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Mini FrontPage Popular Module

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
MiniFrontPage module will give you a lightweight but powerful news headline style of your recent content items or artcles. It's just not only to show case your latest news item, but you can show any latest or most read articles from preferred section(s) or category(s) that can be set up from the module parameters.

What's New in the Mini FrontPage v 2.0 :

+ Tableless design
+ A complete code revamping, for better performance
+ Theme-based layout, choose between Classic mode and Tabbed Mode with jQuery animation support
+ Combine the number of column, row and location of the "More Articles" box and get hundreds possibilities of layout
+ Item direction, choose the ordering direction of item, Across or Down
+ More stylist we think

Check out the demo pages to see how nice the new Mini Frontpage looks now.

UPDATE : Joomla 1.7 version is available to donwload now. Also works in Joomla 2.5 too.

UPDATE NEWS : Joomla 1.5 version is still available to download in our old template club site.

Change Log in version 1.2.5

(Please note : Few bug fixes / new features were available for MiniFp J 1.5 version only due to limitation on J 1.0.xx core code)

1. Use ContentHelperRoute::_findItem function to get itemid of article links
2. Fixed the undefined var $offset on default.php
echo JHTML::_('date', $row->publish_up,$params->get( 'date_format' ), $mainframe->getCfg('offset'));
echo JHTML::_('date', $row->publish_up,$params->get( 'date_format' ), $offset);

3. add option for select name/alias or username at creator field
4. add number intro skip
5. Fix thumb image height & width when image loaded from menu image
6. Set all generated image to folder images/stories/minifp
7. remove function fptn_get_id, get Itemid is used default joomla function
8. add new parameter: "Show default thumbnails when article have no image"
9. update function fptn_thumb_size
10. Fixing coding structure
11. Add function fix_tags and renew function fptn_limittext, now, the introtext will be limited without counting the html tag contained. enjoy it :D
12. add new parameter for custom date format

Changelog Ver 1.2.4

* Add random option for displaying article

Changelog Ver 1.2.3

* Add ordering option for thumbnail position

Changelog Ver 1.2.2

* Add show/hide articles title option
* Add show/hide articles introtext option

Changelog Ver 1.2
* Fix png thumbnail generation bug
* Fix Separator bug

Changelog Ver 1.1

* Add Show/Hide thumbnail option
* Add Show Category Title option
* Now support non-{mosimage} images (Minifrontpage now will also generate thumbnail for images that is put into the article using html tags)
* No More generating the thumbnail everytime the page is loaded (the module is loaded faster now)
* Fix aspect ratio calculation

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Reviews: 1
I don't know if this is correct, but maybe it is better idea to do so:
$contentConfig = &JComponentHelper::getParams( 'com_content' );
$access = !$contentConfig->get('show_noauth');
instead of:
$access = !$mainframe->getCfg( 'show_noauth' );
Is only a suggestion, works wonderfully with this.

Congratulations, great job.
Reviews: 11
This module is almost a great module, but unfortunately it's only a mediocre module due to bugs and a few silly programming decisions.

1. SEF breaks this module. When used on the frontpage, the Item ID will be stripped from the linking URL and all of your module positions on the linked article will disappear.

2. MFP decided several months back that the thumbnail preview will use the LAST image in an, not the first. I hacked my way around it by making a copy of the first image on the bottom of the article and commenting it out. It's a crummy way to have to do business, and I doubt my client is going to be very happy when I tell them about this ridiculous work-around. I have been trying to think of a reason why I would want the last image of an article to be the thumbnail preview, and I can't think of one. I've built dozens of sites of different types and it has always made sense to use the first image. ESPECIALLY on articles that discuss a product. I want an image of the product to be in the preview, not one of the internal mechanisms! Why this was decided or can't be managed from the back-end is beyond me.

Fortunately I've got a bunch of programmers around me that I can talk into fixing bugs, and they've fixed MFP bugs several times. They're about to get another request from me about this most recent issue. With all the issues in this extensions, I can't see myself purchasing anything from Template Plazza. A free extension full of bugs is one thing, but I have no intention of buying an extension that may be full of bugs.
Reviews: 1
This is a great little module, but I have one suggestion. It would be useful if you could make the title of the module be an active menu link, so that like other menu links, you could link to a category or section and choose a blog layout or a list layout. I realize that it would be asking the module to do two completely different things, but if it's possible, it would be neat. That's all.
Thanks for a great module.
Reviews: 3
Very useful module. Thanks.
Reviews: 8
This is gorgeous. I liked that the PHP and CSS are written simply, and commented nicely - was easy enough to make thumbnails right-aligned, and change the CSS so the UL's were less indented. I think the thumbnail align should be a module option in the backend, but hey-ho!

