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RAXO All-mode PRO Module

This is the most flexible and functional module to display Joomla news and articles. This professional developer tool perfectly complements basic Joomla Content Component, giving you complete freedom to present your content in a limitless variety of ways. Its friendly and intuitive administration makes your work easy, powerful and effective.

This module is multipurpose so it easily replaces a bunch of add-ons like latest news, popular content, random articles, display news, frontpage news etc. No more need for many strictly specialized Joomla content modules – RAXO All-mode PRO takes care of it all. Save your time and efforts and become more efficient.

# Display items from one or multi categories, or just separate articles

# Separate settings for TOP & regular items
+ easy way to enhance the most important news with larger text and bigger thumbnails

# Truly wide list of filter options:
+ predefined date filters (today, this week, this month, this year)
+ specified time interval or relative date range
+ filter by Joomla tags
+ show teasers of non-public content to attract site visitors to the paid area of the site
+ show/hide featured articles
+ exclude some articles by ID

# 16 ordering options, including such extremely useful like:
+ latest articles, most popular, most rated, most or latest commented, random

# Automatic thumbnail creation from images in your articles
+ default image when no images in the articles
+ thumbnails from images located on other sites

# Easy to configure a unique set of content elements:
+ title, thumbnail, text, date, author, rating, number of comments, etc.

# One module, many looks!
Template support lets you use different layouts for the same module depending on design and task needs.
+ You get 4 awesome built-in templates, including pinterest like template. All of them very flexible and fully responsive
+ Expand your module theme collection with ready-to-use additional layouts
+ Option to create your own templates - no limits for your imagination.

+ Friendly and intuitive administration panel
+ Smart title and text limitation (preserves whole words & HTML tags)
+ Hide module on article pages and show it on category page
+ Most popular comment systems supported: JComments, JA Comment, Komento, CComment, sliComments, RSComments!
+ Date type selection: created date, modification date or start publishing date
+ Skip some items in order not to duplicate those already displayed by another module copy
+ Display module inside an article body
+ Several module copies on one page
+ Highly optimized module code for better performance on big sites

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Reviews: 4
Great extension, wanted it to show an intro to registered articles - got a support email back within the hour with the solution. Brilliant thank you.
Reviews: 9
I have to say this module saved my life. I was using another module (a free one) and it was giving me so many troubles. I wasted hours and hours trying to customize it.

When I started working with Raxo it was just so, so easy to get the result I wanted! However, I had a problem, I contacted support and in 5 mins. I had the solution in my inbox.

It is very, very easy to customize both the CSS and the templates. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
it's true - this extension is excellent. I purchased it few days ago and used for my news-portal. Now all work at frontpage is automatically - tuned it and forgot. And now my site look like as major sites.
Thanks to RAXO!
And thanks to Google Translator - helped me this message write :)
And sorry for my english.
Reviews: 1
Hi, I,m working on joomla 1.6.3 version and everything works fine, I've got additional template too, Very easy to customize to your needs, and most importantly it looks cool, this is what I was looking for, help is quick and businesslike, it is a pleasure to work with such partners
Reviews: 1
It´s pleasant to find a support like this. Certainly it´s the best support that I found all my life, they answer me quickly and very correct.
Reviews: 2
Perhaps the best extension I have used to date and the support is exceptional. Support went way beyond what I would have expected and I can't say enough.
If I had known of this extension earlier it could have saved me countless hours.
Knowing what I know now I wouldn't think twice about it, this is a must have extension.
Reviews: 1
This extension is the best thing since sliced bread. It does what it says... I wanted a front page layout that would display my articles in a professional manner... its spot on. The level of support I received from a kind gentleman named Alex was extraordinary. He went above and beyond to help get me started as I am a novice at best concerning Joomla. If you get it, you won't be disappointed. Thanks Raxo!
Reviews: 4
"limited only by your imagination" is a realistic slogan for this module. Simple but powerfull at the same time. I installed the module with the default template 10 times on different positions on the frontpage and the site loads as fast as ever. The additonsal templates are fabulous but the 3 built-in templates give you enough flexibility to meet your needs and imagination.

Keep it up Raxo !
Reviews: 40
One of the best Joomla module ever. If you sell products or write news, it is the best solution to show in front page. Special its many module template in ajax and very attractive to see. All is CSS valid. Support is very good ans fast. Most recommend.
Reviews: 4
This instantly became the #1 content tool for my projects. I purchased it to use for one specific instance and immediately replaced all native Joomla Blog and Section layouts with RAXO All-Mode Pro. This thing is amazing.
Reviews: 2
A very good module. Complete and simple. Very useful for a news or bloge site.
The support is very courtesy.
Only I suggest to implement a version of the module with a possibility of slides motion and more configuration for who have no-known of CSS... but with the same lighter code that now this module use.
Reviews: 1
Bolting bits and pieces into a Joomla installation can be a challenge if you want to avoid ending up with a website that looks like something that resembles a kit car!

