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Mini FrontPage Popular Module

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MiniFrontPage module will give you a lightweight but powerful news headline style of your recent content items or artcles. It's just not only to show case your latest news item, but you can show any latest or most read articles from preferred section(s) or category(s) that can be set up from the module parameters.

What's New in the Mini FrontPage v 2.0 :

+ Tableless design
+ A complete code revamping, for better performance
+ Theme-based layout, choose between Classic mode and Tabbed Mode with jQuery animation support
+ Combine the number of column, row and location of the "More Articles" box and get hundreds possibilities of layout
+ Item direction, choose the ordering direction of item, Across or Down
+ More stylist we think

Check out the demo pages to see how nice the new Mini Frontpage looks now.

UPDATE : Joomla 1.7 version is available to donwload now. Also works in Joomla 2.5 too.

UPDATE NEWS : Joomla 1.5 version is still available to download in our old template club site.

Change Log in version 1.2.5

(Please note : Few bug fixes / new features were available for MiniFp J 1.5 version only due to limitation on J 1.0.xx core code)

1. Use ContentHelperRoute::_findItem function to get itemid of article links
2. Fixed the undefined var $offset on default.php
echo JHTML::_('date', $row->publish_up,$params->get( 'date_format' ), $mainframe->getCfg('offset'));
echo JHTML::_('date', $row->publish_up,$params->get( 'date_format' ), $offset);

3. add option for select name/alias or username at creator field
4. add number intro skip
5. Fix thumb image height & width when image loaded from menu image
6. Set all generated image to folder images/stories/minifp
7. remove function fptn_get_id, get Itemid is used default joomla function
8. add new parameter: "Show default thumbnails when article have no image"
9. update function fptn_thumb_size
10. Fixing coding structure
11. Add function fix_tags and renew function fptn_limittext, now, the introtext will be limited without counting the html tag contained. enjoy it :D
12. add new parameter for custom date format

Changelog Ver 1.2.4

* Add random option for displaying article

Changelog Ver 1.2.3

* Add ordering option for thumbnail position

Changelog Ver 1.2.2

* Add show/hide articles title option
* Add show/hide articles introtext option

Changelog Ver 1.2
* Fix png thumbnail generation bug
* Fix Separator bug

Changelog Ver 1.1

* Add Show/Hide thumbnail option
* Add Show Category Title option
* Now support non-{mosimage} images (Minifrontpage now will also generate thumbnail for images that is put into the article using html tags)
* No More generating the thumbnail everytime the page is loaded (the module is loaded faster now)
* Fix aspect ratio calculation

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Reviews: 1
What can I say about this module that my title doesn't?

Flexible, clean looking, and solid.

These guys also responded to any inquiries about possible issues very quick and very helpful. (problem ended up being on my side)

I think these guys did an awesome job all around!
Reviews: 1
I have a new emagazine about Texas and wanted to have a Front page greeting that would not show on the page with the full story. Mini Front Page is the best way I have found to do this.

I created a main menu item for all of my news. Then took all content off of the front page and let Mini Front page manage my news. Now when someone clicks on an article, they get the full article with out the rest of the front page stuff...( a known issue with Joomla)

This because the articles are associated with the new menu item not the main content item.

Reviews: 2
I've tried all the similar extensions and this one does exactly what I want with great ease. Display News BK had too many complicated parameters for me to do almost the same thing. Mini FrontPage is tidy looking, has its own CSS which is very useful, and support on their forums is super fast and extremely helpful. I highly recommend this module. In a way, I wish it was a component rather than a module, to totally replace the main front page component.
Reviews: 1
I really like this module! It does anything it says and it does NOT mess up your website style!

Very easy in use, just set up the category and section settings and you are set.

BUT... there is one little thing i would like to see in the next version..

When a user clicks on a title in the module, it should automatically scroll a bit down so the user can start reading immidiately! :D
Reviews: 1
It is not good to display intro which contains Image and multiline. If there are multi- lines with CR, it will show as a line without CR so it look funny.
Reviews: 1
Exactly what I needed. Flexible and easy to use. But one thing: the items with externel images give errors if you choose 'Show thumbnails'
Reviews: 1
I'm very impressed with the functionality of this one. I looked for something to give me better control of the front page, and this is it.

Great job!
Reviews: 1
I like this module... it "shape up" my FrontPage. I usually hate to see the loooooooong link like this on my FP:

I feel alot more comfortable with my FrontPage now. Thanks to YOU guys!! :)
Reviews: 2
Mini certainly doesn't do this module justice, powerful, flexible and easy to use... nice.

Reviews: 1
Great module! I would like to know if is it possible to choose the articles to display in the front page...As far I can see you can only choose the section and category...
Reviews: 1
This is one of the best joomla module for presenting content.
Reviews: 1
Excellent component. One thing though, if you use it on a regular menu-linked page (i.e. not frontpage), the module remains visible when you click on the "read more" link.
Reviews: 1
I was searching for a module which does exactly this. Specially the resizing of images other than the mosimage.
I installed it and it's working perfectly.

It would be great if you could append an option in the future to make the thumbnail float left or right of the title, instead of displaying the titel above the thumbnail.
Reviews: 1
It's a B.E.S.T Module, excellent work.

But if you to enable ( mosimage ) well be is a wonderful...

Thank you so much
Reviews: 2
This module should be rate the best module among the others because the simplicty and easy way to manage to pull the content in frontpage and put it everywhere in your Joomla site. and right now my new site feel more like a profesional news site :) 10 / 10
Reviews: 12
This is an excellent module that allows you to place a mini front page onto any page and every page, which is excellent for those who use other components such as Virtuemart as their front page.

This module actually looks cleaner, more compact and offer parameters that are essential to keeping the site looking clean and performing well amid the search engines. Text length parameters allow control of the look and feel, including the text length of the intro, which works well for content items that are too long or vary too much from others. This is not available in the Joomla Front Page Component, unfortunately, but it is here. It also has an easy-to-use and consistent-looking content thumbnail display capability, which is also configurable and can be set to maintain consistent size parameters regardless of the image size. The look and feel is handled through a simple CSS file.

About the only thing missing is a parameter to limit the length of the title. Otherwise, this is a great module that is working to replacing the need for my iJoomla News Portal installation.
Reviews: 1
Content is King and when you need to display your content in an online Newspaper fashion...this is the one perfect module to do the job!

My only request would be to enable it to show images other than just the first mosimage. Other than that, it is perfect for my needs!

Thanks for providing such a great component that was easy to configure!
Owner's reply

This is possible for version 1.1 cgraham149, simply download the newer version ;-)

Reviews: 1
Works exactly as advertised, love it!
Reviews: 1
i just tried it out and it works awesome. definetly opens up alot of doors. i modded the css a little, which was real easy.

thanks alot good work!
Reviews: 4
I like this module... it's make a really make my article more neat and cute because it trim a fixed length of intro. So, all the article will have the same length in the frontpage.

But.... mambot are not functional like caldate, author name can't link to CB profile, xtypo etc...

I think if the article have a dropcaps will be more cool :-)
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