One problem I found, which REALLY impacted the implementation time, was HTML coding - any text that was bold or italic completely screwed up this module, and it would only show intro text after that text. Other problem, is the bold or italic text breaks the thumbnail!

Overall, an easy-enough to customise, functional module that adds eye candy to your site, in a usable way...

Bear in mind that it picks the thumb from your LAST image in the main text. To change to Intro text images, read hte support forum!
Reviews: 2
This is a great module! Spices up a site in seconds! Only real problem is that it inserts the tag to the stylesheet in the body of the template where the module is located. So it makes that page not XHTML compliant due to the link tag not being in the head section. This module is fairly flexible but you cannot change the author/date part without hard coding. According to others, it seems it does not process normal HTML tags in the intro text. Oh and you cannot have more 1 mini-frontpage modules on the same page. Other than that it is a very awesome install, place and go module that will really make your articles stand out better.
Reviews: 2
Its really easy to use and very good module. It lacks a feature. It doesn't contain feature to display thumb only for the article which contain image. I think it is not necessary for all to display default image. There should be option to display default image or leave blank for the news which doesn't contain image.
Reviews: 3
I installed in on a few sites and it works without any problems. Very configurable!
Reviews: 1
Easy to install and works as needed !!!
Reviews: 2
Very nice module and easy to work with.

BIG disadvantage is that it will not show html formatting in the intro text at all. Even adding the 'allowed tags' into the php file is not helping.

Too bad that nobody responds on the forum when asking about this either... there are more people having this issue. It seems this is the only module meeting my wishes but the plain text format is really annoying.
Reviews: 1
Really nice mod, thx.
Reviews: 10
Module works precisely as advertised.

Nice, smooth installation. Once I assigned categories etc, it worked without errors.
Reviews: 3
This mini frontpage extension is easy to set up and run. Used in an article with loadposition is the way I use it on my frontpage. It works well with Joomla!1.5. There are several drawbacks, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy.
You must start your article with script. Images must be named simple and contain no spaces. Read more bar must be at least 200 characters deep. If you are not careful the drawback is an repeating error message which makes a mess of the extension. Can be viewed with IE, Mozilla and Safari.
Thanks templateplazza, this one is a keeper.
Reviews: 2
This module worked perfect for my client's site. I needed a good newsflash module that gave me control over multi column formats. However, I did have to look in the forum to find out how to allow HTML tags within the module's content. It wasn't hard to find in the php file. No big deal, but maybe in the future you can include a field in the admin so users can just list the html tags they want to allow without having to edit the php file directly. Overall this module is excellent!
Reviews: 4
As mentioned by previous reviewers, this module does wonders for the look of your site. There are many customization options such as the ability to toggle images on and off.

My only gripe is that there still needs to be a bit more control over the "fully story +" text. Right now the placement of that link seems somewhat random. At times it shows up at the bottom left of the module and sometimes to the right. I'd like to be able to force the "full story" text to go to one spot and one spot only to increase uniformity and cleanliness in the layout.

That's really my only gripe for an otherwise excellent and did I mention *free* module. All in all, not enough to ding it a star. Five stars and recommended. TP, I sure hope you keep developing this for a long time, as its a real life saver. You have a happy user here!
Reviews: 1
A very easy to use module nice and simple, takes a few seconds to load first time but when cached all good :D

Only small difference i would like to see is that making the category/section titles if displayed 'clickable'

otherwise a great module
Reviews: 1
I was using the "content items" module before, and was having issues... This module works great and is very useful for content heavy newsportals.
Reviews: 1
This Module is simply awesome
Thanks for the Great Mod
Reviews: 1
That's pretty near to what we would need!

Following functionalities would make it even better to our point of view:
* if there are links and images in the content, display these links and images as well in the module
* give the possibility to decide how to separate the text and the "+ whole story" link. If one decides to put titles only allow the link to follow the title directly without new line
* alternatively give the possibility to link directly from the title to the main content without displaying the "+ whole story" link.
* give the possibility to decide how to separate the different news vertically (space line, bar, ...)
Reviews: 1
There is little to say. The "free" frontpage handling tools are not easy to find, but this one is by far the best. This extension deserves to be recognized for what it is, excellent. I do hope the developer will continue to work and improve it for a good while to come.

Looking to display news for free in a professional way? This is your module.
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