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RAXO All-mode PRO Module

This is the most flexible and functional module to display Joomla news and articles. This professional developer tool perfectly complements basic Joomla Content Component, giving you complete freedom to present your content in a limitless variety of ways. Its friendly and intuitive administration makes your work easy, powerful and effective.

This module is multipurpose so it easily replaces a bunch of add-ons like latest news, popular content, random articles, display news, frontpage news etc. No more need for many strictly specialized Joomla content modules – RAXO All-mode PRO takes care of it all. Save your time and efforts and become more efficient.

# Display items from one or multi categories, or just separate articles

# Separate settings for TOP & regular items
+ easy way to enhance the most important news with larger text and bigger thumbnails

# Truly wide list of filter options:
+ predefined date filters (today, this week, this month, this year)
+ specified time interval or relative date range
+ filter by Joomla tags
+ show teasers of non-public content to attract site visitors to the paid area of the site
+ show/hide featured articles
+ exclude some articles by ID

# 16 ordering options, including such extremely useful like:
+ latest articles, most popular, most rated, most or latest commented, random

# Automatic thumbnail creation from images in your articles
+ default image when no images in the articles
+ thumbnails from images located on other sites

# Easy to configure a unique set of content elements:
+ title, thumbnail, text, date, author, rating, number of comments, etc.

# One module, many looks!
Template support lets you use different layouts for the same module depending on design and task needs.
+ You get 4 awesome built-in templates, including pinterest like template. All of them very flexible and fully responsive
+ Expand your module theme collection with ready-to-use additional layouts
+ Option to create your own templates - no limits for your imagination.

+ Friendly and intuitive administration panel
+ Smart title and text limitation (preserves whole words & HTML tags)
+ Hide module on article pages and show it on category page
+ Most popular comment systems supported: JComments, JA Comment, Komento, CComment, sliComments, RSComments!
+ Date type selection: created date, modification date or start publishing date
+ Skip some items in order not to duplicate those already displayed by another module copy
+ Display module inside an article body
+ Several module copies on one page
+ Highly optimized module code for better performance on big sites

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Reviews: 1
While this module isn't for the fresh faced Joomla user, the end result and amazing support should certainly have everyone taking a serious look at this.

I'm not a CSS expert by any means but muddle my way through to have a few of the templates give my website a fresh and incredibly professional look.

The support is great! They took time to help me work out why one template wasn't working and pointed me directly to the problem (which happened to be in my Artisteer template).
Reviews: 3
Wow I have been looking for something that displays K2 items by tag for a long time and this just does it soooo easy straight out of the box. Very happy and well worth the money.
Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
It's one of the best extensions for news portal websites...
Also i'm thankful to support, who was very receptive to my problem due a jquery conflict.
Highly recomend this product!
Reviews: 3
I have nearly all of their templates and I must say I am very impressed with the module and the templates. They are very professional-looking and have tons of options to fit your needs.

Also, the tech support is very good and it's a pleasure to do business with them.

If this is what you are looking for, I say get it; you won't regret it.
Reviews: 2
Great thanks to this product
I've been working on the web site for several years and two years ago I bought a Raxo product. I have stayed faithful to it ever since. After the version of Joomla 2.5 was released I decided to switch my website from 1.5 to 2.5 Joomla again, and as a major extension I use this module. I should also mention that the support provided by the team Raxo has alqays been excellent and very fast. In each case, I recommend it 100% to everyone. You will not regret it.
Reviews: 2
Is one of the best modules which I bought last two years!! And one of the most used on my website. But more important is the support which I've got from Raxo team!!!All my questions and problems were sorted in less then one day! Keep going this way! and I will continue buying your products!!
Reviews: 2
I recently redeveloped a website that was formally being run on a WordPress installation back over to Joomla 2.5 and dug out a copy of RAXO I bought a couple of years ago. I upgraded it, bought a couple of the latest RAXO templates for it and am thrilled by the results.

I did have a problem (which turned out to be of my own making) with modules not showing. RAXO support came up with the solution very quickly and whilst they would have legitimately called me a knobhead for not reading the instructions properly they were kind and supportive.

