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2J News Slider Popular ComponentModulePlugin

This extension it's very flexible and useful tool for every joomla website, which make you able to build animated front end section (with 2J News Slider module, plugin/mambot and component).
2J News Slider component reading content articles from Joomla category and showing them at front end 2J News Slider module, inside Joomla content article (with 2J News Slider mambot/plugin) or using direct link to 2J News Slider component. 2J News Slider building slides from the intro text of articles (with headline and images).
Very wide range of effects and settings, make it more flexible for personalization. All elements of the front end interface could be easily changed by CSS styles (in admin section of the component : CSS editor).
2J News Slider could be used in very wide range of cases. For example: as headlines rotator at your news or personal site; as showcase for property and e-commerce sites; as front end module for representing animated list of your products and services; with 2J News Slider you can easily build presentation section of your webside.

Key Features:

* Ordering options: order slides by joomla articles ordering, by creation date, by articles hits, by votes. Using this options you can make with 2J News Slider lists of the most viewed, most rated or latest articles
* Random slides option showing 2J News Slider slides in random order
* Ability to use articles from joomla content categories or section (multi-categories mode)
* Showing slide show of the headlines of joomla articles
* 2J News Slider support content images inside slides
* Ability to show Read More option
* HTML tags and CSS support
* New front end navigation elements: next/prev big arrows, play/pause buttons, next/prev small arrows
* W3C CSS, XHTML validate (no errors, notices, warnings )
* Fade effect
* Custom navigation panel location
* 15 effects for slide change process!!!
* All front end elements easily customizable with CSS and backend settings
* 5 front end themes already implemented in distribution package
* Ability to insert slider into joomla content articles using 2J News Slider mambot/plugin
* Ability to make direct link to 2J News Slider component
* Support Joomla! 1.0.X, Joomla! 1.5 and Joomla! 2.5 Native
* Implemented to avoid AJAX libs conflicts
* Module + Component + Mambot/Plugin for sliders management from Joomla backend.
* Possible to use few 2J News Slider instances at the same page
* Pause mode scroller stay on hold when visitor point to the current slide by mouse
* Version for Joomla2.5 implemented using Native classes and structures (didn't used legacy plugin)
* Compatibility options: ability to select main tag for 2J News Slider container: ul->li (default option), using div or span. Very useful in the case of conflicts with another code in joomla template, or some other front end module

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Reviews: 2
What can i say, i'm really impressed by this extension. To be honest it's a first slider which didn't have any conflicts with my joomla template or some other extensions after installation. Support was great! I've got fast reply for a couple of questions about settings.
Keep up a great job!
Reviews: 2
Just want to say that it was exactly what i was looking for. In previous projects i was try to use another sliders with no luck.

Working well after installation, nice scale of the possibilities, very comfortable interface for CSS edit.

Reviews: 18
I had a compatibility problem which was speedily sorted by the expert support team. I now have the module running beautifully in several different configurations on my site. There is no problem with running two modules with different content on the same page. Thank you for a really super display.
Reviews: 9
i try to use another extensions.
but it didn't work for me
until i purchases 2JNews and 2JTab.
all product from 2joomlanet are high quality commercial extensions.
Reviews: 14
First of all, this module is really great. But it has some issues with IE6/7 in terms of my dropdown menus. The latter appear at the back, and so I can't see/click them. I would appreciate if you can help me solve the issue.

Reviews: 1
I developed a webpage for my client, and he ask me to implement 4 sliders on the front page. I tried several components/modules but with no success. 2J News Slider solved my problems. Worthed all the money.
Thank you!
Reviews: 6
After trying many different Article Displays I finally came across this one. The problem I found with most Article Displays that I used was that they didn't display the photos and words correctly, some photos were missing, words didn't line up or they didn't work properly in IE.
This Article Display covers all of the things the others didn't and it is so customisable with many different options. I can use it to showcase many different things on my website without it looking like I am using the same module. It's Great! I also need some help when I was configuring it and support got back to me within an hour and fixed my issue immediately. Thanks for a great extension and excellent support!
Reviews: 1
I think this is one of the easiest ways to help users see special features on a site. It allows one to publish those gallery stories such as cnn often features where a person pages through the "Worst 10 Jobs in America" or "the 7 richest Americans" etc.

Easy to install, configure and maintain. I like the fact that it still works with Joomla 1.x.

I feature it on my front page at Before, I had a daily feature, but it was very static. With a $30 investment, I increased the number of clicks-per-visit on the site without much work on my part. Great value.
Reviews: 1

It took me a long time to find something like this that has so many options and looks soooo good! Had a few problems tryna get it 2 work the way I want (as ya always do) but sent off tickets and they got bak to me within minutes everytime and with exactly the help i needed.

