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DisplayNews by BK Popular Module

Display News by BK module is integration in one tool all that are need for content publishing: miscellaneous orderings, reach filtering and flexible output (by user defined template). This module also may be used for show content of specific author, news of today and many others. Content items can be positioned vertically and horizontally. User defined format is the best feature of this module. You may compile output from content item elements and html tags. It gives you ultimate flexibility for content presentation. Also module supports different style families: content items styles, tables styles and Display news dedicated styles. This Module is based on Rey Gigataras's Display News Module.

For upgrade install it over old version.

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Reviews: 3
This is what I need. Yet best latest news extension that i found.
Reviews: 2
This module is very useful for me, thank you! I was looking for such useful and very flexible extention with many parameters. Now I can make my site almost perfect!
Reviews: 2
The module has too many customization features and it works like a charm.

I don't have words to thank BK for the perfect support!

A 5-star rating (I wish there were more rating stars available) !!!
Reviews: 2
It's a very usefull module I used also as an article's list
Reviews: 5
I try different news display modules when they come along and I always come back to this one.
Reviews: 2
Did exactly what I wanted it to do...

I was looking for a module that would display multiple news articles, from multiple categories. This module did that and a whole lot more. Tons and Tons of customization features.

Awesome module!
Reviews: 2
Worked the first time and as advertised.

It was simple, intuitive, and easy to set up. I particularly liked the fact that I could select an individual article or articles to display - it pulled the articles from the list of articles, so I did not have to memorize the article ID.

Oh, it's fully Joomla! 1.6 compatible not partially like some others, allowing for the selection of multiple categories.
Reviews: 1
The best news show ever!! I only have a doubt how I dessactivate the native comments on j1.5? I'll give u 5 stars.
Reviews: 5
just installed the latest version on Joomla! 1.7 and again it works like a breeze.

keep on the good work!
Reviews: 1
I found this module very usefull, i can customize it with a lot of options and, when i had doubts, the service support was excellent. Thanks and... good job!
Reviews: 6
I downloaded this extension and have tried ot on my site. Worked first go and was very easy to set up. I found no problem with the HTML nor the CSS. Like I said, so good so far!
Reviews: 5
The html code is very weird.
if you choose they call they call "flat"
you get an html code without tables which is good. I hate tables when it gets to styling.

However you get the weirdest html code.

Lots of span wrapping p or div tags. Span tags with empty classes.
A span wrapping each p.
All the css styles are inline so you can't change them easily.

I Really don't understand why so many people left a good review.

Maybe I am the only one to get this shity html code? Something to do with my config ?

I just spent hours trying to use this module and get a fine html code.
For me it seems to me it is a module to avoid.
Owner's reply

Download the latest version. Most of found issue were solved. Tables where replaced to div's. Empty span's where removed. Most of CSS classes are Joomla standard classes.

If you still have a problem contact me at my forum:

Reviews: 15
Does exactly what I needed which is scrolling short ideas, one at a time, as many as I want. I couldn't find any other extension, paid or free that did this. Developer responded to all my questions (I am a beginner), patiently. Thanks.
Reviews: 2
One of the best extension to display content.
Very versatile (with simple internal template)
and simple tu use, lots of options !
One only little missing thing : On Caroussel mode, One option to 'fade' articles instead of only scroll.
But, I'm sute it will come...
Thanks for this modul
Reviews: 1
This is one of the best extension I have used, I was able to do anything I wanted, would be great to have a Menu Type based on this extension (module)
Reviews: 6
The only display content module you'll need. Dynamically displays articles or categories from a single selection to a completely customizable mix based on almost any parameter you can think of.
Reviews: 3
No waiting around for a 1.6 version.
I had a few questions on V1.6 which were answered promptly via the forum and BK even released an upgrade to provide the functionality I was looking for.

The flexibility of this module provides everything and much more than we require in a News extension.

Thanks for a great extension and fabulous support!!
Peter Waworis
Reviews: 31
After searching and testing other moduls eventually I could find this nice modul. It's easy to install, adjust and use. Thanks for doing this nice job and for sharing with us.
Rudolf Aigner
Reviews: 2
After searching for some time for ideal module I found it.

This one has all settings parameters you can dream of included.

Because all items are perfectly aligned you can easily set up your site to look as those professional portal web sites.

Extension is free, it looks stunning and most of all support is amazing.

A must have extension.
Reviews: 2
My first reaction was irritation because I didn't see a good demo. But I took the gamble and about 15 minutes later I had a module in a right sidebar, scrolling thumbnails and titles of the most popular items on the client's site.

This is one of those few extensions that does so much more than what can be displayed in a demo, or explained in in a few words.

What's more, it does everything right out of the box, no serious tweaking necessary.

Great job, well done and thank you!!!
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