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DisplayNews by BK Popular Module

Display News by BK module is integration in one tool all that are need for content publishing: miscellaneous orderings, reach filtering and flexible output (by user defined template). This module also may be used for show content of specific author, news of today and many others. Content items can be positioned vertically and horizontally. User defined format is the best feature of this module. You may compile output from content item elements and html tags. It gives you ultimate flexibility for content presentation. Also module supports different style families: content items styles, tables styles and Display news dedicated styles. This Module is based on Rey Gigataras's Display News Module.

For upgrade install it over old version.

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Reviews: 1
great module...perfect support - I got the answer in 2 hours and solve my problem...Thanks!
Reviews: 24
This module covers 90% of thinkable possibilities, what a man can do with Joomla-articles, and it does this with uncomparable quality. Another 10% of possibilities are not necessary, redundant and wasting of the client budget.

If you buy Boris just as much slugs of beer, as optiones provided by this module, there are minimum a good pair of bottles.
Reviews: 2
Great module, awsome support!
BK answered all my questions and gave me exact solution of my problems.
Reviews: 3
A revolutionary way to display Joomla news.
Absolutely great!

Easy and effective, it manages titles, text, images (!! with resize!!), links and let the user to create its own display-template.

It solves all the problem related to Joomla standard output limitations.

I think it'd be a great idea to publish a component version oh this module.

Thank you for sharing this great work!
Reviews: 4
This Joomla extension is excellent and the best is it's free, but I hope this extension have previous and next button, or menu where can user can skip or go back to the display news.

Keep up the good work and I hope next release will be more usefull and fun.
Reviews: 2
I tried many, but this module is simply the BEST!
More than a news displayer, it is actually a powerful Article Scroller. The author have considered every possibility on the module configuration.
I spent days testing others on a demanding site until I found this which fulfill my demands.
ps: Support is great.
Reviews: 1
We have been trying this module for so long and, yes its perfect!!!

Thank you for your job!!
Reviews: 3
Wow, I have been looking for a user-friendly NEWS DISPLAY module for a very long time.

This is perfect and so easy, you control everything from the Module parameters. Just create an article, put the number in and set a few things the way you want and voila! Kudos to the developer! Thank you!
Reviews: 6
With this extension it's possible to manage content, text, images, anything you need to point attention on your articles. Display News is growing up with continuous and further updates. Great extension!
One little request to developer, if possible: to keep an updated changelog on new versions of DN.

Thanks Boris for Display News extension!!
Reviews: 6
This module is simply excellent. I can show the latest articles on my frontpage in real time without having to mess with frontpage article settings. You have to include this module on a content article. You then select this only article to show on frontpage. I found info on this page on how to do this:
Reviews: 1
I've been trying to create a page that digest the articles from a section so that a user can print a paper copy. The traditional blog layout truncated all but the first article or would display all the article text but then would not display the images. This solved these issues. I needed help and Boris responded within 24 hours. He solved the issue. Great job! Thank you.
Reviews: 1
The module fit as a glove all my needs. It was necessary, for my own template creation, display news without title, date, author... and with filter and word limit.

Now i´m trying to put 2modules, the 2nd to display news as an agend.

The website will be soon ready.

Thanks for the good work.
Reviews: 1
Works as expected. Love the custom template option. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Extremely richness of options. Great attitude of developers to add features. Very flexible module.
Reviews: 2
Just the one that I was looking for to display extra articles, including some of the first words. Very customizable, very useful!
Reviews: 1
Very very good. It works perfect with firefox but i have problems when using IE8. In IE8 the scroll text starts but after a second it stops.
Reviews: 3
OK, very good module. Nice. Must have any Joomla website.
Thanks for you good job.
Reviews: 1
I have been looking for seemingly ever for an extension that does what this does. I've tried so many to no avail and much frustration that I can't believe I hadn't found this sooner. I'm using the version for Joomla 1.0 and I had it downloaded, installed and configured exactly as I needed it within 5 minutes. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
This module is an excellent tool to display news on a Joomla-webpage. It is easy to configure and has several options to use.
BK helps quick and implements users wishes into the programm. We use the newsscroller as an information desk for pupil. Therefor the mouseover was not neccessary - now there an option to tur it off - very nice ;-)
Thank you Boris
Reviews: 1
I have been using this over Mini Frontpage because it allows me to select specific articles and the code is easily understood -- for the most part.

I have two main problems with this module.
1) The image manipulation could use some work. See how the Mini Frontpage guys do it. There should be an option to float the image from the article either left or right of the content body.

2) The hover-text display for titles is easily broken when an article title contains apostrophes. I've tried adding a preg_replace under dn_filter() function but this doesnt solve the problem. I would welcome a quick fix for this.

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