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HD-Article Mod Module

HD-ArticleMod is a small module that enables you to display a single Joomla article in a module position.

This extension was developed for a client who was comfortable with editing articles and wanted to be able edit the content of various module positions in the same way. As there were a huge amount of modules already installed on the site, navigating the module manager for a specific custom HTML module seemed a daunting prospect. Once the module was set up the client was fully capable of editing content in the left and right module positions without having to access the module manager.

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Reviews: 1
The module looks very promising for what I want to do and seems a breeze to use. However, on my sites with thousands of articles, it's very difficult to find the one I want to use. If you can develop a better article selector than simply a drop-down list, this would be a grand slam home run!
Reviews: 3
This is the best extension in the category. Does what it says.
Reviews: 1
This does exactly what I want it to do. To place an article in a module position. Been looking for a J2.5 replacement for place_here mod (J1.5 only). This is the one!
Reviews: 6
I found HD-Article Mod after some searching and it does EXACTLY what I wanted with no fuss at all!

Thanks for a GREAT free mod. I couldnt have asked for better!
Reviews: 4
I've used this module on every single site I've built since discovering it. I love the way you can just create stuff using HTML and just put them anywhere in the site. It's very simple to use and if you're smart in the way you write your HTML you can practically put as many of these as you want in one page - with each one controlled by its own CSS.
Reviews: 17
This does not support DirectPHP, and simply displays all the php code in the article.
Owner's reply

This is a module. If you are using third party plugins or extensions that do not work on modules (such as DirectPHP), then it will not work on this module either.

Reviews: 2
The plugin works like a charm, it's really easy to use and has a good manual on how to get it started. And it works for 1.6 which is an awesome advantage since other plugins don't.
Reviews: 2
this is what I am looking for. SUPERB.
One question! What to do, to use multiple articles?
Reviews: 1
this is simple module that fits exactly what I am looking for
Reviews: 2
Took me less time to download, configure and display the article than it did for me to sign up to post this review! Thank you.
Reviews: 2
This did exactly what I needed, placing an article in a module with associated graphic. I found it simple to install and had it working in 5 minutes. When I had a small issue, the support from Hyde Design was first class - not bad for something that I got for free!
Reviews: 1
I have developed dozens of joomla sites and can't count how often I've evaluated and tossed extensions that either were cumbersome to configure or use, or were plainly buggy.

It's always a pleasure to come across extensions that are simple to use and quick to configure.

The developer (with whom I have no affiliation whatsoever) shouldn't be knocked for putting out something that works perfectly and holds true to its promise.

Simple? Yup. And it works a like a charm.
Reviews: 3
I needed to place a small article where a module was located. This did exactly that.

It installs easily in Joomla 1.6.x and is easy to configure.
Reviews: 21
Sorry, but i can't give you more then three stars. The problem ist, the "articles anywhere" plugin from the developer have the same effect since a long, long time ago and gives you the posibilities to include articles in any modules and any other places on the website where an editor window is available (articles in articles).

Thats the reason of my average rating. There is nothing new and no innovation.