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RAXO All-mode PRO Module

This is the most flexible and functional module to display Joomla news and articles. This professional developer tool perfectly complements basic Joomla Content Component, giving you complete freedom to present your content in a limitless variety of ways. Its friendly and intuitive administration makes your work easy, powerful and effective.

This module is multipurpose so it easily replaces a bunch of add-ons like latest news, popular content, random articles, display news, frontpage news etc. No more need for many strictly specialized Joomla content modules – RAXO All-mode PRO takes care of it all. Save your time and efforts and become more efficient.

# Display items from one or multi categories, or just separate articles

# Separate settings for TOP & regular items
+ easy way to enhance the most important news with larger text and bigger thumbnails

# Truly wide list of filter options:
+ predefined date filters (today, this week, this month, this year)
+ specified time interval or relative date range
+ filter by Joomla tags
+ show teasers of non-public content to attract site visitors to the paid area of the site
+ show/hide featured articles
+ exclude some articles by ID

# 16 ordering options, including such extremely useful like:
+ latest articles, most popular, most rated, most or latest commented, random

# Automatic thumbnail creation from images in your articles
+ default image when no images in the articles
+ thumbnails from images located on other sites

# Easy to configure a unique set of content elements:
+ title, thumbnail, text, date, author, rating, number of comments, etc.

# One module, many looks!
Template support lets you use different layouts for the same module depending on design and task needs.
+ You get 4 awesome built-in templates, including pinterest like template. All of them very flexible and fully responsive
+ Expand your module theme collection with ready-to-use additional layouts
+ Option to create your own templates - no limits for your imagination.

+ Friendly and intuitive administration panel
+ Smart title and text limitation (preserves whole words & HTML tags)
+ Hide module on article pages and show it on category page
+ Most popular comment systems supported: JComments, JA Comment, Komento, CComment, sliComments, RSComments!
+ Date type selection: created date, modification date or start publishing date
+ Skip some items in order not to duplicate those already displayed by another module copy
+ Display module inside an article body
+ Several module copies on one page
+ Highly optimized module code for better performance on big sites

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Reviews: 2
Excellent product, superb support! Just basic CSS knowledge is needed to integrate this module flawlessly into your page!
Reviews: 4
This is in top-5 of the better components for joomla and necessary for professional portals or other news pages. Easy to install, flexible and cheap... What else to ask?
Reviews: 1
Of all the news modules I've tried, All-mode Pro still stands as the best I've used. The additional templates makes it even better and more versatile. I highly recommend it as a less-expensive alternative to creating news portal or magazine-style front pages.
Reviews: 6
I can't believe how fantastic this component is!! Super configurable, doesn't slow down my site, flawless, no errors.

I bought (cheap) all of their professional templates and am very happy.

Thanks to the developers for such high quality work!

This component should be listed in a few more categories so that others don't miss it. It has multiple uses.
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent way to show news in the frontpage. It's flexible and does pretty much anything you can imagine! Highly recommended!!!
Reviews: 1
the best thing is I love - this module is completely customizable. now I’m pretty sure that I can implement any crazy stuff from our designers. I just make some template changes for the current tasks, all the other job is done already in the module. - Super!!!

you last additional template is just brilliant. Thanks for doing my job :))) Looking forward for next releases
Reviews: 9
I am the web-editor of an International Women's NGO, Safe World for Women.
We started using RAXO All-mode Pro almost right from the beginning when we built our webzine.
In the early days there were a few teething problems which were quickly solved in a very personal and friendly manner by the developers.
We use the product extensively on our website and will continue to do so.
We appreciate the upgrades we are sent and more than that, if ever there is a problem we have the direct email of the customer service and get friendly and quick responses to any questions.
This extension is very powerful in terms of being able to allow a professional developer to create quality content on their site.
Highly recommended
Reviews: 1
This module gave me so many options to give professional look to my website. I played with default css files a little and I very well achieved what I was trying to do. Its fairly simple and straight forward yet very powerful. I was struggling with images/thumbnails and then I got mail with updated version which seems to address that. Awesome!!
Reviews: 2
I'm sure the extension can be great and all, but don't buy it if you have no knowledge of css. I paid for this extension and wish I hadn't because is not just sitting there. I don't even know how to start and there is no documentation that can guide you there.
Owner's reply

Why do you write this untruth? The module has 3 built-in templates with professional design and ready CSS. Any of these templates you can use right after purchase without any knowledge of CSS. 70-80% of our customers use our templates without changes on their sites. Also we started producing additional templates for those who doesn't want or cannot make them themselves.
If you're forced to change design to yours very strictly - yes, you should know CSS, the same is true for any other module. Great feature of our module is that changing design is simple, easy and convenient and requires just basic knowledge of css.
If you need documentation - go to Customer support and Tutorials on forum. If you had questions why didn't you contact our support team. We help every single person who asks.

