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  • This extension inserts a backlink to the developer.
The extension for Joomla to show the group of articles in a block mode, this component extracts first image and first few words or first characters (you set the number of words/characters) from the article, to make an eye-catching description with "Read More..." link.

There are a lot of settings like number of columns, styles, pagination, vertical and horizontal orientation etc. And even custom layout. So it's very good replacement for the built-in Joomla category/section blog layout.

Therefore, if you have only basic knowledge of programing or don't know it at all you can still setup the extension.

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Reviews: 1
I normally don't write Reviews but this time I have to!

The component is really really great and in my point of view is worth the Money, because good Software shall cost Money or all the guys out there developing it will starve to death (I bought the full Version after i have tried the free Version for two days).

But what's even greater is the Support! You get almost immediate answers if you post something in the forum. And the live Chat Support is very very great too! The guys are friendly, helpful and seriously care about your problem. If a bug is reported it is fixed very fast and a new updated Version is available for download.

I can absolutely recommend this!
Reviews: 7
I'm very happy with Category Block and even happier with the support I recently received after issues with my host led to a site crash that corrupted the component. Ivan was very responsive in fixing the matter.

Bob Sprague
Reviews: 1
I really liked this plugin. I got the full extension which seemed a little overpriced, but it has more options than the free version. What's good about it is its simple, very easy to set up, and most importantly its very flexible from a styling point of view. You can use some of the drop down boxes and input boxes to allow styling classes to style the various elements, or as I did, you can use the Custom Layout box to put in your own custom layout. This allows you to put in your own HTML and put the various elements in your own order and however you want.
At first I didn't know how to use this and the documentation lacked an example, but after a request, the developer quickly put up an example for the non coders amongst us.
Also, I was happy with the support, always got an answer within 24 hrs and sometimes much quicker.
Overall a happy customer.
Reviews: 15
Giving it 5 stars because it deserves it. I'm currently using the free version and the only problem I have is that the extensions website 'logo' says "Get Pro Version for $37". I just wish it didn't have the price next to it because it's confusing to my visitors as they think they are supposed to buy something. Other than that - module works excellent with many useful configurations.
Reviews: 6
I gave it 4 stars, only because I'm reviewing the free version, the paid version I'm sure would get a 5. The free version is simple yet does it's job. You get a list, complete with a pic, 'read more', 'add comment', and an intro to the article in a simple scroll window. It's better than the Joomla! default 'list' layout, but not as flashy as paid extensions.
Reviews: 10
The layout column width is very uneven in the free version. I think the paid version is probably going to be a lot better but in my humble opinion the free version is so crippled that it is not very helpful at all.
Reviews: 106
This was a decent extension but I was a bit annoyed with how all the text is centered. I know that in the pro version there is all kinds of ways to modify this, but this simple fact made it so I cannot use Category Block. On a positive note they have been good at replying to my posts and it works well for those who don't mind centered text or if one buys the pro version.
Owner's reply

Meanwhile, you may wrap it (plugin or module) into "div" tag. And use template css file to set what ever style you want.

Reviews: 17
Scrolling effect is coool...
Reviews: 2
useful, easy to configure and easy to customize!! Really a good work :)

I've noted a thing that in my case rapresent a little disadvantage ; when i choose a Section the Category block Menu show all the articls of the section and not only the category list, but again, it's only a doubt !
Reviews: 3
I installed this extension and it worked right away. I didn't understand how the CB would work until I installed it- CB makes for a smooth transition from my nav bar to other areas of my site, CB gives lesser viewed pages a front stage view also. as a newbie this makes my life easy! Thank you,
Reviews: 2
Installed this and it worked straight away. Makes a blog or section category layout look so much better. Simple but great. Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 2
I love this. I installed it, went to menus, add new menu item, chose this as my layout for a section or category, then configured it with how many columns I wanted, and the picture size...and it's beautiful. I'm very excited about this. Instead of having all my articles in a list on a page, it take the first picture that I have in my article, shrinks it down to the size I specify and shows it next to the intro text (which I specify how long I want it) with a read more link. When I first tested it out on wamp server it came back with errors, but when I installed it on my live site there were no problems.