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Global News Module

Global News will give you the most complete view of your content by grouping latest, popular, random or default ordered news either by sections or by categories. You can exclude any section/category you want, you can set it to filter the lists by the current section, and you can choose between different dynamic content layouts including the article's resizable first image.

Version Updates:

For Joomla 2.5 and 3.+ only:
• 2.5.2: Creating thumbs from the images.
• 2.5.1: Possibility to show the articles' hits count.

For Joomla 1.5 only:
• 2.1.5: New possibilities not to limit the text and not to strip tags.

• 2.1: Show/Hide article author.
• 2.0: Much more flexible content layout via an html supported textarea.
• 1.x: Show/Hide article date and "More Articles..." link. Show/Hide current article.

Report Extension



Reviews: 3
I use this extension since joomla 1.5.
I use it on joomla 3.2 now. It's nice,stable and light. Good work!
I wish if you could make a version with pagination in the future.
Reviews: 2
I have been looking for this extension for a long time. Final i have got what i was looking for.
Thank you for the good works
Reviews: 24
Installed on a 3.2 Joomla and I’m really please of the result and the flexibility. I did have a small problem and the Dev fix it up in no time.

The quality is not only with Joomla but in all the people behind it…

Reviews: 4
Very good Module to allow random action on your content, with many options. But easy to use
Reviews: 1
I was really searching quite a bit for something simple yet powerful for my news. This is great piece of module that is quite powerful, and you can set it up and modify to your needs in matter of minutes. I contacted Jesus to see if some other language can be used, and reply with solution came in less than 24 hours. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 6
This module has enabled me to promote content from 3 different categories, in 3 different ways, depending on the content's nature. It's dynamic, it's easy and it's very customizable, totally deserving high rating (4 stars due to some minor bugs).
Well done to the developers! :)
Reviews: 13
I agree, 7+ stars. This is a brilliant module. Congratulations on fine work.
Bookmark this page!
Reviews: 2
this extension is between the best joomla extension, i give it 7 stars not 5....... good Job Developer
Reviews: 3
This module works great but have no support because related forum is blocked.
Reviews: 1
I browsed a lot of modules in this directory, but I found only a couple that can rotate articles from a category in the module space.
I needed to give the look of a live tile on my metro-style website. I found this extension does it best.
There are a couple of things that may be added:
- nicer transitions (ease-in-out would be nice)
- article images could be made 100% wide, not fixed on 90. I would make this more "responsive"

Nice extension for Joomla 3 after all.
Reviews: 13
After trawling for ages for something to display my categories in groups i found this great module.

No fuss just install and configure in 5 minutes.

Displays very well using module in content.
Reviews: 7
I haven't found a single error using this module. It's customizable from the backend and with some creativity you can override the CSS code to make it look exactly the way you need.
Strongly recommended!!! I hope the developer(s) keep on updating & improving it!
Reviews: 13
Thank you for another excellent Module. Took 10 minutes to get it just the way I wanted though with so many options this is understandable.
Reviews: 4
Sorry.. i have been testing numerous amount of article displays and this has errors all over the place. I'm sorry to give you a bad rating, and please don't think it's me - i'm quire familiar with joomla and these types of mods - this just had issues from step one and i had to remove.
I'm on J2.5 but i don't think that had anything to do with it.
Better luck in the future.
Reviews: 7
In a few steps you can get any result you want. Great to see the latest news with images. For me this is the perfect module!!!
Reviews: 23
After been busy for quite a few hours to try and find a module that would display my news articles the way I wanted, I found Global News. I had installed several (many) other modules first to figure out their features, many times the reason was that the documentation was minimal. So, to know how the module really works you have to try them first, and abandon them again. Several had not so good scripts. But then I found Global News ( and Filtered News, which is just as good). This one did exactly what I needed. Present three boxes which contain news items from three different categories.
Everything is customisable. I like developers who accept that their idea of what looks nice does not necessarily match the idea of the customer. And more importantly, allow easy customising via the back-end. It took me about 15 minutes to have it up and running to my likings, from scratch (download, install , the lot). This is really very good work!. Vargas, thanks.
Reviews: 5
Thanks for the this so good free module. Perfect for showing news. Exactly what I needed.
I spent some time to set the tags I needed to keep, but afterwards everything was all right.
Reviews: 11
(I do not speak much English but I'll try and be a worthwhile.)

I always had the view that this module is the best time to show the news on the frontpage. But now with this new update for joomla 2.5 should consider putting something that had a version for 1.5 and removed in 2.5, which is the "Ordering". With this option I could choose to show me such newly added items (Recently Added), which is a key option for my work. Please consider making this option to continue giving such an excellent utility module.
Another flaw that I found but I could fix it, only I mention it here to recognize already, it is time to put the "suffix to the class module" (Module Class Suffix) does not work, since they lack the codes needed to it.
Reviews: 1
After playing around with this mod i had quite a number of diplays for my site this is excellent for a freebie it looks plain but wow you can modify it to do lots of displays....
Reviews: 10
We were using the old JaNews front page module before and it became a security risk. So we needed a replacement fast!

I wish we had found Global News sooner. It is a very customizable and easy to use module. Runs fast and stable, never an issue with this module but unfortunately its only for Joomla 1.5

Joomla 2.5 is now released and 1.7 has been stable for months now.

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