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JU Content Slider Module

JU Content Slider is a wonderful Slider for Joomla, it helps to slide your articles from Joomla!/K2/EasyBlog/Image folder in a professional way with cool effects, rich backend configs covering layout, animation control, auto thumbnail creating, images resizing, numbering articles, sorting...


★ Responsive content slider(Fit any device)
★ Theme support, automatically detect a new theme, easily to create new theme from default theme
★ 09 animation effects(Fade, Slide, Zoom, Rotate, Drop,...) / 32 easing effects
★ 02 layouts: Normal layout and Overlay layout, each layout has 03 themes
★ Load content from one or multiple Joomla articles/K2/EasyBlog/Image folder
★ Ajax image uploader inside module config, easily to add title/description/link for each image, drag & drop sort
★ Very flexible content filter(By cat, date, tag, author, featured,...)
★ Multi content sort type(Date, Title, Rate, Porpular, Comment, Random sort,...)
★ Support to load GoogleFonts
★ Support unlimited slider items
★ Support multi instance so you can create unlimited slider in a page
★ Compatible with all the 3rd party templates
★ Compatible with all browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera , Internet Explorer 8 and newer
★ Compatible with mobiles, tablets, Android, iPhone, iPad (Swipe touch to move to next/prev item, tap to open link)
★ W3C Compliant, support SEO
★ Easy to configure and setup
★ Auto play/Auto pause settings
★ Height and Width of item can be controlled
★ Title/Description settings
★ Keyboard Navigation
★ Support MouseWheel
★ Support SwipeTouch on mobile device
★ Horizontal and vertical mode
★ Display slider items in multi columns/rows
★ Show text, image, button "read more" option, with order customization.
★ Control buttons allow you play/pause slider
★ Powerful crop/resize image functions(4 zoom/crop modes), support 11 image filters(Negate, Grayscale, Brightness, Contrast, Colorize/Tint, Edge Detect, Emboss, Gaussian Blur, Selective Blur, Mean Removal, Smooth) allow you apply image effects via backend settings without any image editor tools like Photoshop, easy and powerful.
★ Set default item
★ Set class for each slider item
★ Set number jump items
★ Circular setting allows the slider moving never end
★ Intuitive and smart Backend UI

★★★ What kind of content can be diplayed by JU Content Slider: ★★★

★ Article showcase
★ Product showcase
★ Porfolio
★ Highlighted content
★ Image Carousel
★ Images Rotator
★ Client/Parter logos
★ Testimonial slider
★ ...

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Reviews: 14
I've been using easyblog for the latest 2 years for my webpages as a blog/news system. This module shows my latest entries in a modern and very user friendly way.

The support has been great to me and been helping me to sort out a minor issue.
Reviews: 1
Had all my challenges solved regarding specially prioritized and day-filtering display of easyblog. Excellent support no matter when or what is needed
Reviews: 1
When I first installed this module, I had some conflicts that were preventing it from working properly. I tried a number of things and still couldn't get it to work. One email to Vinh and he responded almost immediately with some suggestions (which I tried). He then offered to take a look for me and within less than 8 hours he had logged into my site and fixed the issue (without having to disable any of the other functionality of my site). Best money I have spent on a module in Joomla in a long time.

Thanks Vinh!
Reviews: 1
This slider do not work properly with top menus on pages. Other problem related with another ajax tooltip, which masking emails and links in my content articles. When i load such articles to the slider all page just loading blank without any content
Owner's reply

This seems not the JU Content Slider issue, but the javascipt conflict issue with other extensions on your site. This review is not fair, you should not report error by review and you should ask for the help via our forum/contact page, we are willing to help you to resolve this issue.

Reviews: 2
I bought this extension because of the good reviews. I thought that the documentation criticism might be because some users were too unexperienced or lacked language capabilities. The truth is: There is no documentation. You have to guess how it works. But once you guessed right, it works well. Installation worked like a charm but then I was lost for a moment.

Here is my hint for a quick start: The extension creates a new option for creating Modules. So what you have to do is create a new module and select the module type "JU Content Slider". You then have a host of styling options to play with. The options are also on display at the demo-site. SO you can try them out and satisfy yopurself that you can manipulate them to your liking.

I had some trouble with that as well and finally asked for support. They were lightning fast and extremely supportive. Within an hour, everything worked well.

Thats why, despite the lack of documentartion, I awarded 5 Stars. This support is so responsive, it easily makes up for the lack of documentation. And with the head start I gave you, you will easily reach your goals with this slider.
Reviews: 12
I struggled for 4 days trying to replace my templates default home page article showcase. My client runs and animal sanctuary and they don't have a lot of time to work the website. The home page article showcase is also critically important to helping these animals find homes.
Then I remembered how great JU Tabs was and felt very comfortable with the quality of the developers other extension. This would be a small price for something that had caused me headaches for days. I really hoped I had finally found a solution.
Purchased, installed and working out of the box in 5 minutes!
So very refreshing to find exceptionally good extensions that just nail it. If you need to creatively highlight anything on your home page then buy this. You will be very pleased you did!
Reviews: 3
I promised the developer that I would post a review of this extension because I thought the support was brilliant and the extension itself just about covered everything you'd want from a slider. You can set it to work with articles and you can work with images within the module adding titles, links and descriptions to those images as you go.

I needed a small modification so that the description associated with the images linked to a selected article and the developer was back with one line of code within a couple of minutes.

I've worked with Joomla for roughly 6 years now and I think this is one of the best extensions I've come across.
Reviews: 4
A great extensions with quality configuration and operation!

The developer was very quick to help with problems, and even made a new release after some suggestions were made.

Reviews: 1
JU Slider is exellent! Beautiful and many useful settings!
Just what i need!