plugin Manager and open the Editor plugin for Articles Anywhere - you can choose all the default settings there so you do not have to change things like using K2 instead of Joomla Content every time you want to use it.
Reviews: 17
Easy to install and use. Just insert articles anywhere you want them to appear (modules, articles within other content items, etc). Must have!
Reviews: 2
This is what I need.
Easy to use, frequently updated. Great support!
Reviews: 5
What a nice piece of work, accurate and down to the point. It certainly gives developers a lot of freedom and control over article placement with controlled contents. Well done & Thanks.
Reviews: 4
I have used this extension in several websites, and it works perfectly!

I really trust this extension, that's why I am motivated in writing this comment. No errors, high compatibility, and all
Reviews: 1
No more "categoy blogs". Create "blog layout" from ANY article (virtualy eliminates the need to use confusing sections/categories). If you haven't tried this or any other NoNumbers extentions, then you should - NOW! NoNumber extensions (Advanced Modules, Articles Anywhere, Modules Anywhere, etc.) dramatically increase the functionality of Joomla. I highly recommend - I even registered with to be able to write this comment. THANKS NoNumbers for the excellent extensions.
Owner's reply

Wow, thanks for the great review. Sounds like an advertisement :)
I'll deposit the money asap (kiddin'!)

Reviews: 1
It's a small and insignificant plugin... But it's Power is on a grand scale. I needed this plugin to help me fix a small issue I was having... But after using it I found new and creative ways to insert stuff into a page... I tried others, and from the ones I did try this one out beats them all...

Great job!!! Another great plugin...
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