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Perfect Popup Box Module

Display Youtube VIDEO, PHOTO gallery, or CUSTOM HTML in a POPUP (lightbox or modal) as well as other MODULE, Joomla article, login or newsletter form. LAYOUT & ANIMATION options including slide in from page edge. Multiple tabs allowed. FAST SUPPORT team.

- Slide in box
- Lightbox window
- Single tab with URL

- Embed as module content:
- - Article
- - Another module
- - Iframe with menu item or custom URL
- - Custom HTML code
- Position of tab at: left, right, top or bottom page edge or static.
- Vertical or horizontal toggler tab in left and right position.
- Icon for toggler tab from: module gallery, image manager or IcoMoon.
- Predefined styles: blue, green, red, yellow, light, gray, dark.
- Set custom colors and size in module configuration.
- Show rounded or squared corners and shadow.
- Set custom toggler tab name.
- Unlimited number of tabs on one page.
- Animation of Lightbox window - drop from top and enlarge.
- Select effect of Slide in Box and duration.
- Auto-open on page load or on scroll.
- Auto-open on exit - when mouse pointer goes above top edge of page (experimental, not always works in IE7 & 8).
- Auto-open limit count - open for first X-times after page refresh and selected event.
- Auto-open delay - if not opened earlier by user.
- Auto-close delay - if not closed earlier by user.
- Close other Perfect-Web boxes when opening another one.
- Open Box with menu item, image or link.
- Google Analytics Tracking Page View or Event after first click of tab.
- Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter Conversion Tracking.

- Joomla! 1.5 with MooTools 1.12 or 1.2.5
- Joomla! 2.5
- Joomla! 3.x
- supports all modern browsers and IE7+
- supports RTL


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Reviews: 5
This is a very good extension with an excellent supprort.
Reviews: 12
App is fantastic! I loved the features of the module, use it on almost all the sites. Some time ago, I had a question on the use of, and I contacted customer support. Support specialists do everything possible and impossible to solve my problem and as a result all agreed! I am very grateful for the excellent support and for the wonderful module! Well done !!!
Reviews: 1
This component worked as described right out of the box! I had a picky client I was using it for who wanted some very specific customizations and these guys helped me make it happen! Great component and even greater customer service!
Reviews: 2
Was having some problems with my client's old site. Mateusz sorted it for me extremely quickly. Thank You :-)
Reviews: 3
I had difficulties getting it working like intended, but the service and support I got from Mateusz was so fast and accurate that it was fixed very quickly. And my popups work like charme now!
Reviews: 4
The best application to get your pop-up.
Easy to use, and support is very very very very avaiable to help you everytime.
Many thanks
Reviews: 5
this product works extremely well for our needs. the best part is when we had an issue (due to us not the product) the support staff was graciously kind & assisted in the resolution. :)
Reviews: 1
A user-friendly module with a lot of possibilities and with a perfect Support.
If you want pop-up’s you have to get it!
Reviews: 1
Does what it says and more!

Their strong point, is their superb, after-sale support! They have patience, quick response time and effectiveness.

I highly recommend it
Reviews: 5
The only one module which allowed me to get the result I wanted ! Tried several other ones but everytime time something didn't fit my needs. I tried to Knock it out but nothing to do ! Stable and supports many uses on a same page !! I asked for a customization : I got it in the hours !! Great support too. The best module I found...
Reviews: 11
i had a problem when a popup opens a popup in the back, not clickable. solved in no time.

Reviews: 3
It is exactly what I need. Easy to configure and the best support ever. I installed this module and now it works great. Whithout knowing html it is not easy to costumize box shape. But for me defaul box shape is ok. Ease to make html notification. And one more time thank you very much for the great support.
Reviews: 1
As a complete newbie, I was surprised by how easy this was to install. The module is simple and stylish. I received excellent, courteous support when I required a slight modification for my own particular needs. I am so glad I bought this and I thoroughly recommend this product and it's helpful developer. Thank you!
Reviews: 9
Although I find complicated to create a module for all popup (in few articles I have 20), instead of this I would prefer a plugin that knows something like this module, but there isn't. So, it does the job best, knows a lot. I found that some basic information is missing from the documentation, regarding the configuration, but support is very quick, and helpful, so I gladly suggest.
Reviews: 3
It really is "perfect"! Excellent value, easy to install and use and gives any web site a really professional look. Thank you!
Reviews: 8
Great module and very fast support The module is very easy to install and configurated in what you want and the site looks very nice and elegant The support its really very fast and
they give you answers on things that are not extension related
I strongly recommended to buy this module
Well done guys
Reviews: 3
I purchased this component for my website which is still under development.

I was encountering an error with rendering of radio buttons. This happened when a contact form was published as a module within the pop-up box.

I contacted support and within an hour got the first response.

The issue was not with the pop-up box but with the template CSS styling.

The developer walked that extra mile to help me and after nearly 17 to 18 email exchanges and him working on my site for nearly 2 hours, the issue was finally resolved.

Rarely have I come across such excellent customer centric support where someone goes that extra mile to help you. And that too knowing that it is not your component which is at fault!

Amazing extension and above all, amazing support.
Reviews: 2
This is really a perfect popup box that I'm looking for. Many popup features available, the design is nice, same features are quit advance that can't be found in other software (several pop up in the same page for example).
Another perfect thing is their support is also very excellent! Well done to Perfect Popup Box team!
Reviews: 5
For a long time I was looking for an popup extension that really do, what I want! Now, with this one I found it! You can place anything in the box you want to - as I did - even your contact form! You can even place multiple tabs on one page! I'm totally happy, and I don't regret a cent I spent on it! And thank you very much for your fast support! You rock!!!
Reviews: 1
Installed this extension for a customer.
Fast, easy (even I had a CSS issue, solved by the support team) & deliver what the supplier announced.
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