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DisplayNews by BK Popular Module

Display News by BK module is integration in one tool all that are need for content publishing: miscellaneous orderings, reach filtering and flexible output (by user defined template). This module also may be used for show content of specific author, news of today and many others. Content items can be positioned vertically and horizontally. User defined format is the best feature of this module. You may compile output from content item elements and html tags. It gives you ultimate flexibility for content presentation. Also module supports different style families: content items styles, tables styles and Display news dedicated styles. This Module is based on Rey Gigataras's Display News Module.

For upgrade install it over old version.

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Reviews: 3
Why staff don't give the right visibility to this module?

In these 2 days i have search in JED a lot of scrolling module, this is the ONLY one that really do it!
Reviews: 1
This module is really handy. It has many options and settings to adjust so you can get the wanted result. It took me some time to setup but what I got was exactly what I needed.
I do not understand what justinw1970 could not do. It's easy to add or remove anything from the output.
You need to read the help text, that pop ups when hovering the field title in the module, to understand the usage of each field.
Reviews: 1
I tried the other leading modules before trying this one - don't know why I try this first!

This module maintains CSS from the article with no hacks or editing PHP.

What it does well (my opinion):
- "module template" setting lets you display or remove category, section, author, date, title, text, etc from the output
- "show images" lets you scale or use "as-is"
- "into / full text" - select what to get from the article
- can specify various categories or sections by ID or can specify individual articles. Very flexible.

It also sets up very easily and is so far bug-free (not a common attribute in this category).
Reviews: 8
This was so nearly what I needed but unfortunately there was no way to hide the section and category label that I was looking for. Thanks so much though, I can see how this will be really useful for lots of other people. Would be awesome if that could be included. I saw it was a requested feature so I hope it will be included!
Reviews: 2
It's my favorite module. Easy installation, easy configuration, easy to use... Great job !
Reviews: 3
I find this module extremely easy to install and configure. I find it to be an outstanding tool. The only thing I really need it to do is to support html. The content item it pulls might have html in it but the module displays the code literally. If this feature could be added, I'd give it 6 stars! Thanks!
Reviews: 1
I'm acustom to modifying the coding to get a module or component to operate the way that I want it to.

But the simplicity and the number of options that this module provides blows the gavick news G3 out of the water!

I have this same module displaying news in 6 different locations on my homepage and they all look like different modules. This is such a versatile module that I use it 80% of the time. It's always my first choice. WAY TO GO!
Reviews: 2
After looking around here for an introduction module per site, I found this little gem. Already mentioned: Playing around with it, it is ultra flexible for any usage of any content type at any position, by copying it.

Not mentioned: Since I decided to migrate to 1.5 soon, my first and foremost criteria of using content related modules now is the question, if the content can be displayed tableless. This is the first one I tried amongst others and is able to do. Excellent and very well done Boris, thank you ...
Reviews: 1
Finally i´ve found what i was look for long long time. This is very very good extension for those, whose need to work with content on title pages.

I have this issue for long long time and DISPLAY News by BK solve the problem. How you ask? firstly: many many options, secondly: modul and not just one!

Grate work guys!
Reviews: 6
This is one the best module for displaying content. It has incredibly many different settings. So it is like ten different module in one. It was the one and only module in my J1.0.x site for content display. If I were to rate for J1.0.x, I would give it 5 but I encountered many problem in J1.5:

1. May be I didn't notice in J1.O but in J1.5, it made my site very very slow when I used several of them in the same page with different querries. The difference is easily felt. After I remove them, the site comes back to normal.

2. The most important feature, author auto detect, is not working in J1.5. I was the best feature ever in its class, there is literally no other that can automatically detect the author and displays their other articles in a specified section/category. If in feature release they can solve this issue and put the author avatar, we could have one of the best modules in Joomla world. I would be ready to pay even a $100 for such a module. I don't understand developers, a decent author module is a must, but they don't write one. Many of them writes same type modules for which there are tens of different varieties.

3. There is no option for not displaying the intro. In a module usually we don't need intro text. They clutter the space.

I hope these issues would be solved in feature releases.
Owner's reply

Issues 2 and 3 fixed in 1.5.10.
For performance issue contact me directly.

Reviews: 1
Whenever you go to sites and you see those little boxes that have links to designated/featured pages for certain content, like case studies and new products, I could never figure out how to make it happen easy. This module does that, and with amazing customization!

HOWEVER! (using version 1.5.9)

If I enable the Text filter and char or word limit, the entire page does not render, and the source becomes blanked out. The page no longer loads.

ALSO, the module class suffix does NOT work, and does not append to the styles like .contentpagetitle and whatnot.

I really would like to see the text limiting work. Or else I would have to reformat a ton of articles that I've already input.

Great work though! It's the simple additions to websites and great modules like this that make Joomla! way more robust and easier.
Owner's reply

css suffix issue fixed in 1.5.10.
For text limitation problem contact me directly.

Reviews: 2
Excellent – not only for News!!! I would call it Display Content ;-)
The unbelievable amount of parameters and options is amazing. The Extension-Title is not reflecting the possibilities... i wished i would have found this brilliant piece earlier!

Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Perfect for what I needed - a photo of the day with text and links. I tried several others but this one worked right out of the box. The extensive parameters allowed me to create exactly what my client wanted. Super - thanks!
Reviews: 1
Really useful and simple to install script with a particularly comprehensive feature set. I like the ability to simply format the output and the multiple choices of sections and categories - these make it a particularly flexible extension which I am sure will be part of my standard library. Icing on the cake? - the ability to show only the latest 1/2/3 articles from each section/category defined.
Thanks for a great extension
Reviews: 1
Excellent! Lot of options but very simple
Reviews: 1
used a lot of extensions in my time, but found this to be extremely useful, well written and easy to use, a snap to install. THANKS....

really solved some issues for me. the options are wide and varied and very useful.
especially if you copy the module, you can have different menu items displaying the same article, bit of a work around for articles in more than one cat or section. but works well in my case.

I only have one suggestion for the author(and it is minor), having a drop down list for author, section, cat would be nice. Saves the hassle of going backward and forward all the time to update the different display areas.
oh and a forum would be nice....
Reviews: 1
very flexible and highly customizable. unlike the other mods, you're stuck with their default layout and orders. this mod gives you the ultimate decision where things should go and in what order.

the only thing that i noticed with this mod is there seems to be a delay on posts. example, i would create a content and it would show on the main body, but it doesnt appear in the mod for about 6-8 hours later.
Owner's reply

Fixed in latest release

Reviews: 1
I was looking for a module that can show Most Popular News links as per our requirements. I also found another module which was costing some money but that was having some problems with blank module display.
I contacted Boris and he configured the module in brilliant way and the module is working perfectly.
I found Display News (mod_dn) is one the best module to display news in different way using different filters. It is very easy to configure this module.
Thanks Boris for a great module and excellent support to the community.
Reviews: 1
This is great module and I have used it on may sites. There are however some installation problems. On a Joomla 1.5 site running PHP 4.4.7 there is no problem. But on a PHP 5.2.5 site Im getting installation errors andI can't use the module.
Reviews: 12
I have used this in 1.0.x and now in 1.5.x and I'm loving it. It has so many useful parameters that I can now do lots of devious things with my content. Very very handy. Before I discovered this, I was writing my own modules each time I wanted to do something a bit non-standard. Congrats and thanks to the author
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