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Xpert Contents Module

Xpert Contents is a great module to display your content in a beautiful way.The module itself is facilitated by jQuery to transition between images and articles seamlessly. Perfect for showcasing articles or image on your site. Based on the experiences we have gathered from Xpert Scroller module and through hard practice, finally we able to release a complete articles showcase module.

As it supports K2 and Easy Blog component, Xpert Contents allows the user to choose between using a standard Joomla! article manager, K2 or EasyBlog component which offers more appealing possibilities. Horizontal and Vertical layout options will add more artistic look to your site!

Features List:
=> Joomla Article Support
=> K2 Article Support
=> Easy Blog Article Support
=> Select articles from a certain category
=> 2 Column layouts
=> Ability to change column position
=> Control over article flow, horizontal/vertical
=> Bullet or number pagination
=> Control over pagination position
=> Ability to show/hide Article Title
=> Ability to show/hide Intro Text
=> Ability to show/hide Images
=> Resize thumb image
=> Control over image position
=> Ability to link/unlink the article
=> Ability to turn on/off scroller mode
=> Beautiful and unified admin panel
=> Many built-in styles
=> jQuery loading without any confliction, that means if you publish multiple scroller jQuery will load only once.
=> jQuery 1.6.1 Compatible

------------ version 1.4 for J2.5 ----------
+ Polish language pack added. Thanks to Piotr
# K2 2.6 compatibility fix
# Class loading problem fix with other ThemeXpert extensions.

------------ version 1.3 for J2.5 ----------
+ Category showing option
+ Category linking option
+ Ability to change 'Read more' text
^ Implemented Joomla nativ text filter function for introtext

------------ version 1.2 for J2.5 ----------
+ Implemented Joomla native intro image feature fallback to article text image
+ Image thumbnail feature
+ Responsive layout
+ Ability to turn on/off secondary column

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Reviews: 3
Since an accurate configuration, Xpert Contents works very fine. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
While i find this extensions quite amazing, i discovered that the images do not show when I am using K2. whatever tweaking you make in the backend the pictures simply dont come up. I tried to contact the owners on this issue but i got no reply. I even submitted a request on their forum but i received no help. Besides that the owners need to update the extension to work with the latest update of K2. Of course we appreciate that this is a free module but I believe that whenever a developer designs a new tool, he has to make sure that it is up to date and fully functioning.
Reviews: 4
Trying it on a fresh 2.5 install and it simply does not work, whatever configuration it's set.
It outputs a complete mess.
Owner's reply

What problem you faced? its working fine for others!

Reviews: 4
yet another front end news module that just doesnt work. Images don't display, just showing the alt tags on matter combination i try.. enough tooling about with this mod - my apologies - but try again.
Reviews: 1
Installation isn't hard, it's show me that my K2 detected. But when i try to publish module on the front page it's just mess up part of my content section. Looks like for some reasons it's just doesn't work. When i try to check forum on developer website it's just show error message. The same with docs. Of course it's not commercial module and i'm not demand such support but some basics like working links to the docs or working forum is required.
Owner's reply

Our forum and doc site was down due to hacker attack on our server. They are restored and working fine. Please find the doc here

Reviews: 1
I tried installing the xpert content on a joomla 2.5 template. But when i publish it, my site does load, & when i disable it it works fine. Plz assist me.
Owner's reply

Please use our support ticket or forum for support. JED is not for asking support :)


Reviews: 11
Nice one but the description does not mention a need to register to download! Otherwise excellent extension.
Owner's reply

Registration is not required not, we removed the restriction.
Thanks for your review :)

Reviews: 2
This module is one of my favorites in joomla, especially because I always use K2 for managing articles and there are just afew extensions to show the articles in a tidy and stylish way.
I used a tons of this module around my last project.
Really thanks to DEVELOPERS.
And I have a suggestion to add crop option for creating thumbnails instead of resizing anyway!

Reviews: 4
I have always been too busy to add a review for the extensions I have used, but this one I just had to
great and simple

Reviews: 1
This module is really great. It's easy to integrate with the existing templates, it's easy to manage and have a lot of options to meet the users needs in terms of design.

I have used a lot of module before and for what matters, this is one of my favorites so far.