A+++ Thanx heaps guys!!!
Reviews: 2
Aside from the fact that 2JNewsslider is a great extension which is easy to use (for customization you can find a user guide as well as some FAQs in the customers section), 2JoomlaNet offers a very friendly, competent and endeavored support – just post a ticket in the support section and it will be answered within a few minutes.

I had a bug with the component in combination with the suckerfish menu of my template showing up on Internet Explorer and it has been fixed immediately.

Special thanks to Dave
Reviews: 2
I have been looking for an extension that allows me to create more interesting banners and content. This extension lets me do just that! Not only that, I can have more than one copy of the extension running on a single page without any noticable impact on loading speed.

Of particular use is the ability to select from either a single category or from a section. This means I can target any messages to whatever section of the site a user is browsing.

Don't let the extensions title fool you! This can be used for so much more than just news! I've bought this extension and I am using this extension. I don't think there's any better praise for any product.

This is an extremely useful extension at a keen price, especially if you need to use it on more than one site!

Why didn't I give it full marks then? A single minor irritation regarding putting a border around the item, but I have no doubt this will be fixed quickly. When it is this product deserves 5 stars!
Reviews: 2
This is a very nice extension with the ability to change timing, tween types, fading, images, height, width etc etc. Definitely worth the money.

My only negative would be the fade effect in Internet Explorer 6 seems to anti-alias wrong. Other than that it's a very nice extension!
Owner's reply

Anti–aliasing fade problem it’s another one IE6 bug, but we have solution for this problem in our knowledge base (it’s just few simple steps).
Also we’re always ready to reply for any of your questions at support section, but we didn’t see any request from you.

Reviews: 6
This is a great module. Like their tabs module it does what they say it will do and does what the demo actually demonstrates.

As I said with the Tans module. I had a minor problem related to my template. When I contacted these guys they responded quickly with an offer to make the necessary modifications for me. I gave 'em my FTP and Backend info and viola' it was done.
Reviews: 1
Worth every penny. Had it up and working in 10 minutes, had some problems loading in Firefox; support had it fixed that day. Thanks
Reviews: 7
Worth spending the money on. Ordered, downloaded, installed and working in less than 5 minutes...what more could you want.
Reviews: 3
This is a great tool. I had a few questions after buying it and the team ALWAYS answered promptly -- ALWAYS. Tool is simple to use and implement. Love it!
Reviews: 1
excellent component, excellent support.
I think it's the best script in slide news category.

I use rtl template and i get great support.

So now it's working for rtl templates.


Reviews: 1
Put simlply this component displays all articles from a selected joomla category in a slick sliding presentation via module and/or in your content with the mambot.

It was easy to intall and configure and I didnt need to contact support or read the provided instruction manual to get it looking the way I wanted.

I downloaded this primarily to add a featured articles ticker to my homepage which it does very well but its also very versatile and im now using the module as a photo slideshow too.

My only gripe is with the navigation panel, if your trying to present a large number of articles in a small space and want user navigation the only option is numbered selection which takes up too much space, the option to have previous/next buttons instead would have been nice.

All in all its a superb component thats very versatile and easy to use. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
No install problems, no config problems. I had one issue with the appearance of the plugin and immediately tech support responded with a fix and good advice.
As far as joomla add-ons go, this is well coded and stable. A decent and extensible bit of code. Impressed. Thanks to Dave at tech support for a cogent and instant fix to my display query.
Although I hate the term, this module adds a decent Web2.0 look to your articles.
Reviews: 2
Great and flawless results.

Fairly easy to install, although disappointing that you have to install the plugin if you wish to just use the module. This is a minor issue and installation is fairly simple and quick to do.

The module and the component both have a comprehensive list of options with great flexibility. Not all however, have a tip to explain their usage, and in my view are not not grouped intuitively.

Two issues which has resulted in a slightly imperfect score:
1) When enabled, the option "Enable Fade Effect" stops the "Effects" selected further down in the option list. This should be in the effects list and not an additional option.
2) The Article is placed in a 'table' and there is no way that I can find to change this to DIVs. I would have preferred it if the module used the templates for content which you can over-ride with ones written for the template.

A good addition will also be to allow the navigation to use text from the title rather than numbers 1, 2, 3 etc.

All in all a very impressive and neat extension and I will not hesitate to recommend.
Owner's reply

According to fade effect : it's added as additional option because effects option it's set of slide effects, but fade it's another type of visualization.
According to DIVs and Tables we have 2 options on the list responsible for this features: "W3C XHTML 1.0" - it's make articles placed in DIV or Tables also we have "Elements explanation" option ( it's have 3 values UL, DIV, SPAN ) - it's make you able to select main tag for 2JNewsSlider container it's very useful in the case of conflicts with another code in joomla template, or some other front end modules.

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