RAXO is a superb example of a module that can utterly transform your site into something that looks professional and inviting. I have now completely designed my Joomla site around this module and am completely thrilled with the results.

I did have one issue with the module early on (which actually was caused by another module clashing with it) and contacted RAXO technical support. The advice they gave was quick, helpful and accurate - which impressed me greatly.

For what this module does the price is not expensive and the ability to purchase additional templates for the module is a great boon if you do not have the time to create your own.

First class!
Reviews: 13
I've been looking for one this versatile for a long time as no other has ever quite done just what I really needed. The best part of all may be that I feel confident my clients can handle the parameters on their own once I turn over their site to them.

The price is more than fair considering how much use I'll get out of this gem, and the support is friendly and responsive.
Reviews: 1
I have been searching for months for a module like this. When I actually found it I was blown away. Simple said , I think it's amazing piece of code and the responses for the new look of the page where "it so much better", "this is great" and so on. It only takes a few minutes to figure out all settings in the module and you're ready to go.
Support is great, I found a little problem with Ie7, it was resolved with in 12 hours. I'm really glad to be a customer and I hope I see more so good joomla components/modules/plugins :D from Raxo
Reviews: 6
This is the component which should be part of any Joomla installation by default. The CSS are easy to edit and the multiple configurations make it incredibly versatile. Great work!
Reviews: 1
This module is a true gem.
If you are looking for a flexible and stylish module that can display your content-artciles in an eye catching manner then
this is the module you are looking for.

If you are a webdeveloper then this module is a must. Things like these should be standard in Joomla.

Yes, it costs money, but those few dollars pay their value in full and more,

I was browing the extensions looking for different modules to suit my needs for popular items, latest items etc. and then I came across this module. The descrription seemed very promising, and it wasn't too expensive, so I decided to give it a go, thinking that even if it could provide half of the advertised then it would be a decent buy.

But this is way more than just a decent buy. It is simpyl amazing.
It is a well thought out, well structure and beautifully desgined module that can give eye-catching life to your site.
It fully delivers all the promised features and is capabable of much more than that.

It is evident that the designers paid a lot attention to customers with little or no programming skills. The module itself is beautifully designed with three stylish and clear layout-styles, and if they don't suit your needs then they have even provided additional templates.
If you still need editing for the layout, but you don't have the programming skills then the developers have written tutorials for you on the forums. All in an easy to understand step-by-step guide.

If you have a fair amount of css-knowledge then you will be delighted to see that the coding is well thought out and well structured. It is very easy to edit, and making new layouts is straight-forward (they provide tutorials). With a little css-skill then this module will make your site really eye-catching.
It even integrates and works perfectly with other extensions such as tabber and slider.

And if you can't figure the editing out, then just ask in their support-forum. Their support is friendly and quick and they provide help on all sorts of levels. They even take a look at your website to solve your issues.

I was even given assistance with some custom php-coding I needed in the module! That's good customer care, and deserves a review.

And why does this module only show in this category here? It deserves representation in all areas where it can be used (and they are many).

I do wish the develeopers of this module would make other as well thought out extensions as well.....
Reviews: 1
One of the best extensions for Joomla Content, ever. Congratulations guys, easy and fast to buy with a credit card. Besides, good support and nice functionalities.
Reviews: 5
I was looking for a component that would allow a better display of the site content - more of a magazine style and I'm so glad I found this! The display is awesome and there are many options. I love the "random" option best. Every time the page is reloaded, the article are different. This is great for site with content across many different categories.

Also, I had a question and submitted it to the forum and they responded right away.

If you are looking to jazz up the content of your site, you will not be disappointed. BTW, the price is very reasonable as well. :-)

Great job!
Reviews: 1
Some days ago I bought this module. Then I started to customize it for my websites.
Everything is very simple and clear - CSS styles, php output files. I configured it for a half hour with minimal knowlegde of PHP. Styles are devided to several folders, for each type of output.
Great module!
Reviews: 2
I have been using RAXO for 6 months now, replacing iJoomla's "News Portal". This module is cleaner, light-weight, and so flexible! My users have commented on how great the new front page looks, and I am seeing an increase in traffic and a lower bounce rate. All in all, bucks $25 you can spend.
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