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Tabs - make content tabs.

With Tabs you can make content tabs anywhere in Joomla!

The syntax simply looks like:
{tab Tab Title 1}
Your text...
{tab Tab Title 2}
Your text...

To make links to certain tabs in your page, you can use Tab Links, like:
{tablink Tab Title 2}Link text{/tablink}

And many more cool features :)

Also take a look at Sliders to make content sliders:

More information:

NoNumber extensions require php 5.3+
See for more requirements:

For support use the forum:
Do NOT use below reviews to post support requests or issues.

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Reviews: 10
This is so simple and Peter's support is very strong. I am using the Pro version not the Free one, but I don't think that matters. I couldn't be happier with it. A few lines of code and I have packaged 65 predefined searchs in one three tab panel that fits right into my article and looks sleek and powerful.
Reviews: 4
This was exactly what I was looking for! WOW. Simple to use and saved me tons of time while looking great on my site.
Reviews: 6
meanwhile I use at least one extension (sliders, tabs, modals etc.) from NoMumber on every single web site, because it is almost a guaranty of:
- easy to use
- working well
- easy to customize
- responsive
and last but not least
- well documented!
After a tiny css-problem with the tabs, I can now say that the support is great as well.
Peter you are a hero! :-)
Reviews: 2
With Tabs it's really easy to organize larger pages into smaller more manageable sections. This makes content easier to read and can increase visitor response.

The syntax is straight forward and well documented and using the Tabs button makes it even easier.

Well Done!
Reviews: 12
I am very grateful to the support of Peter, I absolutely love this level of support which is rarely seen. Great! The application itself is fully consistent with my needs!
Reviews: 1
Acme Support. That's main for webmasters. Nice script. Thanks for the Tab!
Reviews: 10
as with all the NoNumber extensions tabs is an awesome tool - and the support (even for the free extensions) is amazing
Reviews: 1
I have this extension on my joomla 3.3.3 site! I hat some problems met tabs en chronforms but with great support of nonumber (Peter) resolved!!
Reviews: 16
Very easy to use, nice features. And above all: an really incredible support which for a product of this quality (and free!)is more than amazing.
Reviews: 1
Working on a client site and needed a extension that would allow the display of content in tab format - found this extension and love it. Very easy to use for the non technical types and very ease to customize the look and feel of the tabs thru the CSS file. Nice work!
Reviews: 2
Of all this was the best plugin to easily configure and stylize. The simplest of all the desired results faster. Thank you very much.
Reviews: 1
I really like it, cuz it's free, easy to use and works great!
Reviews: 6
There are extensions which every homepage needs. And this one is one of them.
Reviews: 12
I was using another tabs extension on my client's old site but that company did not have a version that would work for 3.x, so I tried this one because of all the excellent reviews. It was perfect for my needs. Thanks for a great tool!
Reviews: 1
I was working on a website that had a template from themeforest.
The tab shortcodes work perfectly on their demo but not on my website.
After upgrading everything it worked but did not display well in mobile view.
Then I installed this. Its so easy
It just took me 2 seconds I regret wasting hours trying to get the template shortcodes working.
Easy to Install
Shortcode works inside the tabs. So you can load Modules inside each tab
The layout is perfect(I have a Rokgallery Module loading in each tab}
I just love the way the tabs stack up on each other in the Mobile layout.
I would recommend this to everyone.
All i got to find out if it can load tabs inside a tab :)
Then I can have tabs nested inside each tab.
Thank you Peter for this simple yet perfect extension
Owner's reply

And yes, you can put tabs inside tabs. See:

Reviews: 3
Wondeful extension, very easy to use, personalize and install. Works great even inside other extensions.
Reviews: 1
Absolutely perfect extension. Integrates fine with T3 Framework thanks to the ability to disable stylesheet and bootstrap loading. Well done!

Also, the free version doesn't limit the functionality to a level that makes it unusable.

Adding vertical tabs would be a cool addition.
Reviews: 2
... an absolut fantastic extention - like all others from - nonumber.
Easy to use. Good documentation. CSS-customizing not always easy, but excelent support by the developer.
Reviews: 1
Just installed, so far it works like a charmed.

I just have to style it a little bit according to my template.

Reviews: 15
In case you're wondering, yes, it's as easy as we all keep saying. All you do is put in your simple syntax and put whatever you want into your article. (Works with anything you can put into an article including other plug-ins). A++
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