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Article Module Module

This easy to use module allows you to use an Article As A Module, and also support Front-end Editing. All of the other existing modules we have tried for Joomla do not support front-end editing.

This module was designed by the web designers at Digihaven Saskatoon Web Design in order to make easy edits for people who are not web designers and like to use front end editing. We hope that other web designers and Joomla users find it useful.

Report Extension



Reviews: 2
I was not able to get a system plugin to work with a custom html module, but since the plugin affects articles, displaying the article through this module allowed the desired plugin to function properly. Good work!
Reviews: 1
I was need to view a group of linkable image at front page article, but the template which i used doesn't support front page article, so this module solved this problem.. thanks a loooot..
Reviews: 4
I wanted to place an article on the main page of my site that had an embedded map as this was the only way the mapping plugin could be displayed.

This module allowed me to create a module based on this article and display it on my main page.
Took in total about 3 minutes.

worked "Sweet As" perfect for what I needed it for.

Digihaven Thank You!
Reviews: 2
Maybe it is just me being thick, But I had this on user 2 in the milkyway template and could not front end edit. Once logged in , the edit icon was there, but I can only edit when the site is on the home page and not from any other.
Maybe it is meant to be like this, But if you remember that, then it is a really useful tool. Thank you very much .
Reviews: 3
A very useful and well implemented module indeed.

Reviews: 1
It does what is says without problems. Installed and running in five minutes. 5 stars.
Reviews: 1
It's just what I was looking for to link an article as a right menu :-)
Reviews: 1
I had been trying to use the mod_custom module to display some content in a tabbed section of my front page but kept running into css cross browser issues with the template I'm currently using. I realized that an actual article that was being displayed in the front page tab was showing correctly so I needed a module that would do exactly what this one promised.
In 5 minutes I had this module downloaded, installed and my new articles created and displayed... PERFECTLY!
What's more to say than, "It just works!"
Thanks for solving my dilemma
Reviews: 5
I did spent a lot of time with the developer of the Easy module texter (#7850) and that works too, but I must say: this is the top! This makes Joomla a lot more flexible!
Reviews: 2
this extension is the most important mod on my site. it has has the edit button on all the modules so its so much quicker making changes to my site. this is the one module that joomla should add to the default install.
Reviews: 52
I have been looking for a module which allows users to edit the HTML/WYSIWYG in the frontend for a long time. This allows users edit the content from the frontend because a lot of them get lost and confused when having to use the backend to do this.

Thanks for this module!
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