A highly recommended module that is worth every bit of its very reasonable cost.
Reviews: 1
We have been using this module for the entire site, for both visitors in the frontend - and for our editors.
The support is excellent, and we are extremely pleased what this module deliever.
The only little "but", is that there are only three options/templates included, and it might be a bit heavy if you have a lot of articles published.
Reviews: 4
This extension is very easy to use and easy to configure and customize. The support provided by it´s team is amazing and the response to any problem immediate. I will happily be continuing to use this extension on my sites in addition to buying the great new additional templates provided.
Reviews: 1
Very stable extention, easy to set up and some great templates that you can easily edit to your needs, the support is fantastic taking the time to work out the problems i had after a server reinstall,
give this a try dont think you will be dissapointed with it, should be 6 star
Reviews: 2
We are using the RAXO All-mode Pro module for quite a while now and have to say that the module does it's work very well when configured the right way. It displays news in some well organised templates which we use often on a frontpage.

Some tips to improve the module is the support on templating and configuration. RAXO uses it's forum to help users with configuring problems but doens't include this in a main documentation part of the website. Therefor the step users have to take to ask for support is too big. Creating your own template still didn't work out for us when we tried to include files into the template directory.
Reviews: 2
RAXO All-mode PRO does everything it promises and more, and it only requires little CSS knowledge. Technical support by RAXO is prompt and friendly. I recommend this tool to all Joomla! enthusiasts who want to give their front pages a professional look with fast performance without overloading the server. Raxo ALL-mode PRO has definitely changed the way I work with Joomla! and it is easier to use than other alternatives.
Reviews: 2
We are using the Raxo modules for several different types of content on our website. What you can use this extension for is limited by imagination, I think. Templates are customizable and whatever we were unable to do, customer service was there to help. We are using jcomments and ratings with most of our Raxo modules, and not only for articles, but product listings as well. Customer service is super important and is available by email or forum. Thank you for the extension!
Reviews: 7
I just started using Joomla about a month ago, after many years of using Dreamweaver to create websites. I was asked to do a site for a Chamber of Commerce, and wanted a way to display the Member's articles that looked nice, organized, and wasn't hard to do. I bought Raxo All Pro, then quickly also bought three of the templates and I couldn't be happier.

It was easy to install, easy to configure, easy to implement and I've used it pretty much everywhere on the site now.

The support is great, I got quick answers to the few questions I had. The forums are great for reading others questions and seeing the solutions. In fact, one question I asked, I figured out the answer simply by reading the forums.

Definitely worth the money!
Reviews: 3
This module does what it says, but it is a bit misleading in my opinion.

1) It may be "highly customizable", but that is only from the backend/style sheet perspective - don't get this module if you are looking for something that has an easily configurable interface. The interface is very limited.

2) The "cool" looking examples on their site are not free. They should also tell you that up-front. When you buy the core module, you get 3 basic templates that are pretty undesirable. To get the module to look like what they showcase on their website you have to purchase additional templates.

There are other modules that are capable of doing more and are cheaper or even free.

This is likely a great module for those wanting extensive control and willing to do backend style sheet/template creation, but it is not an easy plug and play module that will give you great results.
Reviews: 1
Guys. I congratulate them for their work. Now, We are writing in

The module is easy for the configuration. Today, I am happy, for to use RAXO.

Congratulations again!!!!

Best Regards, and God bless You!!!
Reviews: 1
We needed a module to display headshots and small bios of committee members on a site. Looked at a few alternatives and then found this. Although designed for "news items", its so easy and flexible to use for any "1 image + text" type of content that you need to display. I quickly created a new template to suit our clients needs and this module is now in our toolkit of "must have" extensions. Nicely written, easy to use and well documented. A rare triumvirate. Well done Raxo.
Reviews: 1
One of the best Joomla module ever.
Reviews: 6
The extension is exactly working as described above. Within several minutes the extension was enabled and working like a charm. Even the support is quick, as it should be!
Reviews: 3
Very usefull, easy to setup and adapts to all the needs, the support is very good, i recieve the upgrade version files in my email, fantastic costumer relation!
Keep on the good work.
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