Reviews: 1
Wow, what support, as a newbe using Joomla, Lisa from Raxo, has helped me all the way with outstanding support and received emails making sure that I get the help needed.

Fantastic Module, Fantastic Support, thank you RAXO
Reviews: 1
We’ve een using this Module for a few weeks and it’s so easy to customise.
We’ve just bought the additional pagination and it’s great.
If you request additional features they will look into adding it, it may be in the form of an update or a feature rich addition, but they try their best!
Unlike some free plug-ins where we’ve emailed for support and got nothing back, RAXO support is the best, they are very quick to get back and any issues are quickly resolved.
We highly recommend it.
Reviews: 1
Yahoo! The update is just groovy! And very substantial. Particularly I like your smart title limitation function and “hide module on articles pages” option. Keep up this awesome work!
Reviews: 19
This extension has a clean look, and is great for a basic-only setup and style out of the box. However, if you want to change the look and style, CSS knowledge is required. Almost all changes to the look and styling must be done in CSS. So, if you want your module to look cool and stylish like the examples in the screenshots, you'll will need to know how to code in CSS.
Reviews: 1
[14:35:06] Alena Mikhan: Have no idea who is not happy and what is wrong. Nice module, works great. It even exceeded my expectation, as i wasn't sure if I would be able to modify it for my peculiar demands (i have bad experience with some other modules and was skeptical about this one). It turned out to be quite clear and easy and it gets easier as you go. Keep up good job. And my free advice - just make more templates so everybody becomes happy.
Reviews: 1
Thanks for this great instrument. Option to customize templates is just perfect. This is much better than regular free of charge modules have to offer. Very powerful. Respect!
Reviews: 1
The only advantage of this module is the ability to image processing. This is where I found the problem. Occasionally there are errors on the generation of icons. Even though I put in the cache folder 777 (as described in the instructions). There is no desire to understand why.
Another point. Rather funny than sad. To change the appearance is necessary to climb in 3 places! Configuration, the CSS, and Php. Probably because that is PRO :))
I prefer GK news instead.
Reviews: 1
Although this module looks nice, it lacks a lot of features that even free modules has. You can't choose, for example, the number of collums. You can't skip content. If you choose to display three articles in a collum mode, it will show two at the top and one below them. To change this you need to know CSS. Needs too much improve.
Owner's reply

Our module is much better and of significantly higher quality than any free similar. None of a sinlge free module can propose such a wide range of functions as ours.
Number of columns can be any, moreover you can have separate settings for TOP news and ordinary news (e.g. 2 and 6 columns respectively).
All our customers have access to our support forum and tutorials, and they don't have any problems with column settings and other module settings.

Reviews: 1
We tried numerous other modules, but none were as flexible and efficient as RAXO.

We had one issue moving from our test to production environment that turned out to be a phpthumb issue with our directory name. (windows box / phpthumb doesn’t like directories with numbers in the name)

Support from RAXO, was extremely helpful and quick.

Some nice to have features such as having the character cut-off complete the word, or more options for what articles to display (such as related or most viewed) would be great, but from an ease of use perspective, you can't go wrong with this module, a must for any site displaying lots of content.

We've purchased dozens of extensions that we never use, but there are over 35 iterations of this module on our latest site. Well worth the money, to say the least.
Owner's reply

Be sure we'll remember your case for long ;)
We like how you use our module in your project. You understood the concept and potential, so you use it precisely the way (multipupose) that we're trying to show and explain to other users.
BTW to show "most viewed" choose "popular first" in the ordering.

Reviews: 1
Absolutely increadible module! I'd say flawless, works like a clock. Thank you, guys, and keep up your really valuable for Joomla work!
Reviews: 23
Hi, all. I tried lot of similar product, but Raxo is really best one, with great support.
I worth every penny I spend to buy module.
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