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DisplayNews by BK Popular Module

Display News by BK module is integration in one tool all that are need for content publishing: miscellaneous orderings, reach filtering and flexible output (by user defined template). This module also may be used for show content of specific author, news of today and many others. Content items can be positioned vertically and horizontally. User defined format is the best feature of this module. You may compile output from content item elements and html tags. It gives you ultimate flexibility for content presentation. Also module supports different style families: content items styles, tables styles and Display news dedicated styles. This Module is based on Rey Gigataras's Display News Module.

For upgrade install it over old version.

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Reviews: 1
In one word: Excellent! Thank you for this EXCELLENT module!
Reviews: 1
Its high degree of customization, ease of installation and parameterization make the module necessary and irreplaceable.

Excellent work!
Reviews: 1
The configuration options in DN make it usable for so many situations...easy to setup, easy to use, and easy to style. Used extensively by me to power all sorts of things - so not just for news!

Thanks for a truly wonderful module.
Reviews: 2
We use this module lots to display automated lists of content etc through out our sites - thanks!
Reviews: 1
Great tools. I've using this for about 1 year and found this extensions save a lot my sleeping time. Tx for BK. Doublethumbs.
Reviews: 4
Couldnt turn off the Section and Category label in the module! Even I set it to NO... tried to turn it and

So I cant use it..3/5
Reviews: 1
As other reviewers, I found this module really easy to use and with so many parameters (selecting items inside sections, categories, articles themselves, or even by date!! The only draw back is that it only displays one column. But you can change that easily. I modified the "horizontal" style inside the mod_dn.php file. This code will count the columns (3 in this case) and then add a new row. After you ad this code, make sure you use the horizontal style:
Add this to the Parameters list (around line 342):

// Count Columns
$countColumns = 0;

And then replace this code from the loop (around line 1270):

if ($style == 'horiz' ) {
echo '';

with this code (make sure you change the number 3 to how many columns you want to display):

if ($style == 'horiz' ) {
$countColumns = $countColumns + 1;
if ( $countColumns == 3 ) {
echo " ";
$countColumns = 0;
} else {
echo '';

You can thank this one to my husband Van for helping me figure it out.

I love that you have a separate CSS for it. It is very helpful since I'm using this module to display articles for each issue of a online magazine.

Thanks again for the great and simple Mod!

Gena Eiseman
Reviews: 3
I use this module for a magazine and it works very well for splitting items on different position/relevance. A lot of parameters and the css file with clear instructions.
There is not the possibility to set more than one column.
Reviews: 2
Thank you for developing this extensive module. It's very easy to customize the CSS since every element has it own distinct CSS class. Keep up the good working.
Reviews: 3
Been searching for a component that does exactla that - now I can display on the front page the news from content items exactly as I want. And is free... BRAVO Boris ;-)
Reviews: 1
Great Effort thanks to you very much.

I hope joomla makes it an official module.
It has all the options i wanted
display sytle (vertical, Horizontal , List)
Tool tips
Can display whatever you want by the format string (Author,Date,Intro , Full Text) with the format you want

Excellent Work
Reviews: 15
Instant installation, lots of options, well explained. Able to define custom CSS, thank you thank you thank you.
Reviews: 4
Very nice to display articles in the front page with a lot of useful options. Very good work!
Reviews: 1
This installed easy and has many options that i would usually expect to pay for. Easy to tweak apart from one issue...
link category will not work without section category enabled. I dont want to link section. Maybe a bug, maybe my buggerup. Even so, powerful enough for most users i think.
Reviews: 1
This is exactly what I was looking for. I needed to create menu items that would display the title and intro text of a content item, with the title linking to the content. With a passing familiarity with PHP and CSS and some patience for experimentation with the format string, this is fairly easy to achieve with this module.

A nice bonus...the module can be used multiple times on the same page. Here's how:
1. Extract all the files in the archive
2. Do a search/replace on the text in each file - replace 'dn' with 'dn1' (or 'dn2', or 'dn3'...depending on the number of times you install it)
3. Rename any filename that contains the string 'dn' to 'dn{X}', as in the previous step
4. Rezip the files (following the same structure as the original archive)
5. Install the archive through Joomla

Cons - I wish it wouldn't strip out the HTML tags of the content by default. This can be prevented by editing Line #55 of mod_dn.php:

Change '$text = strip_tags($text);'
to '//$text = strip_tags($text);'

Also, I don't know why it has its own CSS.

All in all though, no major complaints. : ) Thanks for a great mod!
Reviews: 1
I'd been looking for a scrolling new module for some time and then I found this one and it's brilliant, loads of config options and I had it working within a few minutes. Sadly there seems to be one problem that occurs when you view my site using IE as all the items scroll across together one under the other and I don't know if there is a way round it.

Pros: Superb module as long as site visitors use Firefox or Netscape

Cons: Internet Explorer doesn't seem to want to work with it

I guess I will just advise site visitors to get Firefox as this module is too good NOT to use!!!
Reviews: 2
To be honest, im surprised it took me as long as it did to find a module that does exactly what i need... this is perfect and very handy, very modifiable etc...

It should be a default module that comes with installation!
Reviews: 1
There is a slight bug in mod_dn.php. You have to change the code :

[/ Mambelfish Support
if( $mosConfig_mbf_content ) {


// Mambelfish Support
if( $mosConfig_jf_content ) {
Reviews: 1
I cannot work this module with joomfish installed site. But in standard joomla installation, there is no problem...
Reviews: 4
Tons of options. Don't let the CSS comments scare you, you can style this module easily if you know CSS.
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