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Article Module Module

This easy to use module allows you to use an Article As A Module, and also support Front-end Editing. All of the other existing modules we have tried for Joomla do not support front-end editing.

This module was designed by the web designers at Digihaven Saskatoon Web Design in order to make easy edits for people who are not web designers and like to use front end editing. We hope that other web designers and Joomla users find it useful.

Report Extension



Reviews: 1
It works just as advertised and solved our problem. Only issue I have is the authors website, It can be a bit confusing, and doesn't really instill confidence in the product.
Reviews: 1
On this site it says the module works with Joomla 3.x
To make it install I had to edit the xml configuration of my download to change into and it still didn't work.
After that on the download site I noticed that joomla 3.x was not listed.
I think the joomla 3.x compatible sign should be removed here.
Owner's reply

Not true at all. I just tested the Trunk version and works fine. Select Trunk on the download page and it works. You must have downloaded the 2.5.x.x version. Your comment should be removed.

Reviews: 13
It´s very easy to use. And is bery important to have an also support Front-end Editing.

Reviews: 1
The module does exactly what it says and I am so stoked to be able to give our authors the possibility to edit modules from the fronted now!
While there was an initial problem of the module when used together with easyblog the Digihaven team found a workaround and made it work for us... have rarely experienced such a support and kind of felt like it digi haven! ;) Thanks so much for all the help and for a great and very useful module!
Reviews: 3
i agree with condor21,,

this module doesn't support articles with ReadMore.

It is so sad such wonderful job with all article Options as core CMS do not support this simple but surely important option, otherwise i will rate it 5.
Owner's reply

This is a flaw of the Joomla core and not Article Module. The Plugins page explains why in detail. It's harsh of you to giving such bad feedback when its not in our control. Blame the design of Joomla, not us.

Reviews: 5
This module enables frontend editing in module positions! I was looking for this for a long time already - finaly found it!

It works great and simply does what it says!

Thank you to the ddigihaven guys for this cool thing!
Reviews: 24
I was searching for a replacement for a module that bring article to module placement as it was starting to throw errors in certain servers environments.
I test most of the other...
I use plugins (google map and others plugins includes in my article) — It work Flawlessly.
What really make the difference is the ability to edit in frontend — This is simply brilliant... It put the Joomla content exactly where it should be and centralized it in the Article Manager. This module should be part of Joomla core and hopefully will be ported to Joomla 1.6 up.
On my template I did have to turn off the modification date in each article in the article manager.
For the people that worry for the readmore I suggest to see how (Firebug) your readmore is built (div, class whatever) and simply repeat that snippet of code in your article and simply put your own link in there. The advantage here is flexibility. You have total control of what is show in the front article and the link to the real article.
Reviews: 5
Good module, however it uses tables!!! which is obsolete and not 'css friendly'
Owner's reply

Sorry but you are wrong saying "it uses tables". Please examine the source code carefully for Article Module and you will find that in fact it contins no "tables" what so ever. Any tables being output are from YOUR Joomla template since Article Module pulls all the Articles (with templating) directly from the core of Joomla without any formatting (or any HTML other then a "" and "" tag). Please remove your comment as it is missing leading, since it's up to you to not use tables in your templates.

Reviews: 2
works perfectly and even article plugings like email spam bot protection works fine.
Reviews: 3
... the module doesn't support articles with ReadMore.
Reviews: 4
remember to make any edits to the extention in joomla if you don't like the way it looks i.e. for me i had the "latest update info" and I couldn't figure out why.

but this module treats the article as it is so it allows for plugins to occur.

Reviews: 2
This is much easier than having to create a custom html module for displaying an article inside a module.

It would've had 5 stars if you had the option in the module to make it honour the system readmore instead of just displaying the full article.
Reviews: 5
Thank you very much!!
Reviews: 2
I was searching for something that allowed me to display articles anywhere just like in a digital newspaper or magazine, and I found this extension as the easiest one to do that. Just place an instance of this module at any position you need and select the article you want to display in that position. That's all!
Reviews: 2
Good stuff. Would be even better if it showed the article title using a real template...
Reviews: 1
I was looking for such module for a long time. It do what it says. Perfect for sidebars text.

One thing i missed - possibility to publish different articles with different modules. I mean, this module is only for one article, but it would be great it there would be possibility to place different articles in different places.
Reviews: 1
This is perfect for non-power users (my wife). It even hides the module when the enclosed article is unpublished or is not within the start/finish publishing range.
Reviews: 2
Good work, easy to set and execute. Thanks for the extension.
Reviews: 2
This module is really what I was looking for and it works great. It does exactly what it says.
Reviews: 36
This module does what it says, but it's poor of settings; for example, you can't show the article title.
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